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  1. Indeed, the Muslim cannot get the Creator’s grace and mercy until he asks for helps only Almighty and All-Merciful Allah – Giving food and Controlling everything, Merciful and Forgiving. Therefore believing that the Masjid gives an opportunity to keep to the clear faith, and a good cause will be recorded to the Muslim built a Masjid. We built Masjids by our own means. There were 230 Masjids in 1992, in the year of getting the independence in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in 2009 there were 2290. Anyway it is not sufficient to worship our only Lord. The global financial crises prevented to continue building. Praise to Allah. Thanks to Allah’s help and forgiveness our affairs are getting better. And we should like to mortgage several Masjids, for this we are intended to attract free means of true Muslims. We need loan means for the period of time from 2 till 5 years. We hope that the Supreme Allah will respond to our request and our wishes will be fulfilled. And we wish all the good and blessing for the people who will respond to our request.
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    My name is Bek. I'm from Kazakhstan. I search people who can help me.