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  1. Having known verses in the Bible , is hardly approving crimes against humanity . I find that statement a bit facetious . There are many verses in the Muslim holy book where muslims are encouraged to "strike at the neck of non-believers " "find and kill them wherever they are " etc. You know as well as anyone who has read the Q'uran that such verses exist . Furthermore the same or worse can be found in the Haddith and Sunna as well as the writings of Muslima and Bukari . Infidels had children and infants too , and what became of them ? So the argument using accusations of barbarism incudes recorded actions as well as written words .And there is a mountain of evidence in this respect . The argument however revolves around the person of Jesus , if I'm reading the thread correctly . So to call "fake" all that he had said and done as was recorded in the NewTestament , as well as several secular sources is not only a poor argument but an unsubstantiated one . Especially when Jesus, or as muslims call him Issa , is revered by both Christianity and Islam . So what parts of the narrative of his life , words, and deeds are you willing to call fake , and by who's authority does one make that claim ?
  2. The verses found in the Q'uran have enough approval of violence towards infidels , and is no less an approver of violence than is found in the Bible . And as far as killing people , what happened at Medina , and a host of other places where Islam spread itself by the sword while the Prophet was alive ? But all of that was then this is now . Christians go by what Jesus taught . In fact Christians are defined by what Jesus taught . So if you are attempting to refute Christianity , then you must be prepared to nullify, dispute or refute the words Jesus spoke , which were recorded 500 years before the Q'uran was written .
  3. Muslim-Christian Debate, Here

    Hi Noom3 , of course you don't believe any of what Jesus taught , and that is because you are a Muslim and not a Christian . You are free to believe whatever you wish . However the words that Jesus spoke and were recorded by his disciples can not be changed simply because you say so , or whoever taught you says so. We are responsible only for our own souls. You for yours and I for mine . Believe what you wish. Just a thought for you to consider Noom3 , there 60 seconds in a minute, and 3600 seconds in an hour . How many of those seconds are spent thinking good thoughts or about good things?
  4. Muslim-Christian Debate, Here

    For those who claim Jesus to be a prophet , and afford him the respect afforded a prophet , why then do they reject his teachings and contradict his words ?????? For those who claim Jesus was not crucified , died , buried and resurrected , because it was a deception , then those who say that are in effect denying what Jesus himself spoke - "that no man takes his life but he gives it up freely " . Jesus said he forgave sins , only God can do that , so was Jesus a liar ? When asked by his disciples " how many times must I forgive my brother " ? Jesus answered 77 times 7 . Was he joking ? He is referred to as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world - do those who call him prophet believe that ? Jesus said no man come to the Father except through Me , do those who call him prophet believe that ? Anything known or written about Jesus was compiled by the 3rd Century , are all that is written and spoken of him to be rejected ? So , if one is willing to call Jesus a prophet , then what he said must be valid . For all that has been said , recorded or written about Jesus , he was a prophet and much more . You either accept all that Jesus is , or you reject all .
  5. Tunisia , when you have the light , you can not hide it . It will be evident to all believers , they will recognize all those who have the light . Those with the light are called Followers of the Way . In the Bible , what many do not recognize is that Paul was chosen to bring the Gospel to the nations [ /gentiles/non-jews ] The Epistles of Paul were not to the Jews , however the Gospels of Matthew ,Mark ,Luke and John were specifically for the Jews .
  6. Tunisia , men [generic] do not understand , God made all of creation and in homosapiens he put a soul , which rebelled . Therefore all men are in rebellion against God . Accepting Jesus reconnects communication between the soul and God . Our bodies are designed to sin , we will sin until the day we die , however we are aware and repentant of our sin , the penalty , by grace alone ,has been paid by Jesus , for the penalty for all sin is death . Faith + 0 = Salvation . Once saved one can NEVER be lost . Non -Jews are not bound by the Law , but even the Jews can not keep the Law save for ONE -Jesus . Jews can accept Jesus , but those who don't ,are bound by the Law which they can not perfectly keep ,when they will cry out for their Messiah ,He will come , and they will first recognize Him as King , then as Redeemer . That is the Gospel , otherwise known as the Good News - those who accept Jesus as Savior are saved and even if an angel preaches anything different , it is a LIE . Therefore those who believe 1 Corinthians 15:verses 1-4 are and forever saved . So those who claim to convert to any other faith , were never saved to begin with for they never believed .
  7. Not only was Jesus crucified , he died , was buried ,and on the third day RESURRECTED . What does this mean ? Read **** 1Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 .
  8. Indeed Tunisia , one who has received Christ would never give Him up . This man never had Christ to begin with . Many "ex-Christians " no matter what they convert to , never had Christ , and never were saved from the start , else they would never fall away .Jesus himself says that any who the Father has placed in his hand , none can be taken away [paraphrased] . In short once saved one can never be unsaved .And for all those who think they are without sin , just think , there are 60 seconds in a minute ,3600 seconds in an hour , in how many of those seconds are our minds on something good ? Looking at the world today , I would pray that the Spirit would come to all who desire Jesus , for the Spirit is what causes a man to consider Jesus . The time is later than many think .
  9. Depending upon the weakness of one's mind , that determines the effectiveness of brainwashing . History and experience show that several religions and cults are very effective in brainwashing people to kill and believe it to be a good thing. A normal man , born with a normal undamaged brain , knows innately that it is wrong to kill, unless in a situation defending life .
  10. No , I am not saying the wisdom of man equals the wisdom of the creator . What I am saying is that the creator has imparted wisdom in the heart and souls of man whom he has created . Would you know that it is wrong to murder , or would you not murder, if someone came and told you that it is wrong to murder ?
  11. No God did not leave us without instruction . He wrote it upon our hearts , in a language all men understand . Men can either accept or reject . Their lives become evident of that choice .
  12. Hi Dot . I was born of a practicing and a non practicing Christian parents . I became aware of God before any teaching by my parents , and I know this because I have an accurate timeline ,as to when the notion of God entered my mind . This time line is accurate because since birth to the time of my awareness my family lived in three locations .The first until I was 18 months old and the next up to age 3 and then lastly from age 3 1/2 to early adulthood . My awareness of God was apparent to me at the second residence where my family lived so I know I can associate those thoughts with a location which I remember well and that would put me between the age of 18 months and 3 1/2 . I can remember as if it were yesterday , on a dark night I looked up at the sky and the stars ,and I knew there had to be a Creator . I had never seen a church or religious symbol and since I was only 8days old when baptized , I know I had no conscious recollection of that . So in a way one can say I was blessed , faith in the one true God was bestowed on me .No doubt through God's Mercy or in conjunction with my mothers silent prayers . I was aware of right and wrong at that young age , as I had wronged another child in playing and was immediately convicted in my spirit ,that I had done wrong . Forgiveness came not long after , as I was wronged by an older bully , yet found it easy to forgive , as he had injured me and felt remorse and asked my forgiveness . I was yet to be 4 years old and had learned to give and receive forgiveness .My life's course had been set
  13. The Islamic State

    I'm glad to see abz2000 banned , not simply for his personal insult to me , but for a much greater offense of supporting such violent people as those of DAESH . I would be glad to share my views of belief in the One God .
  14. The Islamic State

    abz200 , are you trying to bury your juvenile mentality , which led you to post such a vile remark regarding my mother ? Yiu think you can use your cut and pastes to erase the filth that has already exited your mouth ? The issue here is simple , you either oppose DAESH and all it's works or you favor and approve them . There are no in-betweens , as this is not a religious issue it is one of humanity vs savage nihilism . You have , however shown your stripes . And I know you have no shame , for that would require a normal human standard of morality , which you lack . Your insistence on attempting to rationalize and justify your position on DAESH proves your moral standards are sub-human . I'm surprised that you can comfortably navigate amongst a civilized society , which you no doubt live in . You take up the ideology of brutal sub human savages , yet prefer to live in comfort amongst those who you seemingly profess [at least by implication] to hate . But given your stated and implied position , it is not surprising to find hypocrisy amongst your several moral failings and defects . BTW , I am NOT an atheist , and have never stated nor implied that I was . That is your conclusion based on your narrow minded assumptions and faulted perceptions . There is most certainly an Almighty God ,the ONLY GOD , and it would do you well to seek Him out , before you destroy yourself or someone else .
  15. The Islamic State

    You call this adult language and behavior abz2000 ??? Post #129