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  1. Women And Funerals

    Before the advent of Islam, it was common practice to scream and tear one's clothes at funerals. It was quite a spectacle, and that is what is avoided by Muslims. The Prophet (saws) said, "The deceased who is wailed over is tortured for that wailing."[bukhari 2.378, Narrated Al Mughira, r.a.] The Prophet (saws) said, "He who slaps the cheeks, tears the clothes and follows the tradition of the Days of Ignorance is not from us." [bukhari 2.385, Narrated Abdullah, r.a.]
  2. Assalaamu alaikum and welcome :) I have some family in Alabama! Glad you know Fathi already. Inshallah you will enjoy your time here.
  3. Some Basic Questions

    I will answer from my own, non-scholar experience. I have been reading the Al-Hilali/Khan translation of the Quran. What are people's opinions of this? Praying 5 times a day in a certain way: Necessary, but flexible as one is learning how to pray and growing accustomed to an entirely new life-style. Saying "peace be upon him": it can be cumbersome, but it is also a nice way to identify who is who. I know, say... 80 people named "Mohammad". If I am having a conversation with someone, and I say "Mohammad, peace be upon him, said..." then it is very easy to identify WHICH Mohammad I am speaking of. No, I don't say it every single time I say "he", "Prophet", or "Mohammad/Jesus/Moses/Abraham/etc..." like some people, but it's more a reminder to hold this person as an example. Islam includes a personal relationship, a constant relationship where everything you do should be in remembrance of Allah. The outward actions also remind other Muslims to perform their actions. "Narrated Abu Qatadah: The Prophet (peace be upon him) went out at night and found Abu Bakr praying in a low voice, and he passed Umar ibn al-Khattab who was raising his voice while praying. When they both met the Prophet (peace be upon him) together, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: I passed by you, Abu Bakr, when you were praying in a low voice. He replied: I made Him hear with Whom I was holding intimate converse, Apostle of Allah. He (the Prophet) said to Umar: I passed by you when you were praying in a loud voice. He replied: Apostle of Allah, I was awakening the drowsy and driving away the Devil. Al-Hasan added in his version: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Raise your voice a little, Abu Bakr, and he said to Umar: Lower your voice a little." There are people who try to follow Islam using only the Qur'an, but it leaves many empty holes in the religion. There is a ranking system for the "strength" of the hadith, the stories. This is why it's also important to listen to scholars and not just try to interpret things on your own. While it is important to heed your own intuition, we also have to understand that our hearts are inclined to set our own worldly being in front of our spiritual welfare. Are you asking if being friends with homosexuals is a problem? Islam teaches love and tolerance. You are only asked to show, by example, what a correct way of life is. If they are trying to rope you into sin, that is when you would need to part ways. I have seen many "scientific miracles" memes running around Facebook and the like that falsely interpret what the Qur'an said. Most of them, if you find a scholar who can actually EXPLAIN it to you, not just a simply-paraphrased sentence, you can see the truth in it. Remember, I am not a scholar and this is from my own experience and learning. Allah knows best.
  4. Hajj For The Married Couple

    I thought even during Salat during Hajj married couples stayed together because of the danger of separating in such a large crowd?
  5. Assalaamu alaikum everyone! I took a break for awhile because things were slow on here and busy in real life. Inshallah things have picked up here again, because I am ready to keep learning.
  6. Women And Funerals

    I'm not a scholar, but from what I understand: It is not allowed for women to cry and scream at funerals. If they cannot keep composed, that is when it is recommended that they stay home.
  7. Attention Non Muslims

    Mair, I think that we all must remember that we should always expect the best intentions from the other poster (unless they are being undeniably rude or immature). Since 80% of communication is non-verbal, much is lacking in Internet interpretations of others' speech. Always assume they are being respectful, none of us intend to be enemies... Though we do deal with a lot of trolls, so may seem impatient at some points.
  8. Do I Leave My Mother?

    How old are you sister?
  9. Perfecting Salah

    Wa alaikum assalaam. Pay attention to your movements. Each movement and stance has a meaning and reason. For example, don't just flip your hands halfway to your shoulders and say "Allahu Akbar". RAISE your hands up, say Allahu Akbar, then continue... The Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam prohibited the pecking like a crow. Once he saw a man who did not complete his ruku' and he told him: 'Go back and pray for you have not prayed.' And he said: 'Allah does not look to one who does not straighten his back during ruku' and sujjud.'...
  10. A New Nation Arises?

    Even if AlQaeda is the executor, the idea is from US and israel, and there is proof for those that fact alone.
  11. There are forum rules which all must follow. Many posts by non-Muslims have been deleted, and many of them have been warned. Some have even been disallowed from posting for consistently disobeying forum rules. Follow the rules, and you may discuss as you wish.
  12. Gender Roles In Islam Vs Other Cultures

    I scanned through most of your responses and just want to say I think you did a pretty good job answering them. I won't jump in unless someone raises a point for clarification :)
  13. Hello.

    Welcome! We'll gladly answer questions for you. I'm a convert.
  14. Whats Wrong With Homosexuality

    Ala'adin, I hate to counter your point but it is simply untrue. There are many homosexuals who live with "life partners" and are much more faithful than many heterosexual couples. The issue of STDs is that of fidelity, not of sexual orientation.
  15. "if you could see logically..." I kindly disagree brother, your last post does not make logical sense at all. For the same reason that Judaism doesn't recognize a linear path to Christianity, Christianity doesn't accept the linear path to Islam. Yes, it is "imperfectly borrowed" from the Bible because the Bible was changed. Jesus did not come here to "die for our sins", but to bring the believers back to the straight path with a new message.