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  1. Da'wah Attitude

    Here's the link to my blog: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_dawahattitude.blogspot(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_dawahattitude.blogspot(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/[/url] I will check your posts Orthodox, I could use a lot of learning at this stage
  2. Da'wah Attitude

    Salaamoalaikum wa rahmatullah everyone I don't know in what section to post this, so I am putting it out here. I started a new blog related to the Da'wah field. I would like feedback from the users here on what to write about. I want to improve my writing skills so this is my attempt at getting what I want. So roll out the feedback generously :sl:
  3. Open Invitation To Everyone

    Final Call.. The Event starts in a few min.
  4. Open Invitation To Everyone

    Bump! Don't want it to die just yet. Few days to go!
  5. From the Shaykh who brought you “Towards an Outstanding Ramadan†and the Heartwheel Journal, AlMaghrib Institute presents a worldly anticipated event: The Fasting and the Furious How to Drive Your Motivation All Throughout Ramadan August 17, 2009 at 6:50pm (NYC time) Join us for the second segment of Muhammad Alshareef 2.0 as he discusses how to overcome the motivation dip in the middle of Ramadan. [Muhammad Alshareef 2.0 is a series of free online webinars (Ilminars) conducted by our very own Shaykh Muhammad on you are not allowed to post links yetilminar(contact admin if its a beneficial link)] Ramadan is like a 3-lap NASCAR race that most kick off with a well-oiled and fuelled machine only to discover it needs maintenance by the time it hits Lap 2. Because they haven’t prepared for the middle slack before they rev again into the last 10 days of Ramadan, they’ve suffered a major loss in being the foremost in ‘ibaadah. Each year, we prepare ourselves for the coming of Ramadan. We attend many workshops on how to prepare for Ramadan, but each year, we fool ourselves into believing that we will drive right through all 30 days fully equipped with tools of ‘ibaadah, fully indulged in the blessed days of the month. How many times have you: * Fell behind in your Qur’aan reading schedule? * Felt too tired or demotivated to go to Taraweeh? * Became too drained to wake up for suhoor? * Shortened your time in Qiyaam because you did pretty ok yesterday? * Said to yourself: “I’ll take a break now so that I can be fully energized for the last 10 daysâ€? What if you could drive right through all the days of Ramadan without feeling the motivation dip in the middle? What if you could truly capitalize on the middle days of forgiveness? What if your last 10 days of Ramadan were built on the foundations of strength and vitality from the days preceding? What if this Ramadan was the most exceptional Ramadan of your life? Ãóãóä ÔóåöÃó ãöäßõãõ ÇáÔøóåúÑó ÃóáúíóÕõãúåõ “Hence, whoever of you lives to see this month (Ramadan) shall fast throughout it…†2:185 Could you deprive yourself of the most exceptional Ramadan this year? Tune in for this Ilminar and: * Discover how to overcome your middle Ramadan slump * Equip yourself with the tools of revitalization and motivation * Learn the methods and strategies the Sahaba implemented during Ramadan * Comprehend the importance of a fully-rounded Ramadan * Unleash your full potential as a worshiper and servant of Allah * Anticipate and destroy any roadblocks that will arise during the month of Ramadan Is it not about time you are foremost in your ‘ibaadah throughout this blessed month? Rev up your engines and be among The Fasting and the Furious! (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetalmaghrib(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/ilminar/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetalmaghrib(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/ilminar/[/url]
  6. Lost Habibti

    Feelings are not something that a person can control. The first move is by choice, and once we get into it, it's hard to get out of it. May Allaah ease your pains and troubles for you brother. Ameen
  7. My Conversation With A Jinn

    Don't be freaked out brother. All of us are accompanied by these jinns. We need to recite duas from "Fortification of the Muslim" and Surah Falaq and Naas day in and out to keep ourselves protected.
  8. Natural Hair Dyes

    Waalaikumasalaam I'd like to try it in winters, but I don't want to end up with a severe flu.. So =(
  9. Vote For Gawaher

    Walaikumasalaamwarehmatullahe brother, I think you are right.. That's fine then :sl:
  10. Vote For Gawaher

    [link removed by admin] so many members here, can make a difference. Stands at 0 for now. Walaikumasalaam wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu
  11. Self Esteem At Rock Bottom

    Walaikumasalaam wa rehmatullah be with you ya akhi! Perform wudhu and pray two rakah nafal. Ask Allaah to relieve you of this condition. Keeping yourself busy and free of negative thoughts will help. Don't spend too much time thinking about random stuff. We are not here for random basis. Keep in mind that life is very short, and it is getting shorter every moment. Death is approaching and we don't have much time to waste. We all shall die, so what's the point of being depressed? Make dhikr continuously and remember that tomorrow, my brother, you could be under the soil wishing that you had worked more in the time you had... May Allah protect you and us all. Ameen Feel free to seek help whenever you are in need of it. Your brothers and sisters in Islaam will be always at your service for the sake of Allah Insha Allah.
  12. Random Incoherence

    Walaikumasalaam sister, I was only wondering what is up these days! Thanks for the elaboration sweet sister :sl: And I didn't know kababs could be baked :sl:
  13. Asalaam-alai-kum

    Walaikumasalaam wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu Brother Welcome brother and do Stick around
  14. Salaam

    Walaikumasalaam brother Hope to benefit from your posts. Insha Allah Stick around!
  15. Which Question And Answer Website Do You Use?

    :sl: I only use Islam-QA. Because tht is the only one I recognize from above :sl: