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  1. Friday Prayer

    :sl: Jazakallah khair for both your responses. I will have a look on that site and take it from there alhamdulillah :sl:
  2. Friday Prayer

    :sl: Asalam alaykum wr wb respected brothers and sisters We have a situation at work and really need general advise on how to improve this. Approx 10-15 of us work in a place where 1- its virtually impossible to attend jumuah at masjid within the time /30 min lunch, 2- we have asked to increase lunch and make up the hours but this has been rejected 3- we have tried everything we can but we are given a response, either work it out amongst yourselves or get out. Like many of you, we all work. Im not going to bore with but we have issue regarding jumah at work. We don’t all work at same time and different rota means that every Friday there is enough to do jumuah. We never have 10-15 in 1 go. The way its read at the moment is as follows Friday morning before jumuah 1- we decide on the day whos turning up, we then re schedule our lunch so its all 1 time. So if theres 5 of us coming, we ask the powers to be to change our lunch at this time. 2- We then elect ANYONE to read the khutbah- whether they know how to read it, or regular namazi or what not Friday at lunch- 1- like always we are late, so we have to make sure we are together and do wudu or in state of wudu. 1 azan is done, usually by someone who is regular in prayer. If not then anyone 2- we then give the khutbah (only 1 book and its printed text that’s nearly fading) and away we go 3- who ever reads it, struggles to read it as none of us are fluent, or slow, or fast or no tajweed. You name it. Its like Pakistani Arabic.(not being racial) but its just example 4- we then read the 2 farz. Lead by ANYONE and then once the second salam is done people get ready to leave and have their lunch or what ever….. subhanallah we have done jumuah. Or have we? All we did was struggled to get time together, read khutbah, not learnt anything, theres always argument that hes taking ages this and that and 2 farz and byeee.. no sunnat are read nothing. Last week my lunch was not in accordance to the times they wanted jumuah and I didn’t bother asking to change mine, he said to me “but its jumuah we have toâ€. But if its read the way we read it, its not right. Sorry to say but its true. It doesn’t feel like a jumuah. It’s come to a stage where several of regular readers don’t feel like reading jumuah and simply opt to read zhor as that feels more peaceful. Do you blame some of us who don’t feel this is right? What some of us also do is book off 1-2 hours of holiday to make it for jumuah at masjid and come back to work. But this can’t always be done. Now (at last) we decided we need change and quick. We are struggling to find a different version of Arabic text khutbah. but what we have noted was one of the main imams in our city has changed his jumuah where it includes English. We are thinking of doing this as it can be short, simple and we can learn from this, different topics every week Alhamdulillah it can work very well. I have managed to research on internet and found this version of khutbah (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetagsbisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wp-content/uploads/How_to_Deliver_Friday_Khutbahs.pdf"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetagsbisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wp-content/uploads...ay_Khutbahs.pdf[/url] and printed a copy. Can someone please advise whether above is correct or not. I would appreciate only those who are knowledged and can back their opinions or evidence to reply to this please. And please be advised that if you are going to bash ‘â€English style†khutbah – not interested. Please keep to topic. Jazakallah khair Brother Faz
  3. Hair Cut

    :sl: i would like a very detailed response as i am struggling to find the answer. Inshallah in 2 weeks time i will be going on another journey to Makkah and Madinah. I have completed hajj and i was eager to return as there were some acts i was unable to and this deeply saddenned me and i have been waiting for this opotunity. i have set a target for number of umrah of 5 in 12 days and my question is regarding my hair. i am male and at this moment my hair is at its peak- in order for me to do as many umrah as possible i prefer not to shave all of it until my last day, so the question i have is isit permissable for male to snip? if so how much? isit a bunch or 1 hair? i am requesting detailed response inshallah jazakallah khair
  4. Questions Regarding Visit To Saudi

    :sl: I have been Hajj in 07 and we are going umrah this june and all the hotel and visa arrangements are done by the group but the rest is by ourselves so i got few questions which i hope someoen could shed some light please 1- i have been told that there is a regular bus service from Makkah to Madinah-how regular is this and how long is the distance? 2- leaving madinah back to Jeddah airport how many hours should we give or take before the flight. our flight would be scheduled at 1.30am saudi time. 3- leaving madinah back to Jeddah airport- i probably will ask one of the hotel guys in Makkah- but how is this done,? isit via random taxi? specialist taxi? random bus? specilist bus? 4 -we are traveling with saudi airlines. so when we get to jeddah airport how do we know whch terminal/section to go to seeing as Jeddah airport is HUGE? one person simply said jedah airport have a separate section for saudi airline departures... ??? hope the question makes sense :sl:
  5. Umrah 2009 Help

    :sl: I have a question to ask for you bros and sis first of all its a pleasure to come back here :sl: second of all- my mother and i may be planning on umrah in summer 09 and this was nearly 100% confirmed yesterday. straight after she and my brother and sis in law had a big scene and nearly involved violence. my brother turned around to me and said dont go. now the question is despite her behaviour and she is really wanting to go umrah. isit wise to say no, if i say no to her she will have a go t me, am i wrong for this?
  6. Islamic Bank Of Britain Nasheed

    :sl: i was wondering if anyone knows who the nasheed artist is- for Islamic bank of britain hold option?
  7. Toilets Are Not Green

    too silly decided to remove
  8. :sl: Im always confused on this subject. I have read many articles that it doesnt affect it but they are relating to AFTER sEHri. My question is if a person is in state of Janabah and its before Sehri. SHOULD he eat, fast THEN do ghusl or ghusl must be done FIRST before
  9. No Sleeping In The Mosque

    :sl: i agree with above they are posing :sl:
  10. Question: School During Ramadan

    :sl: physical education. like sports or something keeping you fit football, rugby, running, athletics- i hated that. but i must admit,hands up i hated p.e and back in the days i used fasting as excuse to avoid excessive running lol
  11. :sl: The internet is overwhelming and my question is simple but answer is hard to find. I dont want LONG debates nor discussions just answer + ref/site Is there evidence that taraveeh is ONLY units of 2 rakat or can be FOUR depending on circumstances? ---- I know people who are young and only read 4 rakats of sunnat (FIVE TIMES) thats equal to 20 in total ----- I know Masjids that do two rakats (10 times) thats equal to 20 in total
  12. Is Mendhi Allowed If Nika Is Already Taken Place?

    :sl: yeh thats what i was saying aswell but then i googled this (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoatrance.de/mahak/mehndihistory.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoatrance.de/mahak/mehndihistory.html[/url]
  13. :sl: My brother and his wife have already done the nikka and now are thinkking of doing a mendhi. can it be done as joint, now that they are married?
  14. Istighara Help

    :sl: I done istighara on issue where i should a certain act- which is VERY beneficial personal issues my deen isnt up to date and i really want to do umrah this year. i did dua last night that i will wake up and what ever the feeling i have i will follow it. my dream was no idea- i always forget, but i woke up thinking negative but happy. but later during the day i was dissapointed and i really want to do this. now i am thinking if i do it i am going against Allah's wishes- someone said to me i can re do istighara- and i got until thursday to decide. from what iv described shall i re do istighara?
  15. Page Cannot Be Displayed

    :sl: ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_i145.11chan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/albums/r201/kris306dt/other%20random%20stuff/haha.jpg[/img]