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  1. Title says it all Muslim getting unprecedented calls from morroco after he have committed sins or when muslim spirit is broken.... Those calls are from people that he may have encountered or passed by from previous time of his life , like when he used to give out Sadaqa to any1 towards Allah. Why does this Muslim person only gets calls from morroco asking for help after he have committed his sins and broken down his soul and this is no coincidence in a loop of 15 years time 3 months of sins a year, ‏استغفر الله. This is just an example towards statistical theory... My question ... is this mercy from Allah because of muslim committed some sins to help him shield back his faith/ imaan ? Or does it mean the morrocons worked on that muslim in hard levels of sorcery just to get his spirit broken to be able to manipulate him easily. ‏استغفر الله I know it’s been a long time since I posted or active in this form but I wanted to start with this before my other topics and just so u know that I know that there is a lot of Moroccans here mashallah :)
  2. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Hurray!

    Lost in paradise , the patterns of how media draws and the people's agenda by the bad triumphs around that speaks it all is trying to manipulate muslims against each other. if u are 100 percent striving and following the guidance of Allah , while u level up more and more , u will have such attention against u . i dont believe osama bin laden killed any innocent person the time 9/11 happened , if u listen to aljazeera archives , when they asked him did u do / are u responsible ( of 9 / 11) he replied " La " the translation in english was Yes im responsible or something like that , i think i have the file somewhere in my old harddisk , its amazing how it got deleted in youtube . thinking theirs a muslim who will do mischief in life to the extent of killing innocent people ( thats absurd ) , ask ur self this question.
  3. Please

    Sallam Allaikom ammar23 inshallah i will reply to your situation soon
  4. Why Must An "uncaused Cause" Be A God?

    thats evidence for now because u have badness that compels u away of being a believer , maybe the way we give is improper , but we try so maybe by time step by step you will get the dejavu pop that ur waiting for maybe u had them but u neglected and say is their others i dont want to just feel this i want the feeling to come stronger , its about u to take the step to handle more of that feeling ur self :sl:
  5. Why Must An "uncaused Cause" Be A God?

    i feel sorry :sl: really i spoke to a sheikh he says this dont argue dont speak when they dont want to observe , u dont do anything wattle u dont observe u dont want to, ur only good in saying , muslims ( brothers and sisters ) please observe towards this meaning and extend this observation to the ones who dont do but says , wattle are you bordering in and out to the same perspective and not indulging any facts( as observing in them ) but rephrasing them in complex illusions of no meaning ( standing firm which isnt a do but a say ) .. i dont understand u mean ur Einstein ? we can speak about this topic about the says and dont do meaning , dont say einstien didnt do , but atleast he had a choice , u have a choice to do ur observation in the quran , if ur numb to that extent why dont u try ? isnt the numbness occurance come from ur character ? is it ur real character or because uve corrupted ur real character to be numb , the truth is when u observe and try , the real character will be back :sl: its not magic not a considence dont judge with ur saying or thinking , think through the observation and understand or ... ..
  6. Problem With Husband

    just a question does he pray on fridays? and u mean he stopped praying .. .? if so hes in a locked state in this world, you must worry about it , ur hes wife u can catch hes emotions on times when u communicate and u can speak to him about Islam this will increase faith but how to open a conversation lets see , sometime this how it starts , when we discuss , things on the lunch table and every1 giving opinions or so , i start by saying , this .....their will be 100 babies born tomorrow in the hospital right ? sbhanah Allah , new souls in this world new life , they will have their opinions... so everytime a baby is born a new opinion depending on hes life tribulations and trials of expirience ... after this you say about death u go with metaphors to grasp attention it requires Islamic character , and every1 who follows Islam will get that character inshallah ... then u speak about death like u know it feels good to be alive but GOD wont creat something impure that will dies and leave this world unless its for a reason ? .... so we follow our opinions we will be lost then its like deneying the prophets and everything thats based in true facts of no opinion but truth of existence.. it must be emotional... you try to grasp hes attention by speaking in Islamically through ur nafs when u find it that it doesnt harm u but sometimes anger can make u avoid the harm and forget that ur going beyond boundaries , u got to take it step by step he will understand by time , if he speaks 1 time why u speak always about religion then tell him ok so we will speak 5minutes a month about religion , and inshallah this 5minutes will fix him with the Help of Allah , and the rest of ur efforts would be fasting , do ur prayers , and when u fast he cant be near u until after the iftar.. so things which make him realize if he tries to harm u dont worry about it , he cant :sl: , Allah is with the believers who strive towards Allah , and dont have a doubt about anything keep striving on faith towards Allah for ever inshallah :sl: u will not fall and he will be better , u must speak to ur husband what bothers him :no: , ur hes wife.... inshallah the brothers and sisters here who have more experience can give u good advice .
  7. Why Must An "uncaused Cause" Be A God?

    still cant read :/ its ok to be afraid :sl:
  8. the origin of who we are the real status of who we are is inside of every person in this world , the ftra , its a very strong meaning when its observed fully with faith.. all people want the best in life all people want to be happy and all want heaven . the thing is when ur influenced or sick with a virus a disease such as the shaytan's influenced self , its diffrent the choices we take when influenced is all towards increasing sins , its like the more the sins u get more coupons with the shaytan ect.. ( coupons = similar to reward of illusion ) the feeling hes getting is that he knows the coupons but he dont like it and likes it and hes weak he needs help and hes weak to educate himself theirs no imam's or Islamic studies in the location where he is , the only one that can save him is Allah (SWT) , and now its our duty to do the duties of Allah ( SWT ) , if we wont Allah will bring forth other people instead of us . inshallah the brothers and sisters here in this forum will help you bipolarmania , u feel ur in the equalibrium position , the only way to win this is to dilute alll the badness , and replenish it which takes time but wallah its worth it :sl:! but then other factors of problem will come forth , if u be replenished back to the origin of source( muslim feeling ) you may fall if u can read the stories i wrote above about the person with the scar in hes heart... a person will fall even after he dilutes all badness ,even if he thinks hes powerful enough to take badness back again to hes life just because either bored.. ect.. or for humoring purposes but really this is another concept we must speak about all this in the thread we need every1 to participate because when writing the metaphors through this generation the hadeeth concretes the information more , if i write metaphors without a hadeeth to stand by it then the metaphor will hold a couple of puzzles in our lives however a hadeeth are not strings but sources of light for the ummah... jazakom Allah Khair fel dunya wal akhra , and i pray that Allah protects our heart from all the bad viruses of shaytan in this world and after. im not good in indicating hadeeths inshallah their are scholars here who will post them in the new thread that me or any1 inshallah will open :sl:
  9. bipolarmania i will open a thread of how to increasefaith when weak.. but it requires work to be done , we will discuss step by step the observation of how we do observe in faith through our hearts and strive... and it will help you and us and every1 whos struggleing inshallah , i was in a struggle and im still sad just for remembering ,inshallah people here will help me generate the post of what i meant and inshallah it benefits every1 who is weak in life.... ============= u didnt get any of my posts twoswordali :sl: and the example u given isnt a faithful one ...
  10. if a person is filled with filth then becomes a muslim ,..... Allah will help him remove the filth but if he put it again over hes faith thats another story , its a weakling in faith , if he continues hes life with increasing filth its dangerous , but he now see's the answer and wants help now what u do about it >? we must help , the best option is fasting like ive mentioned in the above post we shouldnt make loom because when some1 is listening and reading its a diffrent status used in a person self and not the nafswith filth which is listening however its the status origin who needs help and Allah helps him by us doing the duties of Allah relevantly , as a saying when we pray hakitha omirna , this is what we we're ordered to do , we dont say like the people of mosses who said you and GOD go fight we will be here :sl:.. no we are not for ourselves lets fix ourselves now and reorient ourself to the truth jazak Allah khair josh , by being among the ummah i feel im generating more imaan Alhumdulillah..
  11. Why Must An "uncaused Cause" Be A God?

    hmm looks like he cant read il repost it do u want it rephrased?
  12. Why Must An "uncaused Cause" Be A God?

    it ur opinion , today through the observation of this world of opinions is going into illusions ? are you bordering in and out to the same perspective and not indulging any facts but rephrasing them in complex illusions of no meaning????????!?! Your infinite brain sequence in ur observation? any judge can alienate judgment to any1, but what is the final verdict of these maneuvers of merrygoroundrides??? dont u understand me im on dextor pills to understand ur world do you like such replies ? or muslim way of speaking? i dont understand why ur here , if u like the company and nice respect then good ur just using this time as entertainment better then doing those sinful acts , maybe helping ur depression i dont know just to know if ur a real and not a troll , dont waste our time the forum is filled with threads before this absorb question , which is like a piece of !!!! in a muslim shoe...
  13. Why Must An "uncaused Cause" Be A God?

    so u mean we just just turned out as a dejavu coincidence without a thing just from paradox equations of air air air air air ?? hmmm interesting please give us more knowledge about ur blessing..
  14. This story is for bipolarmania aswell , not only u twos , this guy is suffering from hes weaknesses , the best way to defeat the weakling is negative + negative = positive :sl: its all in the quran and sunnah but we need to read more , im just showing the metaphor in a simple linguistic language without the observation. brother , you got to fast everyday , when doing this u will make ur nafs weak but ur faith high by time u will recover when doing this from ur scincere approach , Allah will help you and by time because ur scincere it will be easy and maybe by time of how much u damaged ur soul it will recover , the question is can i be recovered by next day yes , Allah can change u instantly , but doing it byself is diffrent , its a better reward and boost for ur life its going to change u :sl: its hard to explain...