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  1. Salam From what Ive learned, a person's prayer will be granted. It will be granted immediately, in the future, or something else instead of what you asked for or not at all beocs only Allah knows what is best for you. For people who's prayers are not granted, during kiamat they will receive a special prize that those people whose prayers were granted would say that if they knew what the prize was, they wouldnt want their wishes to be granted at all on earth. If one doesnt believe and have faith in Allah and has doubts about Allah, do you think Allah will grant his prayers? If one is a sinner and knows that what he is doing is wrong in Islam, do you think his prayers will be granted? correct me if you thinl there is anything wrong with what i said. Wallahhualam Salam.
  2. Personality/horoscope Question

    first of all. i was saying that it's not about believing the predictions. i do not believe in astrology predictions. but i was talking about the part where when i received the email from my friend, the personality traits of people born in differeent months are being described. it didnt seem like astrology but the personality traits seem to fit myself and many other i know too. ive known a muslim professor who's a psychologist who even came up with a list of words that describes the personalities of people in different months and he said he did research to come up eith those information. pls, i dont think anyone who replied did answer the question i previously asked. salam.
  3. Forum Layout

    salam to moderators just my opinion. i think the forum layout is quite confusing and messy. it's difficult to read the posts properly i cant explain much. but if u compare it to other forums, they're visually easier to see as in to differentiate which is which.
  4. salam all. ive received an email from a friend. in it contains the personalties of different people from different star sign. i do not believe in the daily predictions and horoscopes. however, on the personality thing, it sounds 90 percent accurate when i related it to myself and tried to see if it matched my friends' characters. and it did. im not sure where the information came from but it could be from research and statistics i guess. please enlighten me on this. i hope i dont get lengthy info which is unnecessary and not to the point. i know believing in astrology is shirik. and i dont believe in it. it's only the personality part that ive just talked about just now. hoping for a clear reply. sufri.