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  1. Assalaam Alaiykum, Shukran

    Alaykum salam, wooow, great news!!! Congratulation on your shahada sister, i am sooooooooooo happy to know that! Mashallah, may Allah make things easier for you on your journey. Mina :)
  2. I share your sorrow uncle, may Allah help him in his longest journey and forgive all of his sins.
  3. Salam alaykum, Just watch it people, you'll all like it :D
  4. Allah is the Almight, of course i don't deny that even if a person has a dark heart, Allah could love him and lead him to the true path. That is what happens to the non-muslims when they convert or a muslim into a religious person. I said i don't ever judge Allah. If someone kills my mum, i would want the killer to be burnt in hell, because he would cause me to live a hell in this world. Sorrows can just be felt inside, and the evil MUST BE punished somehow. Do not ever forget that you cannot be more loving and forgiving than Allah, He is THE MOST loving and forgiving, and He loves forgiving if a person begs to be forgiven. He has the perfect system ever, and we humans cannot create a perfect system like his. So levels are a must, why are there lawyers and courts in this world anyway? In hereafter there is the greatest law. Every human being demands justice both in this world and hereafter. Every single thing which is created by Allah is for people. This dunyaa (world) is a test to reach goals. If there wouldnt be any tests and we lived our lives just for preasure we would become depressed. Dont you see the examples of that like Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse etc. They had everything in their hands, but not the true goal which is about to serve Allah in the proper way. So they died in vain in young ages... Just because they didnt try to find their ways and passed away is not about the unfairness of Allah. THEY chose it that way, because Allah gave us freedom and ability of making a decision. You can't blame Allah no way for this. He created bad and good, and gave us a brain to think deeply. Nothing is created in vain. Everything has a reason. You told me that i have misconceptions, okay this is your opinion about my thoughts, but how can you be sure of your thoughts that they are true? I don't trust my mind, i trust the teachings of Allah, and i speak about them. And this is called belief. Where do you get your source when you speak? I wish to be loved by Allah, so i show my respect and love to Him. A person wouldnt know or feel you love her if you didn't show her your love. Just like that, you have to show your love to Allah by practising His teachings and being graceful.
  5. Welcome

    Hello Guan Yu, welcome.
  6. You're welcome mate. The reason why they were chosen is because they had more sincere hearts to Allah and they were real believers. Think about professions, for example a teacher can be very successful at his job while another teacher can be less successful and be loved less by students. Just like that, we humans have different potentials about being a slave to Allah, so our levels will be different from each other. This is not about unfairness. This is exactly a fairness. If a person with a bad heart would be chosen as a prophet, how would he be able to lead a lot of people in a proper way for the sake of Allah? So for me the first reason why i love all prophets and people that close to Allah is because they were chosen by Allah the Almighty. And i have no right to judge Allah anyway. This is about belief. Of course we should know them by reading their lifes and how they lived a life on the path of Allah, so this will help us to love them more. You can love a person with your heart, not with your mind, you should feel it deep in your heart. And this happens when you start to believe :) When you fall in love with a girl, you do anything she wants from you, you try your best to make her feel good etc. And when someone asks you "why do you do this all", you can hardly find a tangible reason, you just answer that you just "love". Mind comes later than heart according to me. Every prophet has his own character and style, so it is good to know them one by one.
  7. Peace, I love Jesus as he was chosen by Allah to be a prophet. He was not like other ordinary people, so he was chosen. And it was a miracle of Allah that he was born without a father. This shows Allah can do anything He wants, and He showed it through this miracle. He was a holy prophet. Muslims believe in and love all prophets. Because they are much more closer to Allah, and they have a closer relationship with Allah than other people. He was sent with a holy book which we believe in. Just like many other prophets, he struggled with non-believers for the sake of Allah. So why shouldn't we love him? But i must add that i love at the top the last Messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But this does not mean that we give less value to other prophets. They are all important in muslims' hearts.
  8. Here are the top 10 American corporations profiting from Egypt's military: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/130816/top-10-american-corporations-egypt-military-us-aid
  9. Salam alaykum, Have you watched this video of zionists in a panel discussion which was recorded in 2 June 2011? I just saw in Turkish news and wanted to share the video with you. This French zionist who is talking in the video is Bernard Henry Levy who always defends israel when it comes to the war issues. The person sitting next to Levy is the former foreign minister of israel and the former secret agent of MOSSAD. She is nodding when he is talking. Now i wonder what supporters of Sisi think about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvzImjOfHLQ
  10. السلام عليكم

    Wa alaykum salam sis :hug: Welcome to the forum.
  11. Salam alaykum, This new rule seems wierd to me too. You cannot teach a word to a Christian about Islam if you don't "listen" to what he believes in. So there is no point of having this rule on such an Islamic forum. This is not a busy and crowded forum like old days anyway, and when you put this rule, no-one will come. I think you should re-think about it. Also i would prefer you decided that after making a poll on forum and listening what other members think. For me, the only religion of Allah is one, and it is Islam. The others are corrupted i believe (like the other muslims). But this does not stop me to listen what arguments and beliefs non-muslims have. I just respect their "thinking", not the faith itself. We have a duty to say the truth always in a kind and respectful way, because Rasulallah did this too. And when they don't become muslims, it is not because they are idiot people, but the hidayat (the true path) hasn't reached them yet. And it is all up to Allah, He gives hidayat whomever He wants. After debates, we as muslims are free to read the Surah Tabbat to them and finish the debates. But of course when someone who has a bad intention comes here, he should be banned. Mina.
  12. Salam alaykum, Dear dot uncle, what did you expect from Sisi anyway? Do you really think they just started now to listen to what USA and israel says? It was from the beginning apparently. Sister ParadiseLost, it is nice to read your comment on Egypt since i was so confused to see you posted many things about Turkey's Erdoğan but not one word on Egypt (at least i didn't see you did anywhere). Last night there was a kind of protest against Sisi and the coup in Istanbul, i went there. We made duaa for our brothers and sisters there. Here are a couple of pictures i've taken: http://instagram.com/p/dAmgfyjvpD/ http://instagram.com/p/dAmVaojvor/ http://instagram.com/p/dAl9C2jvn5/
  13. Hi

    Hello, Welcome to the forum, i hope you find here beneficial.
  14. In Haram months, muslims kill each other, what kind of character that stupid army have! And they make it for the sake of their future and its people? You and your supporters are big liars, you're thirsty to the blood it seems! As ummah, we've been disturbed by seeing and hearing those things! Whatever you see as wrong, you cannot correct people by killing and forcing! Dont you have a brain to understand? No respect to the ideas of others, that's what happening in all muslim communities unfortunately. I am so sad, and i just make duaa for that dark and stone hearted people to be warm and humble and respectful to the others whose ideas and thoughts differ from. This is nothing but a big shame. I dont know how they would be able to stand in hereafter after commiting that much sin!
  15. Laser Hair Removal And Islam

    Wa alaykum salam sister, As far as i know, there is nothing wrong about it unless it is harmful. I know some religious women who do it. But some private areas may be wrong. Mina