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    alQur-an suroh 17.al Isro' ayat 66: "Your Lord is He that maketh the Ship go smoothly for you through the sea, in order that ye may seek of His bounty. For He is unto you Most Merciful."
    Providing alternative transportation for Hajj & 'Umroh by passenger vessels to Jiddah as a way out from the need of queuing upto 28 days (500 flights) as jama'ah from Indonesia reach 210,000 pilgrims/year. On July 2012 there are more than 1.5 million people registered in the waiting list.
  1. Islam Vs Paganism

    . . . . . and without harming each other.Instead, we helping each other.
  2. Shariah Law Vs Myth

    And when there is any Al-Munkar then we should do something in three stages : by hand, by words or by thought.Now adays we are informed about the killing of Camels In Australia ( in fact I heard it since 2005 ]. Al-Jazira got award by making a video with Ali S.Hajri as the star/actor/reporter. Shooting toke place at the outback. I think they're doing the three stages : by hand, by words or by thought.
  3. Camels In Australia

    Oh yes, the pine "family", we call it pinus in indonesia. We use them also for reforestry because their fast growth. I heard it was imported but I don't know if it from Australia.I think they are one "family" with the christmas tree?
  4. Camels In Australia

    Yes. I do see you love it, and that's why you will spend your time replying this thread. And yes, there’s no profit in that. That's why I purposed a non profit project for that.If 250 camels need $ 50,000 then it needs 400 X 50,000 = $ 20,000.000 That amount is for paying the local aboriginal men who need to get work. ( sorry if this looks like "calculating miracles" ). Then we need more money for transporting the camels ( which were introduced as transportation animals ). In fact, indonesian have a lot of money which is still idle in the bank account of religion ministry. It's the down payment for pilgrims who want to be registered in the waiting list. I think there are about 2 millions registrar now, each pay US$ 2,000. The problem is how to make a proposal to borrow that idle money. The minister is so afraid if the money lost.
  5. Camels In Australia

    Thank you. Yes, I saw on tv about the pythons in florida. But the rapidly growing tree I just heard it now.
  6. Camels In Australia

    Thanks for describing it in details.Yes, again youre right. It can turn into a huge and unprofitable undertaking. That's why I purposed the non profit project. When those camels were introduced last time, they were used for transportation. Now, we have problem to transporting them.That's why I am optimistic there should be a way out to manage them as transporting the transportation animals. Sorry, I have difficulty to explain what's in my mind. I just have the spirit to do something real to be compared with waiting for or calculating "miracles".
  7. Islamic Values, Take 2

    Since those values are the positives, of course I agree. But, you remember the other thread which opposite. Though, better if we can provide them with ayat/verses and/or hadits. Unfortunately, I can't help to search because my network is very slowly and often get error.
  8. Best Hadith Says Koran Is Corrupted

    Don't be. Your thread looking from a positive angle. While here from the opposite. Let's see what other members say.
  9. Evolution Of Man

    Thanks for explaining. I don't know what to say as I don't have enough knowledge about migration.
  10. Chicken Noodle Soup

    :sl: , Hemmm, Black Beef Soup, MUTTON CURRY and now CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP, nyam nyam, sedaaap. May be one day camel meat recipes since we have a chance to import them from Australia .
  11. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    Long history with Islam gives Indigenous Australians pride Published on December 15th, 2011 Written by: MV Media Muslim conversion is growing in Indigenous communities. In the 2001 national census , 641 Indigenous people identified as Muslim. By the 2006 census the number had climbed by more than 60% to 1014 people. This recent rise in conversions among Indigenous Australians may seem to be a political gesture. But unknown to many is the long history between Aboriginal people and Islamic culture and religion. Three centuries of history Indigenous and Muslim communities have traded, socialised and intermarried in Australia for three centuries. From the early 1700s, Muslim fishermen from Indonesia made annual voyages to the north and northwestern Australian coast in search of sea slugs (trepang). The trade that developed included material goods, but the visitors also left a lasting religious legacy. Recent research confirms the existence of Islamic motifs in some north Australian Aboriginal mythology and ritual. In mortuary ceremonies conducted by communities in Galiwinku on Elcho Island today, there is reference to Dreaming figure Walitha’walitha, an adaptation of the Arabic phrase Allah ta’ala (God, the exalted). An Aboriginal woman at Oodnadatta, South Auratlia, with a camel · Islam Dreaming The first Muslims to settle permanently in Australia were the cameleers, mainly from Afghanistan. Between the 1860s and 1920s, the Muslim camelmen worked the inland tracks and developed relationships with local Aboriginal people. Intermarriage was common and there are Aboriginal families with surnames including Khan, Sultan, Mahomed and Akbar. From the mid-1880s, Muslim Malays came to north Australia as indentured labourers in the pearl-shelling industry. They, too, formed longstanding relationships with the Indigenous people they met. A significant number married local Aboriginal women, and today there are many Aboriginal-Malay people in the top end of Australia. A culture in common My research has found a broad spectrum of Indigenous identification with Islam. It ranges from those who have Afghan and Malay Muslim ancestors, but are not practising Muslims, to those who have no Muslim ancestors, but are strict adherents of the faith. The Indigenous Muslims I met perceive a neat cultural fit between their traditional Indigenous beliefs and the teachings of Islam. Many hold that in embracing Islam they are simultaneously going back to their Indigenous roots. They find cultural parallels in the shared practices of male circumcision, arranged marriages, polygyny (a form of marriage in which a man has more than one wife), and the fact that men are usually older than their wives in both Islamic and traditional Indigenous societies. Interviewee Alinta, for example, finds “Islam connects with [her] Aboriginality” because of a shared emphasis on gendered roles and spheres of influence. “In Islam, men have a clear role and women have a clear role, and with Aboriginal people, that’s how it was too”. Others commented on the similar attitudes that Muslims and Indigenous people have towards the environment. According to another interview, Nazra, “in the Qur’an it tells you very clearly don’t waste what is not needed … and the Aboriginal community is the same. Water and food are so precious you only take what you need”. Change what you do, not who you are Indigenous Muslims are also attracted to Islam because it does not subscribe to the kind of mono-culturalism Christian missionaries imposed on Aboriginal people. The Qur’an states that Allah made human beings into different nations and tribes. These racial and cultural differences, far from being wrong, are a sign from God. According to Shahzad, another interviewee from the group, Islam doesn’t just say “you’re Muslim, that’s it. It recognises we belong to different tribes and nations. So it doesn’t do what Christianity did to a lot of Aboriginal people, [which] was try and make them like white people.” Indigenous Australian Muslims (in common with black Britons and African-Americans), understand conversion to Islam as a means of repairing the deep psychological scars they suffer as a people. But there are also gender-specific reasons why Islam appeals to Indigenous women and men. Indigenous women have long been stereotyped as sexually available, and they suffer disproportionate levels of sexual abuse. Wearing the hijab is a practical as well as symbolic deterrent to unwanted attention. The late African-American leader, Malcolm X, played a very important role for Aboriginal Muslims. Wikimedia Commons As a public expression of the importance Islam accords the family, it also appeals to Indigenous female converts who, against the backdrop of a long history of family break-up, want to offer their children security and stability. A similarly nuanced set of arguments surrounds the appeal of Islam for Indigenous men. Many, particularly those in the prison system, are initially drawn to Islam through the rhetoric of Malcolm X. But the Islamic notion of “universal brotherhood” and its disavowal of racial distinctions leads to a growth in self-esteem that has a significant influence on the way they think about their roles as husbands and fathers. Restoring pride and conferring leadership The attraction of Islam for many Indigenous men is that it recognises the importance of defined leadership roles for men in their families and communities. These roles have largely been lost through racism and the ongoing legacy of colonisation. As the head of the family, Muslim men have a divine responsibility to protect and maintain their wives and families and this, according to Shahzad, gives him “strength to be a man”. Many of the men I spoke with identified themselves as former “angry black men”. Incensed by the long history and contemporary reality of racist subjugation of Indigenous Australians, they viewed Anglo-Australian people and society with contempt. According to one interviewee, Justin: “before I was the typical Black angry man. I was just consumed by anger”. Sulaiman stressed that he considered terrorism before, not after, becoming a Muslim: “I could very well have become a terrorist, without Islam, through the way I’ve been treated … Islam came into my life and actually said hey, cool down, it’s alright, justice will be served eventually.” Rules to live by Against the backdrop of what Shahzad calls “the hurt of colonisation”, Islam offers Indigenous people an alternative system that includes a strict code of conduct and a moral and ethical framework that, they feel, connects them to their traditional heritage. For some Aboriginal people, the adoption of a faith that demands the avoidance of alcohol, drugs and gambling has also played a positive role in their lives. Islam emphasises the equality of all people, regardless of skin colour. For Indigenous men and women, inclusion in the Australian national community has historically depended on the renunciation of their Aboriginality. Membership in an international community that not only tolerates difference, but is predicated on it, can be very empowering. It is likely that the number of Indigenous Muslims will continue to grow. Indigenous people find that identification with Islam, of whatever kind, meets both their spiritual and social needs – offering a buffer against systemic racism, a clear moral template, well-defined roles and entry to a global society that does not make assimilation the price of admission. Peta Stephenson is the author of Islam Dreaming. SOURCE: MuslimVillage.com
  12. Muslim-Christian Debate, Here

    For muslims, calling/da'wah is a worship.As long as we do it in the proper way, it is not a waisting of time. Only Allah who could make someone to be a believer.
  13. Camels In Australia

    Yes. You're right. It needs to be done very very soon.And that's why I said that I regret because of I "missed the boat" when this thread was started in 2006Masihi/1426Hijri. I heard this issue in 2005 and I tried to discussed it in "Islam in Australia" but didn't meet anyone interested. Even in these last days it's you who responded. Thank you very much. Reading your posts, I have a hope you can help to do something toward this need. My idea is to take them out as many as possible but in a non profit project to make it as low cost rather than common business which has to have profit. When the project is running then the killing could be stopped and slowly but sure the demand will increase upto getting profit. Your thought?
  14. Evolution Of Man

    Yes, many of them died because the boat (wooden boat) were sinking. I think mostly if not all of them are muslims. I am not sure about how is the legal immigrant procedure. If there should be a restriction to enter Australia, then it should be only aborigin live there. Both governements give press release that I don't know which is true or false.
  15. Shariah Law Vs Myth

    I think, there are stages of "following", one time it will reach what said as in : Quran : 29. Surah Al-Ankabut (The Spider) : 45. Recite (O Muhammad ) what has been revealed to you of the Book (the Qur'an), and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat ). Verily, As-Salat (the prayer) prevents from Al-Fahsha' (i.e. great sins of every kind, unlawful sexual intercourse, etc.) and Al-Munkar (i.e. disbelief, polytheism, and every kind of evil wicked deed, etc.) and the remembering (praising, etc.) of (you by) Allah (in front of the angels) is greater indeed [than your remembering (praising, etc.) Allah in prayers, etc.]. And Allah knows what you do.