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  1. Al Qaeda Link Dismissed

    Came across this, found it quite an interesting read. (www.)"benadorassociates#####/article/16826"]benadorassociates# ####/article/16826[/url]
  2. Cia Targeting Muslims In Europe - Mep

    I believe they were actually aware of 3 of them. We wouldn't want to infringe upon their human rights and their rights as "British" citizens. The government have proved themselves impotent in dealing with this menace, as has Europe as a whole. We need agencies that won't pull their punches and are willing to get their hands dirty if we are going to deal with this scum. These jihadi loons sit in their little dens in relative safety, free from the finger of suspicion. They hide behind the freedom and equality legislation that they so despise. Random labels such as "Religious intolerance" "Racism" or "Islamaphobia" are their shields, their religiously motivated hatred is their sword, and we just sit back and wait for somebody to do something. If these Islamic extremists want to play dirty and blow up commuters, then we should adopt an extreme response. Forget the CIA, lets get in former Mossad, KGB, Stasi and Vlakplaas agents. They may not be the nicest people you'll ever meet, but we don't need nice people, we need efficient people. If the CIA want to take the bull by the horns and tackle this menace head-on, they have my blessing. The Americans helped free Europe from one crazed ideology, if they want to do so again...as the saying goes....GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
  3. Cheap Flights To Britain

    If it wasn't so tragically indicitive of British liberalism it would actually be the funniest news story of the year. (www.)"news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4760873.stm"]news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4760873.stm[/url] The last paragraph should go down in the judiciary hall of fame. "Lawyers for the family said the decision means, subject to any appeal, that the nine and their families will now be able to take up employment and "get on with their lives".
  4. Cia Targeting Muslims In Europe - Mep

    Well the UK has been a virtual bystander to Islamic extremism in Britain. Maybe the outsourcing of our policing of "the enemy within" to an organisation with some balls isn't such a bad thing. Create the necessary legislation and leave them to it. This will give our own authorities the time to continue to build our own pyre and allow the gutter-dwelling slagheap of humanity to plot their disgustingly insidious "divine intervention" against the people of this country. Europe is sleepwalking into a nightmare, and a wake-up call from anybody is most welcome. I have certain reservations about the likes of Bush and Putin, but one thing i admire is their resolve. If anybody attacks their countrymen, you can rest assured there will be dire and severe consequences. Attack Britain and we'll hold a focus group to discuss the alienation of muslims and open a few more faith schools!!
  5. They Drowned My Friend�- Latest Of Uk Scandals In Iraq

    A lot of the British and US media is constantly critisised by muslims. It odd how the media suddenly becomes reliable when they support YOUR agenda. Can you clarify which aspects of British/US media is relaible, and which belong to the great zionist conspiracy. It would really help me, as i would hate to be reading/watching the wrong material. Here are a few media sources for you to work on. Just give them the emperor's thumb up/down. BBC SKY ITN DAILY MAIL THE GUARDIAN THE TIMES THE NEW STATESMAN THE Islam CHANNEL MCB WEBSITE SEARCHLIGHT Which of these sources would gain the "crystal sword" seal of approval, and which are just PR branches of Mossad and the NWO?
  6. Anti-islam Bias On Flight 93 Movie Website

    I'm going straight to that board and giving them a few of my own opinions. Btw, i can't see anything hateful or disingenous in that sample post. It's reality. Anybody that believes otherwise is quite frankly a naive nutjob. I think it's heartwarming that people have the confidence to voice their honest opinions on an official board, and commendable of the board moderators to allow such views and opinions to remain. If you take into account the subject matter, it's hardly suprising there is a little hostility towards Islam/muslims. This may not be to your liking, but that does not necessarily make it wrong. This film has not yet been released in the UK, but upon it's release i'm sure it will raise similiar passionate opinions. They should be discussed and debated, but not censored.
  7. Local Elections Today

    Yes i voted, and my chosen candidate won!! Chrism, if you believe politics has not changed this country in the last 18 years, your living in cuckoo-land.
  8. 'i Want To Open People's Minds'

    She cannot take a role that involves drinking She cannot take a role that involves smoking She cannot take a role that involves touching men She cannot take a role that involves wearing a costume that uncovers more than her hands and face....... .....and yet she is frustrated at "the lack of opportunity"!!! I suggest she either takes the roles she is offered, or takes up a new career. I can think of a role that would be ideal...no smoking, no drinking, no touching men (accept the odd punch or kick) and certainly does not uncover her body....... BATMAN!! A few drawbacks... Robin would have to be a mahram The Batmobile would be useless if fighting crime in Saudi Arabia The arbitrary amputations of common theives in Gotham City would lead to a severe shortage of reliable henchman, therefore limiting the powers of the Riddler, Penguin, Joker & Co. A superhero needs an efficient foe. Gotham's Jewish quarter would have to sleep with one eye open. Commisioner Gordon will eventually be viewed as part of the "great zionist conspiracy" and will be paid a visit. The Batsign will be changed to a crescent, which will be quite confusing when the moon is also a crescent. Maybe it's not such a good idea afterall. Oh well, there is always a wealth of opportunity in playing terrorists or the sister/mother/daughter/companion of terrorists. I can't see those roles drying up anytime soon. There are thousands of actresses that sacrifice and suffer for their art. This picky mare should receive no preferential treatment whatsoever. Although i'm sure some uber-liberal casting director will read this article and insist that the role of "Tarzan" should be re-written to accomodate and reflect our dear down-trodden hijabi minority!! A few drawbacks.... Cheetah would have to be a mahram......I think i'd better leave it there!!
  9. They Drowned My Friend�- Latest Of Uk Scandals In Iraq

    What these people are alleged to have done is a serious crime. They are facing justice at the hands of their own judicial system. Well done to the British authorities!! Lets hope we get to see some if this same rightful indignation, insults and passionate outcry the next time there is Masjid bombed in Iraq. Or is it just "Kuffar dogs" that warrant this response? No doubt there are some chavs in the British army. Maybe we need some of the Pakistani "whagwaan bredrin" muslim yoot to sign up to combat this? I can just see the attack helicopter, with Subaru Impreza air-vents, tinted windows, Moshchino uniforms with Timberland boots and 2pac B-line. Now that's a scary prospect!!
  10. Falluja April 2004

    A muslim in Dar-ul-Kufr bemoaning parasites. Irony personified. Should the people that flew those planes into buildings be burning in hell?
  11. Falluja April 2004

    You muslims believe in the concept of heaven/hell. The good go one way, the bad and unbelievers go the other. I think it's a pretty fair assumption to make that those that committed the 9/11 atrocity fall into the category of "bad". Do muslims believe that the people who flew those planes into those buildings (whoever they may have been) are now burning in hell?
  12. Iraqi, 15, 'drowned After Soldiers Forced Him Into Canal'

    Does shariah law not apply to shia muslims? I was under the impression that shariah law was applicable to all muslims and not confined to individual sects. Is this not correct? I know it's against the rules to talk about sectarian issues, but i don't think this is particularly contentious, and if somebody could clarify this it would be appreciated.
  13. Iraqi, 15, 'drowned After Soldiers Forced Him Into Canal'

    The US did not send these people. You obviously missed the part of my post where i stated (and i quote) "There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour". They will be tried for this crime and if convicted will be punished. How is that shifting the problem? There was no crime during Saddam's regime. The jails were empty, the courts unused and the people lived in the sort of security and safe haven that even angels could only dream about. Then one day the evil forces of the "Dreaded Coalition" came into town and.......... Get real. I don't want these soldiers there anymore than you do, but try to keep a modicum of historical perspective.
  14. What Was The Point Of This Islamic Forum Again?

    I concede that many points i have raised and some opinions i have offered in reply, have been slightly controversial, and have differed from what would make up the general consensus on this board. I have not however advocated the death or belittled the loss of life of anybody, and have certainly not posted anything with the express desire to offend and insult. My time on this board has been a learning experience. I have learnt more about muslims in these recent months than in many previous years. Many muslim posters on this forum have helped shape my opinions. I joined this forum at a turbulant time (08/07/05) with many questions, and pleased to say many of those questions have been answered. Maybe you would like to point out what if anything i have said that has insulted you. I'd be happy to explain myself.
  15. Iraqi, 15, 'drowned After Soldiers Forced Him Into Canal'

    If these soldiers are found guilty, they'll be punished. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Just as there is no excuse for hacking off the heads of unarmed and bound civilians. They should have given the looters over to the local religious zealots, and had them face the Islamic punishment. I'm sure that would have "taught them a lesson".