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  1. Woman To Be A Mother At 63!

    Yeah really irresponsible, but maybe she will live a long life if she can have babies at 63.
  2. The decision makers in Iran aren't elected officials and have no accountability.
  3. The basic problem in any discussion between people like me and people like you is that I start with the assumption that as a democracy where citizens aren't oppressed by their government, israel is "good". Whereas you seem to start from the assumption that israel is "bad" and see any faults as damning proof of this. So for me anyone that is intrinsically anti-israel is ridiculous. If you are against israel pushing into the west bank and jerusalem with this wall then that is a single issue and disagreement is fair, but to automatically distrust and condemn israel whenever you can is unfortunately the mindset for many. Fisk is well known to be a poor source for unbiased news, maybe you should read something like the economist for a more balanced and informed view. That is if balanced and informed is what you are looking for! :D
  4. Right, I have no respect for you. Maybe Evo Morales should be the yardstick by which we measure world leaders!
  5. It isn't an official war, they aren't fighting an Iraqi army. They are fighting an insurgency, it is widespread but it isn't a war per se. The country of Iraq and its government are allies of America and the insurgency are the enemy. Allies for now, I imagine in a few years the country will deteriorate back into some kind of autocracy like most places in that part of the world.
  6. Right smartass, I have no idea what that means! I thought we had concluded that the point of language was communication not confusion. I have some kind of foot disease in my bones or something? What on earth is a pendantrician? Someone who fixes your necklace? What on earth are you on? Why not try to respond intelligently and answer my points rather than just repeat the same old stuff? After all I am in the accepted view so the onus is on you to convince the rest of the world that it is so important to change the meaning of anti semitism. Seriously go ask anyone (not a muslim lol) and you will be laughed at!
  7. Fisky is well known as an unreliable character. There are some people who I would trust when they criticise America, but this guy is really a nut. It would be like me quoting George Bush on an issue to try and convince you. Being a REPORTER is very different from being a COMMENTATOR, you can relate facts without opinion. Many right wing people have no respect for Fisk and often find his views offensive and unfounded. I wouldn't bother using anything he says to try to prove anything.
  8. Was that meant to be saracastic? Or does Bob Dylan inspire murder? Maybe we shouldn't use penecillin, more infidels would die of infection whilst righteous people would be saved by Allah lol!
  9. "Personal insults won't get you anywhere in general, I know it is hard to refrain when you have contempt for someone but I manage not to hurl insults at people like yourself all the time. Oops..." That was a veiled personal insult if you hadn't noticed, I'm not following my own advice. Don't take it too badly though!
  10. What If...

    Excellent post darla, I was thinking the same thing about inaction being a form of action. All we can go on are numbers of lives really, escpically since we know nothing about the people. The one about dragging a man off the bridge is more complicated because you are actively killing someone else. It was a personal decision to sacrifice yourself for others but you are not entitled to make the decision to sacrifice anothers life, even if you would in their position.
  11. It doesn't matter who is the author, if something is stupid it could be written by an American or a Muslim. Plenty of Americans write and talk rubbish everyday, just as planty of Muslims do. He never said you were the author, I think he was looking at the article as a point of view you would subscribe to. I think he was correct in assuming so was he not? Personal insults won't get you anywhere in general, I know it is hard to refrain when you have contempt for someone but I manage not to hurl insults at people like yourself all the time. Oops...
  12. I am really not getting through to you! We don't go through language and correct every inconsistency that has developped over time. YOU JUST SAID THE TERM HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY JEWS! If you want a term for someone who is against Arabs the the term should be anti Arab. Anti Semite would have no meaning in this hypothetical world of yours, who needs a term to descriube the act of prejudice against the combined descendants of the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. My point is that the world wouldn't be different in any way if we changes the term anti semite to anti jew. We would just replace one word with another and alter their meaning in the dictionary. This may be logical, but it is equally pointless and futile! Can you understand this point at least? Semite means one thing, but anti semite means another. Just like flammable and inflammable mean the same thing despite the way they look! There are so many words we could change, but we don't because that is the beauty of language, its point is to communicate and if the dictionary says anti semite means a certain thing then we can all use it in this way and understand each other. As a human being "I am supposed to be non-racist. I cannot dislike anyone (including Jews) just because of their race. Is that clear?" This is such a non issue and I am afraid that you are a stickler and a pedant. In case you were confused pedantry has nothing to do with the study of feet! (maybe I should explain that, ped=foot in latin)
  13. Falluja April 2004

  14. Iran is unfriendly to america, Iran has threatened to destroy israel, israel is a democracy and an American Ally. America has the power to stop Iran from getting nukes hence America might decide to prevent this from occuring if it is against their interests. That isn't a conspiracy or another example of the evil American empire, it is just the way the world works. I don't like Iran, I don't like the rhetoric I hear coming from there. I don't know anything about the Iranian people but when I hear that israel can be destroyed in one storm and anti-western and anti-semitic lies coming from official sources I feel that the world would be better off if Iran didn't have Nuclear weapons. They already have oil as a bargaining chip, a nuclear threat will only make them more aggressive.
  15. There will always be some "evil" people in any group and that includes a group of soldiers! You need to focus on the general policy and not the acts of individuals. I am not saying that it is excusable, but the reponsibility for their acts lies on the individuals' shoulders and not their commanders. The commanders' responsibility is to bring such people to justice. You can't say that the UK is a terrible place because there are British citizens who are murderers and rapists. Sigh...