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  1. What happened to the Forum?

    Asalamualikom What happened to the forum? I've come back after a long time and it seems to have very low traffic. So I was wondering what happened?
  2. Aoa What's in the video? (not everyone can watch or wants to watch the video) w/salaam
  3. A Troubling Verse

    aSalamualikom Ibn al Qayyim is said have had an inclination towards the view that hellfire may not be eternal. See this link for further detail. Now whether or not he actually believed this or not is another matter, but it is just to show that it is a topic is not simple, (sometimes) even for people of knowledge. w/salaam
  4. A Troubling Verse

    aSalamualikom Brother I don't think the questioner is, as far as I can see at least, being arrogant about it. One can understand this, people view God from whatever they have heard around them. They may not believe in God but they have a set of properties that they would generally think of God as having which stem from their own sphere of influence. The New-Testament view of God is much prevalent and one often sees people referring to that standard when judging any religion. That is why we normally see atheists from the west having a Christian centric view of God and their general criticism in based on it. This is why we generally hear the argument that if there was a God then why there is so much suffering in the world. This criticism of religion is, obviously based on a particular view of God. If a person who was accustomed to the Old-Testament view of God, they would have little problem with this verse as far as I understand. For a Muslim it is a given and very easy to understand as we are accustomed to this view. Many are not, and that is why they may find it a bit troubling. It takes time to understand and get used to change. So long as a person is being respectful and honest in their inquiry, one should give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe if we are patient and understanding, Maybe Allah will guide them through us. Would we not want the other person to be patient with us if the roles were reversed? And Allah knows best. w/salaam
  5. A Troubling Verse

    aSalaamualikom As one can see from glancing over the replies in this thread that people are having problem trying to answer this question. Quiet understandable actually. However, I wanted a bit of clarification before I could even begin to try and tackle this question (whether I could provide an answer that is satisfactory is another matter all together). Is your question about why God does this i.e His motive, OR whether or not it is Just? w/salaam
  6. aSalamualikom I think the arguments of who has right to which land are very subjective. In reality, might is right. If you conquer it, it seems you own it, until someone else comes and takes it from you then that owner is right. The matter of brutality and oppression of humans is a different all together. w/salaam
  7. Armpit & Pubic Hair

    Aoa Why would any deity demand we stay away from alcohol or adultery? Why would any deity demand we sacrifice animals? w/salaam
  8. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Aoa I apologize if it seems like I am nitpicking but I wanted to point something out. I think if one believes in Allah then intelligent design vs evolution becomes redundant. Evolutionary processes, decomposition of living matter after death, photosynthesis etc are all processes that happen naturally. Naturally does not mean that they happen without Allah's will. It simply means all processes are subject to the laws of Allah, and all were made this way, and in this sense they are part of intelligent design. If the process wasn't evolution and some rapid genetic mutation for instance, the fact remains that whatever process was involved it was subject to the Will of Allah. As Allah says ...while to Him have submitted [all] those within the heavens and earth, willingly or by compulsion, and to Him they will be returned (Quran 3:83) Using intelligent design for the evolutionary process is accurate however, it somehow implies that it is different from the rest of the processes in the creation. All processes are a product of intelligent design in this manner and not just ones governing life. The intelligent design argument somehow implies that if the evolutionary process resulted in life around us, it somehow required manual calibration of some sort since it is naturally flawed. We forget something - that nature too is created by Allah. All the processes in it are created by Allah. Saying one process would not work without manual calibration by the Creator implies either that the creation is flawed or the natural process is somehow separate from the other creation. Allah designed and calibrated everything perfectly at the start that so it would lead to all that is and will happen. That includes the laws that govern our breathing, to ships floating to gravity to those of thermodynamics to quantum mechanics and so and so forth. Fusion is a process that occurs in stars that helps create other elements from hydrogen and gives out a lot of energy. We have been able to mimic this particular process in the Hydrogen bomb, and are trying to control it and harness energy from it. Now that we understand this particular process, does this mean that Allah has no control over it or he didn't create it or that it isn't part of the 'Intelligent Design'? Consider the following Ayah: Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and day, and the sailing of ships through the ocean for the profit of mankind, and the water which Allah sends down from the skies, thereby reviving the earth after its death, and dispersing therein all kinds of beasts, and (in) the ordinance of the winds, and the clouds subjugated between heaven and earth: are signs for people who have sense. (Qur'an 2:164) Allah in the above ayah mentions the alternation of the night and day, and the sailing of ships through the ocean and rain etc. many of the processes we understand the basic workings of. Yet Allah says in them are signs for people who have sense. Understanding something should not depreciate it's value and beauty for us rather it should increase our Emaan. Allah is not only the God of the unknown, rather He is the Lord of the known and the unknown and His signs are in all. People are trying mimic basic cell formation, and that experiment in the 50s that created amino acids molecules by simulating the primordial earth etc. what if tomorrow science uncovers the process behind cell formation, would we start to doubt? Consider the following verse: The creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind, yet most of mankind know not. (Quran 40:57) Crude simulations, using known physics and mathematics, of the cosmos are being run with surprisingly accurate results. The creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind. Why should (to whatever degree) the understanding of the creation of mankind bother us when the understanding the creation of the cosmos does not? If we understand, it does not mean we equal. Allah created from nothing – we can only manipulate. The limit is with us, not with Allah. And Allah knows best. W/salaam
  9. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    aSalaamualikom Allah may have created through a process similar to evolution or some other process similar or different. We can only use available evidence to try and guess what might the process have been. Allah may have created Adam a.s using a more direct process, whereas Allah created Eesa a.s using a direct and normal method i.e. he was willed into existence without a father however he had to spend time in his mother's womb. And my earlier example of the tree, Allah created through a process. As for intelligent design, well that is naturally what a Muslim believes in – or should. In that whatever processes were involved in the creation of life and all that is were subject to the Will of Allah, as is everything else. Therefore everything is part of an 'intelligent design' – relating to life and everything else in the creation (including the creation of Humans). What I cannot answer is at what level is this influence direct. Let me clarify to whatever degree I can manage, because it gets tricky for me beyond this point. Since intelligent design usually implies (as I understand) that the evolutionary process could not have resulted in whatever we see around us due to it's complexity and beauty etc. therefore, there has to be an intelligent influence directing the process as opposed to randomness one would associate with natural evolution. This would imply that had the normal laws of nature been allowed to take course things may not have gotten here, therefore, at some level these laws have been influenced (and consequently their course altered). Which brings up the question of the level at which events were influenced; was it cosmic, cellular, molecular, atomic or sub-atomic? And then there is another level. Computers are being used to run simulations of the Universe, galaxies and stars using the known laws of nature that result in results that closely resemble our observations. What this shows is that given sufficiently detailed information about the variable in a given situation (and the laws that govern it) and enough computing power, one could predict the outcome. What it means, as far as I understand, in relation to this discussion is that since Allah has both sufficient information and sufficient intelligence to process that information to predict all that is and will be (and indeed what could have been but wasn't). Add to this the fact that Allah has the power to manipulate the rules and values of this situation, He swt could simply have programmed the whole thing with values required to complete His design. I am unable to say which of these is the correct answer, if at all any. Most likely it is something that our feeble minds cannot comprehend – on a level we cannot even begin to grasp. Just as with prophecies relating to the end times should not influence our actions as they what they are regardless of what we do, our search for better understanding the creation of Allah should be kept independent for questions for which we have not been given direct clear answers. We could draw the wrong conclusions and end up confused. And Allah knows best. W/salaam
  10. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Asalamualikom I wrote a reply, unfortunately it got deleted while trying to post. I will reply later. w/salaam
  11. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    aSalaamua'likom Brother Andalusi, How are these arguments for a man who does not believe in God? The theory of evolution does not necessarily contradict Islam. Yes the details and workings could be a different but that does not mean it had to be false to make Islam right. A simple example would be, Allah created the trees around us. But not many think they just so of popped up out of nothing one day, it is generally known that they came from seeds that came from other trees. The seed got water and nutrients from the soil and air and grew with time to become a tree. Does the fact that there was a process involved in getting a tree to where it is invalidate the fact that Allah created it? Do we disbelieve in Allah simply because we know that the tree came from a seed? When we state that all these things came here suddenly. we forget that Allah swt is the One Who created all that is, including the laws of nature that we generally observe governing the workings of the universe. Allah is able to direct the course of events as He pleases. Allah does not need to bypass the laws of nature, since He is the One who created them. If Allah wishes to perform a miracle, He has the power to do so. If He decides to use a process to make things, then He is capable of that too with no difficulty. He could make a tree pop up out of nowhere, and He has the power to make it come about through a process following the general laws of the Nature. He has power over all things. Evolution (or a process similar to it in principle) could have been used to bring about all that we see around us. Or some of the process could have been influenced in "miraculous"* ways. Or it could have been done in a different manner. Either way, these things do not negate Islam. The limit is not with Allah but our intellects. And Allah knows best. w/salaam *by miraculous I mean that it could have been influenced directly or some other way that was different from norm. At one point or multiple points to give things the desired shape.
  12. Non-religious Evidence That God Exists

    Asalamualikum Recently, I heard something that I think would be pertinent in this discussion. If one was to stand in a market and try to hear, one's ability to hear would decrease with increasing distance from source given other variables as constant. There would come a point beyond which one would not be able to hear at all. Similarly with the faculty of sight, one could see something that is closer, and given other variables as constant, the visibility would decrease until it is no longer visible. I think till here not many would dispute. However, there seems to be a faculty that people somehow assume has no limit i.e. the faculty of the mind. Why is it so difficult for us to accept that our minds are not capable of understanding and solving problems beyond a certain point. That this faculty too is limited like others. Why is it that we assume that if we have not seen God yet that it is almost certainly because of the fact that God does not exist and not because we have maybe not reached that level of knowledge and understanding to decide the matter definitively. Science deals with the knowable and the provable. Consider the following chart: That shows the estimated total Universe. 74% + 22% = 96% of which we cannot even detect directly, let alone understand. And not to mention the level of our understanding of the remaining 4% of the universe that is visible to us through our instruments, which is very limited to say the least. Is our knowledge sufficient to make a scientific determination for questions about the true origin of the Universe, what is beyond it? What happens when you reach the edge of space for instance? We presume to understand so much, yet we know so little. w/salaam
  13. Prophet Adam's Height

    :sl: Muslims should not try to look for such proves, because they shouldn’t matter. These false images and such are published and spread around, just as that particular rumour about Neil Armstrong and Azaan and the moon, simply to discredit the people who believe in them. People would go about the whole place saying that something proves they were right, and then that particular story would turn out to be false and you’d look like a sucker. There were millions of Dinosaurs back in the day, and yet there aren’t millions of fossils lying around. There is a reason for that, bodies decay and/or are consumed by other animals when you die. And things usually don’t survive for that long, and it would be unlikely. Most importantly, if there were indeed such a find, you wouldn’t read about it on some next website or see it on some video on the Youtube or something; rather it would be on all over the news. Do you really think something this huge can remain a secret? And why in the world would someone who finds it keep it a secret? You know the motives, plausibility of the story etc... Yes, it may be a coincidence indeed. However, do you think the only plausible explanation for such an occurrence would be that there indeed were gigantic people before? Let’s consider this... You know that height would’ve decreased over many generations, and the difference between one generation and the one immediately after it would not be too great. Therefore, it would be unlikely for any generation to actually know the exact difference, as the older generations would have died and been buried. Also there are some common stories amongst many cultures relating to blood sucking creatures that look like humans (you know vampires) and such, however, not many people think that these stories actually mean that there were or actually are vampires rather it is usually believed that these stories are based on something else, like some really evil tyrant or someone who killed a shed load of people or something. Similarly, it is believe by a few that the stories from the Greek mythology or the Hindu or other cultural mythologies are actually based on historical events. For instance Zeus may have been a king or maybe Gaya (the mother goddess) refers to the period where there were women rulers or something. Anyways, to get a more plausible explanation for why people thought that the people of the old were taller and stronger than us, read the Muqaddama by Ibn Khuldun. In short, he was of the opinion that people thought there were giants before us was because when people saw huge constructs like the Pyramids or some of the temple in Egypt or Persia etc they thought that it was not possible for normal sized people to have built them so they assumed that. Or the great empires etc. One example that he gave was of the Court of King of Persia, when one of the Caliphs decided to have it demolished, Harun-ar-Rasheed I think, the task proved so difficult it was abandoned mid way, now we all know that it is much easier to destroy then build, therefore, many famous historians of the time deduced from this that the only reasonable explanation for this can be that the people of the ancient times were much bigger than us rather than thinking that they had better technology or much more man power etc. And Allah knows best! w/salaama
  14. :sl: I wanted to ask if someone with the relavent knowledge could explain to me why human beings are Ashraful’Makhlokat. I do not contest ‘IF’ so please do not think that. I am only trying to find out the reason – if indeed it has been told. w/salaam
  15. :sl: It may have some entertainment value however, I think its something we should kind of avoid getting into. You see this kind of thing ends up backfiring. Are we to ignore logic and reason and all that is good in Islam and resort to such things to prove our point? Is the whole Quran and all the rationale and arguments in not capable of getting through to the people that we must resort to shaky facts? Lets stay away from such traps, wherein one ignores the actual argument in favour of such 'science'. It's like the lion video where the lion was supposedly saying Allah. ... See More Is not the message that Islam brings the reason we are Muslims, or is it some ratio or some random occurance that is the cause? What Muslims need to do is to focus on the message and stay away from such things that in the long run backfire. The message of Islam should be our focus not the golden ratio or some other such thing. w/salaam