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Salam Alakium, my name Mohammed. I teach students who want to learn arabic alphabet from home. Many people want to learn how to read arabic texts. And either its too expensive or the teaching method is not reliable at all. Live lessons in my view is too costly and not worth the money paying $300 just to learn a language is nonsense, and a free app or cheat app is also nonsense as well. Because such apps don't have a proper method to ensure the student learns. I wanted to learn how to read arabic since I was young to be able to understand Arabic and Quraan and deen lessons and I thought its nearly impossible but I joined a course that was taught at a Islamic University and that is the course I took and base my own course that I teach now. The course consists of 20 pre-recorded video lessons that are based online and since they are video lessons that means the student does not have too attend classes at a certain time. I am the only Arabic instructor online or offline who's website has a A+ rating with the BBB. My course is also affordable as well its only $15 most courses a or even books costs more then this. I used to teach my course at udemy but they are lying cheaters so I returned my course back to my own website and I reported udemy to the BBB and they will get a F rating review my them very soon. My course is based on the course by Dr. Philips which is based on the course by the King Abdullah University in Jeddah. This course doesn't teach vocab or anything only teaches how to read and write Arabic texts. There will also be a Arabic course 102 which will be free unlike Arabic reading 101. In Arabic reading 102 we will be practicing how to read Quraan the last juz and all Islamic courses will be free on my website. You can view 3 lessons free as a trial before you sign-up.


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