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  1. As-Salamu-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters, My cousin and his wife is residing in Japan and they don't have any masjids where they live. There are muslims in the community and they are collecting donations to construct a masjid. Please convey this message to those who can help and visit the link for details: http://www.kicjapan.com/masjid-campaign JazakAllahu Khairun, Wassalam!
  2. :sl: I just felt like adding up some information that I learned through scholars... First you have to understand the significance of following the lunar calender for celebrating Eid. We know that in solar calender everything is fixed. Every date remains the same over years. If solar calender was followed there would have been 1 Eid across the globe but there would have problems. At a particular point of time there are different weather/climate in different parts of the world. In one part days are long and in the other part days are short. In this case, we would have to fast for a particular month of the solar calender. People who had short days would not face any difficulties but in countries where there are long days they would have suffered a lot since the month of fasting would be fixed forever. But Alhamdulillah, by following lunar calender we get to fast in different months of the solar calender and get equal short and long days. It is more just to the mankind. So since we are following lunar calender for fasting we have to perform Eid right after Ramadhaan ends, i.e. 1st day of Shawwal. We muslims are all performing Eid on 1st Shawwal, we are not doing it seperately. However, in some countries they follow different days for performing Eid within the same country. This should not be the case. We don't need to follow Saudi Arabia or any other country. We should follow Islamic Shariah and according to it... we should perform Eid when the moon is sighted... :sl:
  3. Ramadan: A Nutrition Solution?

    :sl: for this wonderful information.... I was looking for such an article for a long long time.... In fact while reading, I was feeling so much contented that I was praying for the writer and you all along :sl: Thank you so much for posting... :j:
  4. :sl: Brother! I think language is not a matter. It is about the person she is and how she will adjust in the society you live. You can ask your mum and aunts to learn English. I guess that is the best for them. It will help them to communicate with any people and at the same time will solve your problem. :sl: