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  1. Problems With My Sister

    Assalamu'alaykum I'm sorry about your problem with your sisters, I.. may not know how it feels, but I guess it sucks to feel the feeling we're not supposed to feel towards someone we should respect. And I don't know if I can give a correct advice or solution, but whenever I feel something wrong between me and my sisters, friends, or any muslim brotherhood, this quotes helps me: so.. sometimes we think that "someone" is ike this, like that, sucks because if this and that, and all the reason that make "that person" seems full of flaw. But perhaps it's not 100% because of that person's mistake. Perhaps it's just our hearts that can't accept that person, so that this person's existence is not something we're expecting for, and our heart is closed for them. Maybe you need to be able to put aside your bad feeling and just let your mind think the positives sides. Learn to be able to have more time with her so that you would understand what each other's are facing and feeling, and there will be no misunderstanding....
  2. Words Of Wisdom From The Quran

    Assalamualaykum, I think what Canacolin isn't wrong, because I've checked Qur'an myself and the words aren't like that. But then again, the title of this thread is 'words of wisdom' not 'Wise verses in AlQur'an' so I guess what Mehnaz is trying to say is not the 'verses' but rather the wisdom itself. I mean, the list that was written above has the wise point which can be learned from Al-Qur'an, from the verses that were mentioned. So I conclude that the words may not be the same, because they indeed aren't. And it's not that AlQur'an is written in many ways :) I'm sorry first if there's mistaken in my words, because I'm still learning. I didn't tend to argue, I only share my opinion :) [at]Jaballi Abdul Assalamualaykum, I hope this will help. You can simply look around you and start to think, that there's always a creator of this world. Nature, sky, water, animals, human, all the things that exist. The mechanical of worlds, how the life works, even the humans. Everything must NOT have been created by nothing. And surely Allah is the best creator. So I think it's one of the proof that there's Allah :) besides, you can read your Qur'an, surah AlBaqarah verse 164. Insyaallah it would help... Wassalam,
  3. Salam From Indonesia

    Assalamualaikum, [at]AHMAD_73: I hope so, thank you... [at]Saracen21stC: Wah, thank you for the welcome drink :D I've had a flash read about the rules, but I guess I'll check it again after school, thank you so much for reminding me :D I don't know if I'm able to post the qualified ones, but I'll try to share what I know and InsyaAllah for good purposes :) [at]raihanna: Waalaykumussalam :D it's okay, I think. I'll just speak in English instead, it seems no fair if only we speak in our language, doesn't it? ^^ InsyaAllah I'll be more active once I've finished my mid test, because now I'm focusing to my school first :D thanks for telling me, I'll try posting soon ^o^
  4. Salam From Indonesia

    [at]Raihanna: Ayey! So happy to see other Indonesian here :D is it okay to use Bahasa instead? :/ Eh... Aamiin kalo nilai TOEFLku tinggi, gapernah ngecek hehe :D aiya~ aku masih belajar kok :] Bismillah, ayo tegakkan Islam sama-sama! ^o^ nah, santai aja sama aku, aku juga norak kok.. Hoho. And yes, yes, I'll ask you if I have difficulties, thank you so much :'D [at]paradiselost: aamiin, insyaallah. It's... Kind of hard to keep the real identity of muslim now that most things seem so manipulating... That's why I am here :) Hopefully we're not those who can easily taken away from the faith, thank you ^^ it's really nice to meet you :)
  5. Salam From Indonesia

    Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Assalamualaikum :) Uhm actually I'm not really good at introducing but... well. Hello :) first of all I want to thank you for welcoming me to this forum, and i really am feeling honored to be a member of this family, so thank you :'D And here i go with some introducing things ^^ My name is Nayla Karima, but you can call me Nayla. I'm only 15, going on 16 next April and i'm currently in the 1st grade of High School. Oh yea, I'm from Indonesia, anyone? ^^ Well as you know, the main reason why I am here is probably similar to yours. I was born to be a muslimah and raised in a muslim family, and i enrolled to an Islamic elementary and junior high school, so i think i basically know about Islam. Yet, there are so many things to learn about because I still feel lacking in many ways, and I'm sure i can get it here :) Besides, it's said that what we are depends on who we are living with, so I decided to be with good people so that i can be a good person too :D I hope with me joining this forum, i can acknowledge many new things and change myself into a better and better person, and you guys too ^o^ Once again, thank you. It's really nice to meet you, and please take care of me :) Wassalamualaikum, Nayla, Indonesia :D