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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV-0i_YGUoU
  2. Reintroducing myself

    Some people may know me here, I previously introduced myself as a pagan from a Muslim family, I converted to Christianity about nearly two years ago. I’m from the Middle East and I’m hoping to just do some interfaith dialogue here.
  3. I'm New Here.

    I go on many Islamic sites and some times post the same question I'm not a troll though I go on theses sites looking for answers. So I don't want anyone to think me a troll, I'm from Saudi Arabia and I'm an Arab Pagan and polytheist. I came here to introduce myself and my beliefs I left Islam but I like Muslims even though I've grown up with the most radical Islamic political movement Wahhabism. I hope I will have a good time in this forum.