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  1. WikiLeaks suspect to be housed with other inmates By JOHN MILBURN The Associated Press FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — The Army private accused of passing classified documents to WikiLeaks was cleared Thursday to live alongside other inmates at a Kansas military prison, a dramatic change from his previous quarters in a Virginia Marine Corps brig where he spent 23 hours a day alone in his cell. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning passed the lengthy physical and psychiatric evaluation given to new inmates at the Fort Leavenworth prison and received final clearance just before a mid-day media tour of the facility, its commander Lt. Col. Dawn Hilton said. Manning was transferred there last week from the Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va., where he had been held for the eight months since his arrest. At Quantico, Manning had to surrender his clothes at night in favor of a military-issued, suicide-prevention smock. Manning's attorney and supporters said that was unnecessary and argued his living conditions, including his isolation from other inmates, were inhumane. Jeff Paterson, a member of the Bradley Manning Support Network, said Thursday he was "heartened" by the news that Manning's conditions were improving. "In my opinion, there was never an issue of Bradley and suicide. It was Quantico using it as justification for holding him under extreme conditions," Paterson said. "All of (the treatment) is based on the suicide issue, but it's not backed up by a single psychiatrist. It's definitely a very good sign." Manning is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, including Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, confidential State Department cables and a classified military video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack in Iraq that killed a Reuters news photographer and his driver. Col. Tom Collins, an Army spokesman who traveled to answer questions on the tour, acknowledged the media coverage and international criticism played a role in allowing reporters to tour the prison to see firsthand the conditions under which Manning is being held. No cameras were allowed. Manning's new 80 sq.-foot cell has a single, metal bunk, one window, a desk, sink and stool. He is allowed to exercise in the cell and interact with about 10 other pre-trial inmates in a common area, except for during the "lights out" period overnight. He is allowed to eat and exercise with others awaiting trial. While he can receive unlimited mail, he is only allowed to keep 20 pieces at one time. Manning also can use the library and have visitors under the supervision of guards, and cameras and microphones throughout the prison monitor activities. His transfer to Leavenworth came a bit more than a week after a U.N. torture investigator, Juan Mendez, complained that he was denied a request to make an unmonitored visit to Manning. Pentagon officials said he could meet with Manning, but it is customary to give only the detainee's lawyer confidential visits. Mendez said a monitored conversation would be counter to the practice of his U.N. mandate. Another Manning supporter, Kevin Zeese, said the "real test" would be if U.N. investigators are able to visit him at Fort Leavenworth. Messages seeking comment left by The Associated Press for Manning's defense attorney David Coombs were not immediately returned Thursday. Fort Leavenworth officials last allowed media to see the military prison last October before it opened for inmates. The facility is located on the northernmost edge of the post, near the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks where 450 inmates are serving sentences ranging from five years to life, and six who have been sentenced to death. "We don't anticipate doing this again. It is highly unusual that we allow media into a correctional facility run by the Department of Defense," Collins said. "Then again, we think it's important that the public understand the conditions of confinement here." Eugene R. Fidell, who teaches law at Yale and heads the National Institute of Military Justice in Washington, said he thinks the media tour is a positive step. "Frankly, the military confinement and correction system has been very little studied," Fidell said. "I've long thought it's overdue for more scrutiny. Anything that sheds light will help allay concerns among the public and let people move onto more substantial matters." The prison has about 150 inmates, which consolidated operations from Fort Sill, Okla., and Fort Knox, Ky. :sl:
  2. Don't you just love this guy ? :sl:
  3. Trump : He's Right, You Know

    I've been trying to avoid this, but I think I'm going to have to get in there and 'take the helm'. I can be in Washington in about two hours. :sl:
  4. Trump : He's Right, You Know

    Our friend, Obama lent Brazil two billion dollars so they could come to the Gulf of Mexico and drill for oil, something he won't let American companies do. Then he said we'd buy the oil off of them. How twisted is that ?
  5. See, this is where we disagree. There is an element 'over there' that just hate what we are. They resent the freedoms our women have, our lifestyle, everything about the West. They'll want to attack us no matter what. Then there is another 'faction' that just wants to spread Islam around the world, infidels be damned. I do agree the government is too big, but no matter what we do, there's just a bunch over there that'll always come at us.
  6. How To Love Your Wife As A Muslim

    Is it too 'abstract' for you to answer a simple question ? Does god give the woman the right to strike her husband ? If not, why ?
  7. Do You Use Swear/cuss Words And Other Inappropriate Ones?

    You should see the P.M. she just sent me !! The 'F' bombs just flow from this little girl !! She's mad at me because I won't convert. :sl:
  8. Whose Homeland Is Israel?

    It's funny !! The place is a dry, dusty s-hole !! Living there should be punishment for the loser !!
  9. I agree, with this caveat... If another attack on the U.S. comes from one of those dirt-holes, no troops will be sent, but cruise missles and Predators would fill their skies for years to come. There'd be no place to hide.
  10. Maybe the 18 U.N. resolutions that Sadaam broke. Or Mr. Bushs' ego. Sadaam DID try to assassinate his father (that would be good enough reason for me to whack Sadaam). Or maybe the U.S. just was tired of watching Sadaam gas and hang his own people. It was his time to go. Or the W.M.D.'s that were trucked to the Bekka Valley before the war. (Mr. Worm would be proud of that one !) So, as it is now, the U.S. BUYS 9 billion dollars of oil a year from Iraq. Even if the U.S. were getting it for free, it would hardly even scratch the surface of paying back what the U.S. spends there a year. Pretty bad 'thieves' when you spend more to 'rob' a place than the 'loot' you get out of it.
  11. Hamas Lies About Their War Crimes

    The Pals are too stupid to build shelters. They just dig holes in the dirt !! HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! Mr. Tom, you'd just dig a hole, too. Wouldn't you ? :sl:
  12. Whose Homeland Is Israel?

    Deception is a huge part of war. 'Alien Jews' ? Now you're barking up Mr. Worms tree. :sl:
  13. Trump : He's Right, You Know

    The U.S. NEEDS an 'Uncle Scrooge' !! Mr. Tom always seems to be at the complete opposite end of the correct solution. I'd like to go to the race track with him. I'd be sure to win if I just bet the opposite of what he picks. Mr. Tom, I'd like your N.F.L. picks when football season comes around, O.K. ? :sl:
  14. Mr. Wanderer is 100% correct !! :sl: