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Comments On Recent Events In Paris

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Well, Donald_M, if the rules of the website prohibit or stifle free and open discussion, then the appellation 'Forum' would be a non-sequitur. Acts of terrorism are significant world events and are in urgent need of discussion and analysis, not just at 'official' levels, but also by the rank and file; and where there is a link, however tenuous, to religious fanaticism, then a forum such as this is precisely the place where opinions/comments should be able to be aired.

No, I suspect that the absence of commentary lies at a greater depth. I think it is obvious to any non-religious free-thinking person that all religions to a lesser or greater degree depend on the conformity of its flock to official doctrine. The self-styled self-appointed intermediaries (be they popes, priests, clergymen/women, pastors, imams, ayatollahs, mufti, yogi, lamas, witchdoctors, shaman et al) between the common throng and their respective deities, cannot tolerate dissent, lest it weakens their influence, power, privileges and self-importance. Hence the constructs of heresy, blasphemy and apostasy: punishments designed to deal with dissenting voices. Certainly in the past (not that long ago actually) Christianity dealt with opinions opposed or deemed 'offensive' to the central doctrine, with exquisite tortures and death- much as does parts of Islam today.


And to further encourage adherence and loyalty to the tribe, many religions promise a form of blissful 'afterlife': a glorious eternal existence at the side of a loving God. Adherents having experienced from an early age the threat of a temporal stick and the promise of a divine carrot, understandingly prefer to not rock the boat! (Perhaps they're not even cognisant that there is a boat to be rocked!)  But it goes deeper than that still. There's also peer group pressure, and that includes subtle (and not so subtle) forms of intimidation. I'm sure there must be more than a few Islamists who feel the urge to comment on, or question certain aspects of their religion, but feel restrained to do so for fear of ridicule, condemnation or even a violent retort from within their own community.

Could these be the reason then, that my sincere request for discussion has been met with deadly silence? After all, more than 700 people have viewed my post, but apart from the 'free will' discussion above, no other comments have been posted.

Best wishes for the new year to all.


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Bravo Olaf . No word dance , just succinct and to the point . Your honesty and clarity is appreciated ...atleast by me anyway . I suspect you'll hear nothing , other than the crickets .  I did in fact expect the same , but was hoping to be surprised .



Have a good New Year /

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