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  1. How Many Christians Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

    lol those are great! :sl:
  2. Hello :)

    UmAhmad!!! I remember you!!! How are you? I hope you and your family are very well! :sl: I think the other forum is closed or something. ? Thanks so much and I appreciate your welcome! God bless you very much!!! CL
  3. Hello :)

    Hi Aussie, Cause God is Faithful and Truthful. He says that He forgives us when we ask for forgiveness and don't do it anymore, and what He says, He does. Peace and God bless :sl:
  4. Hello :)

    Salaam :sl: I was here a long time ago and yeah I still remembered my password! I was also on another Muslim forum that when I tried to get on it today, it said it was disabled. I hope the people who are a part of that forum are all ok!!! Anyways, I am not sure how much I can post cause life is very busy! I am hoping to be a good ambassador here of my belief, and no I don't want to "convert" anybody, but I do want to show that there are Christians who love God and love others. If you have any questions about the Christian belief, please feel free to ask me. I'm not an expert but I do take following Jesus very seriously since God changed my heart. I am a 31 year old Christian lady who sadly wasn't following Jesus and got divorced around 4 years ago, but God has forgiven me. He's blessed me with the wonderful responsibilites [##][/##]of teaching espanol (Spanish) and as an ESL instructor. If you have anything to share whether good or bad about Christians, feel free to write about it, k? I am not into debates... I am into sharing. I am thankful for the Muslims who God has put into my life who have taught me alot and who are wonderful people. I've learned a lot already bout Islam on the other website and have read some of the Quran, and it is not my goal or desire to insult or think bad or anything like that what Muslims believe. I respect Islam and I appreciate respect for my beliefs as well. Shukran. :sl: May God bless ya'll. CL
  5. As-salam From Chicago Usa

    Welcome :sl: Peace and God bless.
  6. Im New!

    Welcome :sl: Who is Khalid Yasin?
  7. I Am New Here:)

    Welcome and have fun on your exam :sl: Peace and God bless.
  8. Introduction

    Welcome Yusuf :sl: I like that name. Peace and God bless.
  9. Asalam Alaikum

    WOW!!! Ireland!!! Cool :sl: Welcome What's the weather like there?
  10. What's Gawaher Mean?

    Oh thanks! cool. :sl:
  11. Islam in America

    Well see it really depends on where exactly you live in the U.S. For example, Chicago has a great big Muslim population as well as high diversity with people from most all beliefs and ethnicities. Devon Street is real fun to walk down and some streets near it, cause you will see Hindus, Muslims, Jews who are all very orthodox in dress walking by each other. It is quite peaceful praise God and is for the most part not a discriminatory place for beliefs. I guess the main discrimiation there is concerning how much money one has. :sl: But about diversity in beliefs it is a good place I think. Now, if you go to where I live, which is in the country not anywhere near Chicago, you will find that most people will stare out of curiousity at any woman in a hijab (especially if she's white.) You will find most people to be sad for your "oppressed" state (yeah I know already the reason it's in parenthesis is because it really depends on the eye of the beholder.) Only a few would be rude, but those people are ones who would be rude to pretty much anybody different than them, and they merely need prayer and forgiveness. So, I don't think it's as bad as all that; that's my opinion however and no I've never worn a hijab (except in play and in dramas where I was a Biblical person, like Ruth.) so I really can't tell from experience. Can anyone share their experience who has worn a hijab in the U.S.? Thanks. Peace and God bless.
  12. What's Gawaher Mean?

    Just curious and didn't feel like looking it up, yeah I know lazy but still... :sl:
  13. The Quran

  14. Hello

    Thanks! :no: And why not? :D I think it's sweet and cool when someone tries to revert me. The reason is cause I know that means the person cares, otherwise why bother, right? :D We can only tell you the things we know and belive the rest is up to Allah. Aye :D Exactly how I feel concerning my belief and ya'll :sl: Sorta ironic isn't it? :sl: And you Know what....... Never Say Never! I never want to say never to God :D I know you don't either. :) Thanks for your sense of humor Tamarbutah, thanks for the smile you've given me... needed that... have a presentation tomorrow I need to get ready... fun fun. :j: :D
  15. Hello

    I have a question. I have a 10% warning from the last time I was here and I have not the foggiest remembrance as to how I achieved that. Was I joking? (That's a way I tend to get in trouble sometimes.) What did I do please? Thanks.