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  1. Salams Im In Desperate Need Of Advice

    Get married without their permission! Because you dont ned their permission to get married, Allah says that you should listen to your parents however the only time your not to listen to them is when they tell you to do something other than what Allah and his messenger says......and the Prophet Muhamad (saw) said that marriage is half your faith..so you guys go on and get married and Allah will look after you.
  2. Need Advice

    this thread is being derailed!!!
  3. U.s. Blacks Convert To N.o.i.

    That is a very ignorant based statement, blacks are converting to true Islam faster than the NOI Islam is in the prision system , i can clearly see that you donot fully understand. If you did you would see what Elijah Muhammads son did which was basicaly destroy the NOI and brought the community into true Islam, and every year there is more an more in the NOI who is comming into the fold of Islam true Islam.
  4. U.s. Blacks Convert To N.o.i.

    U.S. Blacks are not converting to the N.O.I. in huge numbers rather they are converting to true Islam, Farrakan should have followed Imam WD Muhammad who destroyed the N.O.I. and rebuilt it with Islam..true Islam and that same movement of true Islam is what alot of races, and not just blacks , is converting to. InshaAllah our prayer is that they come into the fold of true Islam and i believe that they will, Farrakan is starting to make that step but it will happen after his death i believe.
  5. Looking for clothing manufacturing company in Bangladesh to make a clothing product...any help would be great
  6. What If Allah Evolves?

    The word in Arabic for this verse is ..rabb bil ala meen, Rabb means is translated as Lord, however it also means gauardian, caretaker,owner, master , ruler, controller, sustainer, provider. Now you may find some translations that will use either one of these however when reading the Arabic it conveys a message more than that of a simple translation, and the translator who is a great scholar gives his best translation that makes it easy for the ready to grasp what it being said. However we are encouraged to study the Arabic to tyr to get the full meaning of what is being said. So Rabb means Gaurdian, u might see it translated as “praise to Allah Lord of the worlds†But the same word for lord also has vast meanings. Now to say Lord of the worlds is the same as saying Gaurdian evolver of all systems of knowledge. The next word Alameen means one who is learned or one who knows, aka system of knowledge. Once one starts studying the Arabic language this understanding comes while reading, also you can check Arabic dictionarys as well and see what I am saying. so i dont know which traslation u will find it in however im sure that if you have or study arabic you will see what im saying, or even take it to a local masjid in your area and the can help u as well
  7. What If Allah Evolves?

    No Ron it is not contradicted at all, you see the Quran is a books explain how to live as a human community and a way of life for the development of the human person and the human community. When looking at the creation of Adam from another point of view, Adam does not represent 1 man, Adam represents a mind, a leadership body and his wife which is eve represents a community for the leadership. Adam is an awakened man (leadership)with knowledge of God an how to evolve into the best human community that God wants established on this earth. The story of Adam and eve is a story of how a community and its leadership fall when they do not work together and have consultation. If leaders act with out asking and seeking advice from the community that is dictatorship and it will soon fall. The tree that the leadership and its community took from was the tree of knowledge..scriptural knowledge. Once they done that they was naked and tried to cover themselves with the leaves of the tree or the leaves of paradise. This is saying that once a leadership and its community disobeys God an tries to take from scriptural knowledge or take scripture and do it with out the help or guidance of God then they will fall. That’s why they saw themselves as naked not naked as in no clothes but they lost their clothing of righteousness and righteousness is the best dress. You might say well how do u get the tree meaning scripture, well what do they call the paper that we write on in our school notebooks…its called loose leaf right. So the instantaneous creation is not a creation like we may want to see, it has way more deeper meaning more so than this little bit that I have given. Even in the bible God says in .. this shows a community of people not a 1 person he called THEM Adam As far as eternal perfection of Allah there is a phrase in Arabic that says Allah u akbar which means God is greater, meaning that what ever you think about God He is greater than that. So if the question is asked does God have eternal perfection we say that God is greater than eternal perfection, He is greater than that. If we start to try to describe other than what He himself describes Himself as then that is like taking knowledge from a tree that we really don’t know much about.
  8. What If Allah Evolves?

    I did give you the excat qoute here it is again chapter 1 verse 2 The praise belongs to Allah, the Guardian Evolver of all the systems of knowledge
  9. What If Allah Evolves?

  10. Gay Rights

    They are free to do what they wish, the objections are reasonable and so is objections to strip bars drugs and alchohol, however people will do as they please and as long as there is laws set in place to preserve that foul behaviour then there isnt much one can do about it accept say that i disagree with that.
  11. What If Allah Evolves?

    what is it excatly that your not understanding? or what is it that you think im saying, it could be that we are in agreement. so what is it that you see
  12. Abrogation Vs. Allahs Perfection

    You have not shown how it is incorrect at all, the 1st and best hadith that Muslims follow is the Quran FIRST!, and the best book to explain the Quran is the Quran itself. I love reading sahih Bukhari so show me where it is that what i said is incorrect. Secondly do u understand the arabic of the verses mentioned??? and the context of the verses??
  13. What If Allah Evolves?

    Yes it is meant for all round as well, when speaking about God being the evolver.
  14. What If Allah Evolves?

    Yes chapter 1 verse 2. Yes that statement is from the study of Islam ...lol no im not just playing with you.
  15. Why Is Indoctrination Okay?

    the act of indoctrinating, or teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view im sure that you would earnestly teach your child the best way you can which is a form of indoctrination. Your trying to make indoctrination wrong which it is not. No you haven’t studied the Quran, if you did then you would have clearly seen where the Quran says that if you wish to be a disbeliever then that is totally up to you and it doesn’t force you to believe in anything. Then you are the worst type of human being there is, that is a huge form of hypocrisy, how can you respect a persons decision to believe but disrespect there ideas . Their ideas and their thinking is what lead to their decision in the first place. So this makes you a liar hands down and false to your own self. This makes you in the company of people like Hitler and other tyrants, hitler disrespected the jews, Yet he was said to be born of a jew as well like u being born muslim. Respect a persons decision but not respecting ther ideas…..and you claim to be open minded?????? Islam agrees with science in fact science only shows us that there is a creator bottom line, and as far as us developing from apes…nope that theory has been debunked! ? This is your response?? You have yet to give anything about your flying spaghetti monster, and before you do try to explain anything with your own words. Every word you know you learned it from someone else, ask your self where does knowledge originate from