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  1. The Bigest Lie Of Evolution Teory

    Assalamu alaikum there are many things in the theory of evolution that is falsehood and their are also some things that are correct. It is like 1 truth mingled with 99 falsehoods. 1. The part of the theory that tells the nature is the creator or that the creation just came forth by chance is shirk and total falsehood. 2. The part of the theory that teaches that human beings are the descendants of the monkeys is falsehood and absurd. 3. However, there are some parts of the theory that have some truth in them. for example it says that the living beings can adapt to the environment. however, they say that it is caused by a chemical reaction which is blasphemy. If there is a chemical reaction there must be cause of this event. From ray/light the matter was created. Nothing evolves from nothing.
  2. assalamu alaikum i chose no because I believe that the world will not bring them to justice. however, i believe that they will be brought to justice by Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala which is for sure. but it seems to happen in the time of the Dajjal when Isa bin Maryam descends. of course, in barzakh and on the day of judgment they will regret what they do.
  3. Shoud We Respect Anyone Who Does Shirk To Allah

    assalamu'alaikum there is nothing wrong to respect the disbelievers even if they commit shirk and it is sunnah to be respectful towards them in peace time. If there is a military conflict then be harsh with the disbelievers and merciful with the believers on the battlefield. Outside the battlefield Muslims should be gentle to everyone, except to those who insult the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wassallam. however, if someone just have wrong information about the prophet and asks you questions that might seem offensive then you should be patient as well. remember that Muhammad acceped the help of Abu Talib who was disbeliever until death. he was with Abbas ibn Al AbdulMuttalib which was his uncle and he even allowed him to be in the counsel in Makkah although they were secret councils Abbas was allowed to join. he was the only non-Muslim in that council. harshness is not the way of the muslims, but it is gentleness and patience. if someone offends and inults yourself and Islam then be patient. But if they offend and insult the Prophet himself then it depends on the situation and the person. remember that Abbas ibn AbdulMuttalib was a Mushrik at that time which is even worse that being from the people of the book. there is an ayah in Qur'an that tells us that we should not speak to the people of the Book except with politeness and gentleness. That means we are obliged to speak to them using nice and pleasant words which is part of Dawah.
  4. Boycott Lidl And Aldi

    why not? if you don't have a proof then you cannot accuse someone.
  5. Question Regarding Surah 6:8

    assalamu'alaikum he just asked four questions. the cure against ignorance is asking.
  6. dear Heart for Muslims, 1. The Orthodox Jews make a distinction between Jewish and Noahide Laws. Jewish Laws are required for the Jews/children of israel to follow, but according to Judaism, gentiles are not even allowed to participate. Noahide Laws are the Laws that mankind has to follow. According to the Orthodox Jews, Jews have to follow Jewish and Noahide Laws, but the non-Jews just need to follow the Noahide Law Code. 2. We should make a distinction between secular laws and Divine Laws (Sharee'ah). 3. The Offering Laws of the Torah were laws for the Jews only. Check the bible. You will find that the foreigners were not obligated to follow the laws and certain celebrations. The Sabbath is part of the Jewish Laws and the foreigners were not obligated to observe Sabbat. 4. God Almighty decides who to give life and whom and when someone dies. Long or short life is not a sign that a person is preferred. Remember, that Lucifer before he became Satan was a righteous jinnkind who followed the commandments of God Almighty. At one point of his life, he was so righteous that God Almighty elevated him to a very high status among the angels. He was a jinn who lived among the angels. This means that is we follow the commandments then God may elevate us to a status that is higher than the angels or equal. However, in this position he developed arrogance in his heart which led him to the low status that he is now. He became Satan because of arrogance. Because of arrogance he disliked the Creation of Adam. Because of arrogance he tempted Adam and Eve to commit their sin which cause all of us to be driven out of Paradise. Because of arrogance he deceives many human beings. he will be the last who will die in this world. Does this favour mean that Satan is special? No! Although, God gives him a lot of favour it does not help him in the afterlife, because this does not save him from the punishment in hellfire.
  7. assalamu'alaikum they can take away their homes and lives, but not their honour, souls, Iman, and Jannah. They have Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.
  8. assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahee wa barakatu I am going to spread these pictures
  9. assalamu alaikum may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala give the great success in this world and in the afterlife, and protect them from hellfire.
  10. The Evil Plan Of The Zionists

    assalamu'alaikum the land of filasteen and al shaam don't belong to a specific tribe or nation, but to the Muslims. when the children of Isra'eel held the torch of truth they were granted this land, but as soon they rebelled against the orders of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala they were banned from this land. Today, this land on not just for the Muslims, but the rule needs to be Islam, because if the rule is not Islam then people become slaves of men and land, but if Islam rules then people become slaves of God. Peace can only be achieved when the rule is Islam, but the people who follow different faith can live there and they don't have to leave. the holy land is not like the Arabian Peninsula. The people of that region such as the Hittites, Phillisters, Jebusites and Amorites were banned from the land because they became mushrikeen. this means their rule was taken away and given to another nation, the children of Isra'eel. Now, the children of Judah and the children of the other tribes lost the rule over this land for the same reason, and the rule was given to someone else, to Ummah Muhammad. Ummah Muhammad is not a specific tribe, but all the Muslims and non-Muslims since Muhammad's Prophethood.
  11. The Smallest Terrorist In The World

    assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahee wa barakatu what a great success for the child and my his/her parents follow her/him to a blissful victory. the child is victorious and I wish I could be in her/his place. hopefully her parents are very patient and are aware of the state of this child right now. may Allah subhanallah cause this child to screen the parents from hellfire. the child is not in al barzakh probably with Sayyidina Ibraheem, alayhissalam, in a very beautiful place. may Allah make it easy for the parents to overcome this loss, but soon this loss may be their eternal success. May Allah make it easy for the parents to put their trust in Allah. May Allah give all the people of Filasteen the strength to overcome this cruelty and not give up their submission to Allah. May Allah destroy the enemy and give victory for the people in this world and in the hereafter.
  12. 5 Times Of Salaat

    assalamu'alaikum the laymen are Muslim, but those who teach the deviant teachings are most probably out of Islam or at least they did something that is kufr. It depends on his heart and knowledge. Maybe the word mubtadi is better, but I would call those who introduces an innovation mubtaadi but a layman who is a regular person I would not call mubtaadi. It depends on the situation. If I see a Muslim doing innovation then I don't call him mubtaadi even though the action is Bid'ah. An act of innovation or deviance does not necessarily make a person a deviant or innovator. He might be ignorant of the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  13. Assalamu alaikum i don't think that there is not rift between Muslims and Jews in general. It is not a fight between Judaism/Jewry and Muslims nor a fight between Arabs and Hebrews. it is true that jews are disbelievers because they don't believe in Jesus and Muhammad. we the Muslims do not make a distinction between Ishma'eel and Ishaaq, because they are both prophets of Allah and we are not allowed to make a distinction between them. jews and muslims are closest when it comes to religion and tawheed. we have a lot in common. the concept of God in Judaism is the same as in Islam. They believe in the singularity of God Almighty. The kashruth rules are very close to our rules. Judaism has divided into many sects. The hadeeth tell us that there are 71 sects in judaism. there are sects that went astray from the orthodox Jewish teachings, but I am writing about Orthodox Judaism and not the other sects. Muslims are not allowed to discriminate the Jews as an ethnic group. Judaism refer both to a religion and an ethnic group. Usually I call the Jews Hebrews to distinguish between Jewry and Judaism. They are not allowed to be harmful toward followers of the Judaism, because coersion is not allowed. Remember, that they early Muslims fought against the Arabs first which are their own ancestors. this is the proof that there is no special conflict between Arabs and Hebrews. The Jews of Madeenah were enthnic Jews, Hebrews, but the Jews of Yemen were Arabs. Jesus for example was a Jew, because he was from Judaea and his was from the children of israel. Juda is one of the sons of Jacob, Yaquub. Juda in Hebrew is Yahuud. However, Jesus submitted to God Almighty. Therefore, he was a Muslim. He followed the sharee'ah given to the children of Isra'eel through Musa. Judaism is a racial religion and according to the orthodox followers of Judaism one cannot become a Jew, because the Jewishness is inherited. If you are born of a Jewish woman then you are a Jew. there are two sections of the law which the Jews follow: 1. noahid law: law for all mankind 2. jewish law: law for Jews only Laws such as the ten commandments (don't steal, don't kill, don't lie etc) are laws for all mankind and all have to follow it. Laws such as the sabbath or the disallowance of working during the sabbath day are Jewish laws.
  14. assalamu alaikum beware of what you say, brother samy: do you think that a nuclear bomb will kill only zionists. unless you invent a bomb that only kills israelis. you are willing to destroy Jerusalam, Masjid al Aqsa, and the people of filasteen? prophet's are buried under the ground of the holy land and you want to nuke it? the land is the land that belongs to the muslims and you want to nuke it? the city of jerusalam was built by Dawood and Sulayman alayhissalam and you think about nuking it? do you want the children play outside while the ground and the trees are radioactively polluted? we know that the filasteen problem is not solved until the coming of Isa alayhissalam.
  15. assalamu alaykum Khutba by Abu Khadeejah: Revival of the Ummah