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    I died as a mineral and became a plant;
    I died as a plant and became an animal;
    I died as an animal and became a man.
    What is there to fear? When have I ever become less by dying?
    And as a man I shall die once more, to soar
    With the blessed angels, but even from angelhood
    I must pass on: Everything perishes save His Face
    And when I have given up my angel soul
    I shall become that which no mind has ever grasped
    So let me not exist! For non-existence proclaims in organ tone:
    'From Him we come and to Him we shall return.'
  1. Famous Leader Personality Test

    :no: Apparently Im Mother Teresa! :sl: :sl:
  2. Curtain Rods

    :no: :sl: :sl:
  3. Islam in Egypt

    :sl: So there are alot of Islamic institues for people to study? Where could we get info on different Islamic/Arabic courses? I also wanted to ask (to those who are there/have been to Egypt); if you could spend 1 week in Egypt; where would you go and what would you do? :sl:
  4. Medical Jobs In Pakistan/saudi

    :no: Someone must know?! :sl: :sl:
  5. Medical Jobs In Pakistan/saudi

    :sl: Does anyone know where I can find further information about jobs for junior doctors in Pakistan/Saudi (as a UK graduate)? :no: :sl:
  6. Page Cannot Be Displayed

    :no: Written by a woman?... :sl: :sl:
  7. How To Annoy Your Teacher

    :no: The story about the Texan teacher and the childs boots was hilarious! :sl: :sl:
  8. Car And Human

    :no: :sl: :sl:
  9. Perfection Through Islam (my Book)

    :sl: Mashallah brother; Jazakallah Khair for sharing such touching, beneficial articles with us. They serve as excellent reminders for all of us. :sl:
  10. Need Dua'a

    :sl: He will be in my most sincere Du'as, :no: :sl:
  11. Polish American

    :no: :sl: :sl:
  12. Example Of Wrong Accusation

    :sl: :no: :sl:
  13. "what’s Wrong With A Lustful Gaze?"

    :sl: Dear sis, :no: for sharing such a beneficial article with us. :sl:
  14. Asalamualaikum I'm New! (no You Don't Say, I Hear You Chant)

    :sl: dear sister, :no: your time here will be beneficial. Take care :sl:
  15. Muslim Helps A Jew On Subway

    :sl: :no:! An excellent example of how we can be positive role models, and portray a positive image of Islam to society! :sl: