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  1. Does God Want To Be Acknowledged?

    Reviving this as there maybe some fresh takes on this .. Lol
  2. So bottom line judgement day can be anywhere from now to 1 billion+ years? So what's the point of signs then? I mean unless each sign kind of marks like a milestone in time or or gives us a sense of how far along we are it's moot. I mean all this seem to do is then to motivate people to live in fear then? The short long path thing doesn't necessarily address my concern because when I die , the date will not change even though my perception of time may. Thanks
  3. So if you can't see your wife, how do you know it's her? Created room for error ;)
  4. Exploring The True Meaning Of "belief"

    Yasnov, no offense but I believe I'm looking for someone who can level with me. I don't think you quite get what I'm asking. Still I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  5. So in your opinion there is nothing Islam has to offer to an alien that would improve his life?
  6. Exploring The True Meaning Of "belief"

    Well you know what follows,he will tell you the same thing.:) He will say come with me if you want to get to your destination. so the point is , is there any chance that at this point you can admit " hey let me check my directions because there maybe a possibility that I maybe wrong?" because if you say I am 100% convinced my choice is the right choice then you have the burden of proof
  7. I'm sure this has been discussed million times but here is what I wonder .l when it comes to dealing with prophet being insulted via cartoon etc. 1. why are Muslims so outraged. There is no such reaction when Allah (higher than prophet on the divine chain) is being insulted or Jesus (also a prophet of allegiance similar caliber as Mohammad SW) is insulted. I'm looking for verses from Quran or perhaps Hadith references no opinions please. I'm only interested in a elevated dialogue, so no irrelevant responses. Thanks
  8. Let's stick to the precise topic and question at hand... Let me get us back on track ... I am an alien.... Hey Yas how will becoming a Muslim help me in this world? I can find the creator through critical thinking so what does Islam offer to improve my life ?
  9. Exploring The True Meaning Of "belief"

    So belief is installed by culture and then validated via logic or rationale not hunches a warm fuzzy indescribable feeling In the heart etc? If so then it's alright to subject a belief to test of logic and rationale and if it fails to satisfy then should be rejected? Correct?
  10. Exploring The True Meaning Of "belief"

    So your position is I'm right. And if he's not Onboard then he can go to hell? Try to approach it differently. If I am standing at a two way intersection where one road leads to a pool party and other to quick sand. I see you going right and the Jew going left while both of you think you are going to the same destination. You can say hey we both want to go to pool party lets consolidate and see which one is right, your answer is you go your way I'll go mine screw cooperation or the notion of team work?
  11. Exploring The True Meaning Of "belief"

    So short answer is by thinking independently of what is written in a book? Guess you and I are on the same page just different books. Thanks for answering my rhetorical question with astounding levels of granularity. I guess my problem is that Sometimes I expect too much from I want to say people? Cheers mate (Not British btw this just kinda came out )
  12. Why Should We Hate Non-Believers

    Aoa Ayesha27, Not sure if the 27 represent your age or I.Q but I totally agree with you. These 39 celeb superstars comprising the entire population of atheist need to read Quran first before dismissing it. I am sure you have read Quran with Tafsir and can vouch for the wholesome goodness some people are missing. Please continue spewing the positivity. Thanks :)
  13. Do You Trust Science?

    Hey Russell Here is a scientific experiment: Trial 001 Subject : 22 yr old hetro male Objective climb a 10 foot wall Motivation/Reward: Room full of cheerleaders Clocked time : xxxxxx Trial B ( yes B not 002 it's my experiment Ok :) ) Subject: 22 yr old male Objective: climb 10 ft wall Motivation: being chased by rabbit wolf Clocked time xxxx Trial 55 Subject: same dude Objective : same wall Motivation/ Reward: will receive a kick to the nads Clocked time:xxxxx Which of these scenarios will result in the subject completing the objective in the longest time ? Conclusion: Sarcasm is soooo underrated Thanks
  14. Thanks for replying . To clarify my question was what does Islam as a religion has to offer to someone say a human clone who have no idea what religion is and how it can improve her life or add any value .(yep the clone is a female Bcaz that's the preferred gender of choice ) From what I gather from your answer the contribution is morals and values. Most religions preach good morals and values. Also we can get great morals and values from our culture and society so what's the need for a religion then? If anything religion creates more conflict and hostility in this world.The rewards and punishment (heaven, hell ) system of control is very transparent to most beings. So let's say I'm an alien trying to assimilate into this world. I don't lie steal or hurt anyone because of the golden rule and because it's the right thing to do not because I'm being threatened by punishment or lured into greed by rewards. Why must I chose a religion and how does it help any one? Thanks
  15. Exploring The True Meaning Of "belief"

    Thanks Yas, What you mentioned makes sense but doesn't address my concern. You were Muslim because you were borned a Muslim. You remained a Muslim because as a rational being you can justify Islam being superior to other religion, hence you are a Muslim by choice. Now just like you there are other people, some one who was borned a Jew not by choice but remained a Jew a because he/she found Judiasm to be the superior religion ( that and Bcaz Jews get more holidays :) ) How do you distinguish yourself from that person who is following the same exact rationale? I am certain you have your reasons why you are right and he will have his reasons. What's the tie breaker? You have strong belief but so does he. (Notice how once gender neutral our subject is now a he) I am certain if you have him cornered with sound rationale he will not sway. The only difference between you and the imaginary Jew is that you guys were exposed to different culture and social stimuli. So my question stands how do we differentiate strong belief from being socially conditioned or brainwashed?