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  1. Redrawn Map Of Islamic World:

    we are all muslim brothers/sisters and should act like it, no matter what the sect so i say we should insted of spliting countries unite the population as the one :D
  2. Need Some Help

    wronge number :D goes to a house phone of some family
  3. Need Some Help

    this is very important (i have been trying all directories)
  4. Warn Levels

    how long do u guys keep warn levels on people (i had my since i joined because i asked a question) any chance of cutting a muslim brother some slack and putting it down :D
  5. To All Muslims

    this can be in many forms, when he/she shows intrest and shows that they suffer when you suffer (in the eyes and the touch of the hand) simple they are christian and that they follow god but through jesus (ISA) may rest be apon him depends really on what they know, if they are pure ignorant and dont know what they are talking about i set them straight, if they do then i would debate them. cant be botherd all to their own religon (in the end we all face judgement together) not really not really (i dont know that many over religous people that preach to me thank god) i live in the UK its a christian country lol i have grown around alot of faiths and have many friends of diffrent faiths and would wish/pray no to come to them. being muslim i have a obligation to follow the quran and the path, through this i must have respect for others and their faiths, by showing them the same respect that i in return expect. in the end all of us will be judged for god, a great quote from of the greatest on the convert part it can truely irritate me (mostly the ones from the genovas witness) everyone i know hates them including christians.
  6. Need Some Help

    i need some help finding the contact details for a new Masjid that is being built lancashire and we wanted to contribute to the building costs, new Masjid name is Shah Jalal Masjid
  7. Add Your Self To The Map

    thanks for putting the link down
  8. Add Your Self To The Map

    frappr/Islam why dont my links show?
  9. Add Your Self To The Map

    sorry for the double reply :D (www.)"http://frappr/Islam"]world map[/url]
  10. Add Your Self To The Map

    (www.)"http://frappr/Islam"]frappr/Islam[/url] lets see how diverse this place is :D
  11. i would like to design one (i use photoshop alot)
  12. thats a big monitor lol 1024x768 seems to be the most popular as its the optimised resolution for almost all computers
  13. Eid Mubarak To Everyone In If

  14. Islam in Bangladesh

    i am orgin from bangladesh and my family ( well my dads part ) have had great hafiz in their line in bangladesh with one of my grandads student who has become a very well known (where lots of people from around sylhet and so on go into molubazaar just to see him :D he also travels to UK and so on to give preys) also i have just come back from bangladesh a few months ago and had the privilidge of being there during eid a couple of years ago. during eid it is a great time to be there when everyone gathers for the eid prey(which unlike when in a Masjid is done outside in a special place ) the sound of the iman and the sound echoing through the croud always had a warm feeling to it)
  15. warn levels

    i would have thought new members would have access to the general forum not become a full member first ( i run my own forum and i have restrictions in place aswell but not this heavy )