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  1. Need Help Urgently...

    Salam Well Im not there in Morocco and i dont really know if there is possibility to ask help in local mosqs but sure Im gonna say this to dad to use this chance too. Yes, 2000 euro seems cheap but in Morocco its a lot of money - 2000 euro = 20000 dirhams. I think its partly paid by government and about kind of operation all i know that his veins are blocked and dont give enough blood to heart. Sorry for kind of description but for real i dont speak arabic and i cant communicate with family of my husband. All i can say is what my husband tells me about situation and i post it here. Jazak Allah khair for ur answer, Im gonna repeat what u said.
  2. Need Help Urgently...

    Salam aleykum Im muslimah from Poland, married to Moroccan. The problem that we have is connected with my dad in law who lives with family in Morocco. Short time ago he had heart attack and alhamdulilllah he survived. But now he needs operation of heart that costs about 2000 euro. He doesnt have this money, financial situation there is very bad. Sometimes they dont have anything to eat and his children wear old clothes and shoes. Me and my husband cant help them because we have financial problems too. Now the most important is operation that will let my dad in law stay alive. We are very desperated and we dont know what to do thats why i wanted to ask if someone of u brothers and sisters knows maybe some Islamic community or organisation that we can ask for help so maybe we can collect some money or some other ideas that can be useful in this situation. I will be grateful for every answer. Jazak Allah khair
  3. Salam Everyone

    Assalamu aleykum Im muslimah from Poland:)