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3 Sunnah Foods You Should Include In Your Diet Routine:

A lot has been written about the health benefits of incorporating Sunnah foods in your diet. Sunnah foods are basically food items that the Prophet (PBUH) consumed and recommended for the rest of the Muslim community. Scientific research has shown that many food items that fall into the Sunnah food category have numerous health advantages. If you are looking to add Sunnah foods to your dietary plans, here are three items that you should begin with:

1)      Black seed oil products: Prophet (PBUH) referred to black seed or kalonji as the ‘cure for every disease’. Black seed has been used as a medicinal remedy for a number of ailments historically. Now, research on the subject has unveiled the wonderful health benefits of black seed oil which is extracted from the fruit of Nigella Sativa. Using black seed oil supplements with your meals can make you healthier by lowering your cholesterol levels and improving your digestion. It is also packed with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that help the body heal.

2)      Honey: A jar of honey can improve your health substantially. Not only is honey delicious but it is also packed with natural healing properties. From skin issues such as acne to digestive problems, from ulcers to chronic cough, honey helps with them all. It is also a more healthy replacement for sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Use raw honey to witness quicker results!


3)      Olive oil: Olive oil or ‘zaitoon oil’ is like a treasure trove of health benefits. It is said to lower cholesterol levels, obesity and the risk of heart failure. It is packed with fatty acids that are beneficial for both your heart and brain. Moreover, olive oil can be also used as a moisturiser for skin and hair.

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