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  1. Nobody is in direr need of making an apology than myself--but what can I say at this point that would sound sincere?
  2. I would never have cast any aspersions on you at all if *you* hadn't gotten personal about *me*. But it seems like every time I turn my back both of you guys start talking smack about me (as well as Muslims in general) behind it. What I want to know is exactly how many pages we're going to have to keep this stuff up for before I'm allowed to go ahead and break the cycle without Redeemed snickering and saying that I've run off with my tail between my legs, too afraid to let anyone challenge me, while at the same time you stand there and sweetly project your own faults onto me plus my brothers and sisters. Am I going to have to linger for five further pages of this? Ten? Do I need to stick around for what, three other threads? Why should I have to prove myself to you?
  3. It is entirely possible that my frustration caused me to prejudge the situation myself--in fact I wondered that almost immediately after making the post--but "'The Qur'an does not claim biblical infallibility, does not confirm any entire scriptures at all,' What you're saying is it confirms in the Bible only what doesn't clash with Islam" does not look like it could possibly mean, "Problems (heresies) happen when people judge the Scriptures by what people say rather than judge the people by what the Scriptures say. THEREFORE, that makes the article implying the Bible is corrupted moot. I do not believe God would not preserve His first word and decide to preserve His latter word nor do I believe man's power to corrupt is greater than God's power to preserve HIS WORD. The article puts down the Bible to lift up the Quran; otherwise, the article couldn't stand nor can what it promotes." Not even with thirty minutes of reflection could anyone have ever gotten that interpretation out of your words. Have you even now read the article or have you instead merely come up with reasons why it's supposedly unnecessary to do so? Not even remotely good reasons either, just little more than the typical fallacy of appeal to the old. Do you do that sort of thing a lot? I wasn't trying to imply that this trait is unique to one political affiliation. Anyone who's biased against processing information contrary to a particular, preset, (usually Manichean) worldview will tend to have it.
  4. Redeemed, am I right in thinking that you're just as much a political as a religious conservative? There have been a lot of scientific studies done about things like how conservative minds spend less time reading information contrary to their own views, and especially how their brains do much less system 2 processing compared to system 1 (in a nutshell that's the difference between carefully thinking things through and just judging immediately by way of quick-and-dirty, intuitive, knee-jerk reactions). In short, it's good to actually read the article before deciding what the argument is based on a one-sentence summary. http://washmyheartwiththezamzam.tumblr.com/scripture Parts of it are probably due for modification soon, God willing, but not the *main* parts.
  5. That you can't even begin to imagine how anything an interfaith dialogue *could* consist of anything other than ten or twelve topics just goes to show exactly what I've said. Maybe every now and then a person comes here who might indeed gain a better understanding of Islam. You, however, are not that person, because you won't allow yourself to do any such thing. I link you first in a private message and then again publicly to an article of mine which goes into a perhaps *tediously* detailed account, passage by passage by passage, of how The Qur'an does not claim biblical infallibility, does not confirm any entire scriptures at all, and both times you just brush it off altogether and take the first opportunity possible to repeat the argument that it confirms The Bible. There's no federal law mandating that you agree with me but if you're going to refuse to even *acknowledge* what I've written then at least do that for a more self-consistent reason than, "Text isn't everything." That's what you keep saying time and again and yet time and again you go back on it by focusing everything you're saying on scripture. And then you go and tell me stuff like, "You've made a good argument but I'm not here to talk theology, I'm quite firm in my faith." That sounds *exactly* like something a person would say when they're afraid of their religion being questioned. Scroll through my past posts: there are countless occasions when I've let people hit me with everything they had. I encouraged it. I've probably even baited them into it without realizing. What good did it ever do?
  6. Mair: “In general I don’t think muslims like to be challenged about Islam, I don’t really understand that.. I challenge myself everyday, my search into Islam was born of such need of personal challenge because how else am I to know that the truth I accept through Jesus is valid and true. My comparisons... and to date Jesus has not been found wanting in any way, shape or form.” Mair (earlier): “Really I came here for answers to questions I have, I am not a wavering Christian I am quite firm in my belief, so efforts of Dawah are wasted on me. :) no offence” Redeemed: “I think [iAmZamzam] wants to say want he believes without being challenged.” Redeemed (earlier): “‘We have *plenty* of evidence. Do a search up there for golden ratio, to begin with. The thread that comes up might knock your socks off.’ A+B is to A AS A IS TO B PROVES what to you besides being the golden ratio?” And you wonder why I don’t want to waste my time anymore. Sometimes, Redeemed, that man in the burning building you spoke of genuinely *can’t* be saved. If all he does is claw and bite at you when you try to rescue him, sooner or later you get to the point where he clearly *is* a lost cause, and there’s even a possibility that you’ll have *two* people trapped there instead of one if he stays for much longer. You remember that scene from “Batman Begins”? Batman got so consumed by how upset he was with Henri Ducard that he neglected to mind his surroundings. If you’re actually that interested in talking to me, do so about something new. Why must everybody who comes to these places jump immediately into the same old malarkey, and never leave it? Every conversation is the same. Biblical infallibility in The Qur’an, biblical corruption, the depiction of Jesus (P), the Trinity, women in Islam, “is Islam a religion of peace?”, slavery, homosexuality, evolution, Zionism. These ten arguments are the only things you ever see in these places, and each one of them has a model that repeats eternally, to the point where after a while anybody could map out a flowchart in advance predicting every single page of each thread on the topic. The threads are roughly monthly—though every now and then you’re lucky enough to get a refreshing change with the quarterly threads on Ayesha’s age and the latest headline terrorist attacks, which of course are bound to be Islamist since the horrid news media is so selective that most folks don’t even know about the Buddhist ones in Myanmar, the Hindu ones in India, et cetera. In the words of that guy from “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3”, “We go around in circles, making minimum progress with maximum effort.” I’ve had it! If you want *any* chance at all if me joining in (and even then there’s no guarantee), talk about something you’re certain no one’s ever talked about here before.
  7. Help Me Learn And Learn In Turn

    Ulfsark, I used to think that humbleness and pride were equal but opposite negative extremes before I realized something--the very same thing you need to realize now for a different reason. Which of the two traits is it that motivates a person to become more than he already is--to become stronger I guess is how you'd think of it--and which of the two is likelier to convince him to foolishly stay the way he is now because he already has what he needs? "Humility" isn't the antonym of "drive", you know. Pride, on the other hand, actively works against self-improvement, and thus inhibits the reaching of your potential. If you want to be strong and cunning enough to face your foes, will you be able to pull it off without first going out of your way to do everything you can to recognize your own limitations? Doesn't the old saying go that the first rule of combat is, "Never underestimate your enemy"?
  8. "Are we not adults here? Can we not have a dialogue and respectfully agree to disagree on some points and find a common ground on others?" No and no. This is a message board. Have a nice day.
  9. "May I ask why do you refer to Richard Dawkins as a hate preacher? When did being being an atheist automatically become to mean a hate preacher? Is it possible he is just a man without faith who expresses his opinion?" Michael Martin is an atheist who's simply expressing his opinion. Alex Gabriel is an atheist who's simply expressing his opinion. Maybe even Dan Barker, though he's made some very low blows in his day. Richard Dawkins, on the other hand, doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same *sentence* as the phrase "man without faith who expresses his opinion". He doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the phrase "hate preacher". It's all in the review. I gave copious examples. Though I was scratching the surface. I'm out before this turns into an argument. It was only because I forgot what I said before that I showed up in the first place.
  10. What more is there to say at this point? http://washmyheartwiththezamzam.tumblr.com/thegoddelusion
  11. I don't think I've ever heard a single word about it. The miracle isn't reported anywhere (that I know of), so it isn't an issue. I believe the rule goes: with The Bible (as with anything, actually), if it contradicts the The Qur'an, it's out. If it's in agreement, it's in. If The Qur'an is silent on the issue, that's trickier and it's more up in the air. Agreement with the infallible is the only truly sure thing. This is a moot point anyway: in the original context Dawkins was talking more about miracles in general. You can find the video easily enough at Youtube--I believe it's called something like "Islam Is One Of The World's Great Evils".
  12. Having Second Thoughts About Islam...

    Do you feel this deep psychological urge to defend Paul at all times, *especially* when no one is actually saying anything about him? The thread is dead, please don't resurrect it now.
  13. Help Me Learn And Learn In Turn

    It seems that once again your knowledge of Christianity alone has gotten in the way. Where does it say, "I know that nothing good dwells within me"? In The Qur'an? No. That's *nowhere* in The Qur'an. It's only in The Bible (Romans 7:18). The Qur'an says that man was made in the best of moulds (surah 95, verse 4). We have no concept of original sin. Indeed, the very first man was also the very first prophet (surah 3, verse 33). There is indeed a longstanding tradition in Christianity of positively ludicrous absolutism about seeing human nature as negatively as possible and good deeds as utterly meaningless. In Islam we believe that everyone is born pure (how could it be otherwise?) and those who become corrupt only do so later. It is true, however, that our purpose is to serve the One who made us. I fail to see the flaw in the logic. When you invent something, it's so that it can perform some tasks or other--for *you*.
  14. Help Me Learn And Learn In Turn

    “It is right to follow those greater than yourself, it is part of Nature's Order and otherwise we would have chaos, but to plead and beg and grovel is pathetic, regardless of the power of the master, it is beneath me and any man.” “In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace: All praise is due to God alone, the Sustainer of all the worlds, the Most Gracious, the Dispenser of Grace, Lord of the Day of Judgment! Thee alone do we worship; and unto Thee alone do we turn for aid. Guide us the straight way, the way of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings, not of those who have been condemned [by Thee], nor of those who go astray!” That is the opening of The Qur’an and the central prayer of Islam (according to Asad’s translation). Does it sound objectionable?
  15. Help Me Learn And Learn In Turn

    This is the scale of the universe, as far as anyone can determine: http://htwins.net/scale2/ (*grumling* They have to throw in that stupid teapot....) Now tell me: is it pathetic to be subordinate to something unimaginably greater than yourself, or is it just common sense? All of this came from somewhere.