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  1. Salam

    Glad to have you I hope you enjoy it here. Peace to you, Voice of Reason
  2. The Arabian Knights

    I apologize, if anyone is offended by the Arabian nights I am still ignorant in the teaching of Islam. The Arabian nights though does give praise to Allah and was written by a follower of Islam. ( at least I think so) I love fairy tales and that is what I meant. The Arabian nights is not Islamic teaching but does make MANY references to Islam and is FANTASTIC reading at least to me!! I would appreciate any books such as the ones mentioned above that are like the Arabian nights.
  3. Can The West Defeat The Islamist Threat?

    What Islamic threat?? I know many in the USA and the government consider an Islamic threat, but seriously what threat do you speak of? Islam to me is not a threat at all. Some who CLAIM to be Muslim may be a threat to some but to me these are not the true followers of Islam.
  4. Assalamo Alikum

    Thank you kindly for the warm welcome, it is appreciated!! Peace to all Voice of Reason
  5. Seperate Flights For Muslims

    This is the type of ignorance that is given throught the US media, I ask all who love peace to forgive Magister, he is apparently brainwashed and a victim of propaganda. Thankfully not all citizens of the USA think this way, but I must admit this is VERY common thinking in the USA.......Unfortunatly. :D
  6. The Arabian Knights

    No suggestions for Islamic based fantasy reading? I am suprised. Peace to all, Voice of Reason
  7. Us Media On Israel Hezbollah Conflict

    Thank you Freedslave, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. It is unfortunate that there is much hatred for Muslims in the USA which I attribute it to ignorance and media influence. I think ignorance must be forgiven, and Muslims from other countries should understand that Americans really do root for the underdog when all things are equal. Unfortunately the Americans are lead to believe that Muslims=terrorists which as I stated is based only in ignorance. One bad point of SOME religions is blindness and or at best looking at life through blinders like a race horse. On the other hand there are virtues to religion such as a sense of unity and community towards one goal. Peace to all, Voice of Reason
  8. How Long Has Zionism Existed?

    I think that reason would dictate that I am not sure if I am "right" I have many doubts and questions that do not make logical sense. Logic being axiomatic like math. There is only one logic like one math 2 +2 = 4 the same as logic as contradictions cannot be true. Something cannot be all red and have some green on it. That would be a logical contradiction. I must say I agree with many of the concepts of Islam. Muhammed (pbuh) was a wise man indeed. Though I have have many logical problems with an all powerful god. I must say also that I am a soft atheist, I think it is illogical to conclude their is no god at all as I have not searched every corner of the universe to come to this conclusion. There may very well be a creator of some sort to say otherwise is to be illogical and without reason. Peace to all, Voice of Reason
  9. Us Media On Israel Hezbollah Conflict

    Being a USA citizen yes it took a while to understand this. Propagana is feed to the citizens from the beginning. Also I am a former christian which most christians are taught that israel are the chosen of god. This is taught in churches across the USA. Well until I decided to look at things objectively instead of believing what I was told I did not know any better and the same goes with many Americans. To defend them it is simple ignorance, they do not question the leaders of the church they simply believe what they are told and do not investigate at too great a depth. For a little background on me, I was a former christian of the calvinist faith which means I believed that God was in all control and He predestined all. God was in total control which is similar to Islam. ( Calvinist christians and Muslims are closer in beliefs than many will admit) So I was subject to propaganda, when I was young I believed that Muslim = terrorist. I have now learned that that is the FURTHEST from the truth and is a complete lie. True followers of Islam believe the same as I do that peace and harmony must exist even if other beliefs differ. The prophet Muhammed (pbuh) taught that concept. He was a man of honor I have found out through my objective studies. Though I do not believe now in the god of Abraham I do believe that Muhammed (pbuh) was a very peaceful man who wished the best for mankind and tried to make the world a better place. He taught peace with your neighbor even when the beliefs were different as long as the neighbor wanted peace. I think this is great wisdom and though I do not believe in god per se I do believe in many messages that Muhammed (pbuh) taught!! Ignorance is rampant in the USA concerning Islam and I think that all Muslims should understand that. Americans are only doing what they are taught blindly. I would think that the message of Islam should be patient with Americans because they are ignorant and have no idea of what the Quran teaches. Peace to all Voice of Reason
  10. Us Media On Israel Hezbollah Conflict

    Or is the USA Zionist as far as the government and media go? I remember following the news when the Palestinians took an israeli soldier captive. israel responded with bombing on Gaza (talk about over reaction) and Hezbollah then responded in defense of the Palestinians. President Bush then said that israel's reaction was justified because Hezbollah struck for no reason, an unprovoked attack. This was a lie, Hezbollah was responding to the israeli attack on the Palestinians. So I ask is the USA media Zionist? Or at least lean towards Zionism? What do you think?
  11. How Long Has Zionism Existed?

    Oh I do dearly love riddles, is the correct answer too long?? :D That is a joke!! Peace to all Voice of Reason
  12. I offer this for enjoyment of music I am not sure if Islamic rules and hope that this is not offensive in any way shape or form this an arrangment of my favorite piece of classical music Canon in D by Pachelbel. (www.)"http://vidilife/video_play_50826_Canon_in_Dayu_.htm"]vidilife/video_play_50826_Canon_in_Dayu _.htm[/url] Perhaps a moderater should view this first to see if it is within the rules again I hope I have not offended anyone but I do find this kid quite amazing. If it is my sincere apologies and if there is another way of finding out if someone is within the bounds please let me know. Peace to all, Voice of Reason
  13. Why Bush Will Choose War Against Iran

    First I must say I respect the sovernty of the nation of Iran. They deserve to explore nuclear options of power for the betterment of the nation of Iran. However some here are confused at the fire power of the USA they would crush and annilihate Iran in no time the same as in Iraq. They have the best of technology and weapons and possess great firepower. They would break Iran within 3 months (it only took about 30 days to take the capitol of Iraq) The USA is a fearsome power military wise. I do not think Bush will however pursue Iran with military action and here is why. His rating here in the USA are VERY LOW the "war" in Iraq was horrid and not excusable many now are agreeing with that. A war with Iran would not go over well here in the USA. The majority are now wanting to pull out of Iraq and want no more war. Bush would be a fool to pursue military action against Iran, this will end up being a UN matter and the USA will not attack Iran. On this matter I sure hope so it would be crazy to invade a sovereign nation that only wants to power their country!! Peace to all, Voice of Reason
  14. Being Divorced And Becoming A Muslim

    Are there any rules in the Quran speaking of this situation?
  15. Is There A Good Online Translation Of The Quran?

    Thank you greatly I am going to read the Quran again, I have read it before but was not positive it is a good translation. I know much is lost in translation and that is not fair. I do not know Arabic and only english so I appreciate the advice. Peace to you all, Voice of Reason