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  1. Muslim Clothes

    please PM me, I will give you an advice.
  2. Welcome Friends All Of The World

    Thank you very much! English is the language of world,many Chinese are learning it. I hope you can offfer me more advices.
  3. I'm a Chinese, because of there is a large part of muslim in China,non-muslim show more attention to muslim, and respect each other.
  4. Helllooo

    salaam!I'm a Chinese girl,hope can make friend with you.
  5. We've all heard how great Internet Shopping can be; that you can get things far cheaper as the shops don't have to pay expensive overheads. How convenient it is - you can shop when you want to. How there's a much broader range - you can find specialist items on the Internet you'd never find on the high street. How it's easy to compare prices, and how there are no queues and plenty of parking online! But before you start shopping on the Internet there are a number of questions you have to ask yourself. 1. Do you trust the vendor? 2. Do they have a secure server? 3. What are their delivery times? 4. Can you contact them if the order goes wrong? 5. Are there any hidden charges? Most Internet shopping sites use some sort of shopping cart - this is your virtual trolley into which you can place items, then take them to the checkout when you want to pay. The checkout must be in a secure server in order for your transaction to be secure. Some basic precautions that will improve your safety when shopping online: Find out more about Secure Servers when shopping online. When shopping online you have rights as a consumer, find out more about your interest. A list of sites that will be useful if you have trouble when shopping online.
  6. I'm an outing girl,my favorite pastime is shopping. My name is Marya, a Senior/ 4th-year undergraduate student from School of English, China. I’ve kept on outstanding academic record during the 4 years in college, winning several awards and scholarships. I’m a person who likes making froends.Despite I'm not a Muslim,I like the Muslim culture very much.It is well know that some made in China goods are very cheap ang pretty nice. So I'd like to introduce many good ECshop and China Troditional culture to the friends all of de world.