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Assalam aleikum wa rahmatullah


My husband and I recently made a move that I had longed to make for years. A Hijrah, maybe not to Islamic lands but definitely to Muslim lands. Having lived in Europe I know that there are many Muslims who would like to leave but don’t know where to or how.

I realized I am in the fortunate position of being able to help those who want to make hijrah.


The proposal I have is not new as I am aware it has already been done in the Gambia, West Africa. The idea is the same, just a different location. To put it simply, Muslims pool resources together, buy land, build housing and relocate. Moving as a group with similar backgrounds and experiences will, Inshallah help the transition and ease the stress of living in a strange land among people, most of whom speak a different language and have a different culture. Making hijrah is not easy, it was difficult for the sahabah despite the fact that they were with Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa salam) and among people of the same culture and language, yet for some of us it is obligatory for us to do it. cont.....

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