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  1. Is Taraweeh Equal To Tahajjud?

    Assalamu alaykum I don't know the specific reward for taraweeh. There's surely a lot of reward for it. Why not do both, taraweeh and the prayers in the 3rd of the night? Praying in the last 3rd of the night when Allah specially descends to the lowest heaven asking us what we want (add to that, in Ramadan!) is an opportunity we shoud try not to miss. Wslm
  2. War On Terror Week In Ucl

    The War on Terror Week In University College London, Gower Street. In September 2001, following the attacks on the World Trade Centre, the U.S. and it’s allies launched an offensive on the perpetrators of the WTC attacks in what was to become known as the global War On Terror. Five years on, with the death of thousands of innocent lives and thousands more detained illegally without trial or judgement, UCLU Islamic Society, in collaboration with UCLU Stop The War and Amnesty societies, hosts an entire week dedicated to analyse the war on terror; it’s justifications, it’s realities and it’s effects. Joining us for what will surely be a fascinating week will be some of the most prolific speakers in the country including, George Galloway (MP), Yvonne Ridley (Broadcaster), Moazzam Begg (Former Detainee at Guantanamo Bay), Victoria Britain (Journalist for The Guardian) and many more! To check out the trailer for the week, go to you are not allowed to post links yetuclisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Details: “The War Goes On…†George Galloway (MP Bethnal Green & Bow), Yvonne Ridley (Author & Broadcaster) – A look at the current status of the war on terror. Monday 29th January [at] 5:15pm, JZ Young Lecture Theatre “Bring our boys home†Moazzam Begg (Former detainee at Guantanamo Bay) – Highlighting the plight of the British detainees in the UK Tuesday 30th January [at] 5:15pm, Archaeology Lecture Theatre “Road to Guantanamo†Martin Mubanga, The Tipton Three (Former detainees at Guantanamo Bay) & one of the actors from the film “Road to Guantanamo†– Includes extracts of the film and a Q&A with the panel. Wednesday 30th January [at] 2:30pm, Chemistry Auditorium “Torture: By any means necessary†Victoria Brittain (Journalist for The Guardian), Louise Christian (leading civil rights lawyer), Geoffrey Bindman (Chair of the British Institute of Human Rights) & Phil Shiner (Public Interest Lawyer) – A panel discussion on the use of torture and human rights issue arising from the War on Terror detentions. Thursday 1st February [at] 5:15pm, Roberts G08 Lecture Theatre Refreshments provided! “Jihad vs Terrorism†Asim Qureshi (Human Rights lawyer for Cageprisoners) – A discussion on the Islamic position with regards to Jihad and other topical issues. Friday 2nd February [at] 5:15pm, Chadwick Lecture Theatre Wassalamu Alaykum
  3. The Road To Guantanamo

    Assalamu Alaykum I hope you find true peace in your heart Minto, i really do so. Yvonne Ridley use to be a journalist but was captured by the Taliban. She letter on became a muslim because of how humane she was treated relative to guantanamo detainees. So i have a link for you. Please download and listen to it. Yvonne Ridley tells her story and Martin Mubanga a former guantanamo gives his story too. You might not be interested in Martin Mubanga's part, but please do listen to Yvonne ridley's with an open heart. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.uclisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=110&Itemid=32"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.uclisoc(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/site/index.php?opti...d=110&Itemid=32[/url] wassalam
  4. So, Who Went To The London March Today?

    Assalamu Alaykum It might not be compulsory to go on demonstrations, but do not think it has no effect. I also use to think like that then someone explained to me it is not so. Take for example the 2.5million that demonstrted against war in iraq. The ultimate goal and achievement would have been for the war not to have taken place, but that does not mean nothing was achieved. The following were achieved; 1. Recruitment into the British army has hit an all time low- rock bottom. They are working hard and spending a lot more in other to get a few british troops to fight for their cause. 2. The 2.5million people made a big statement. They show that the majority of people oppose the war. Had they not attended because they thought the war would still take place anyway, then it would have been an almost established fact that people just don't care. But they do , so they turned up in their multitudes. 3. The British and the American governments will atleast now hesitate, and not hasten to go to war with Syria or Iran. It is almost political suicide for that government in power,. they will be in danger of not being re-elected. Mind you if this war was to take place, atleast the fact that they know the general opinion is against it, they will hesistate, delay, and think twice. And many more wassalam
  5. Rejecting A Muslimah?!

    Wa salam Thank you for the nice questions sister. I do feel 'shame' when i see muslim not wearing the hijab. This shame is rather put better in an arabic word called 'Gheerah' and i don't know a hadith on the top of my head but, Allah and his messenger have gheerah and that is one of the reasons why Allah made Zinah haram. And it is good for muslims to have gheerah. And muslims who don't feel this gheerah when their brothers and sisters expose their awrahs are liable to be punished by Allah. No i do not cover young children's eyes' and no i do not close my eyes and turn the other way. i lower my gaze. And i agree the chest and the hair are not the same, but the hair of a woman can easily arouse a man. wasalam
  6. London Only

    Assalamu alaykum I dont think it is allowed to be just friends with someone from the opposite sex. Except when thinking of marriage or when you have to work together. May Allah help you in your quest brother. wasalam
  7. Asghar Bukhari

    assalamu alaykum what do you mean by their articles being a 'little sensationalist' wa salam
  8. Rejecting A Muslimah?!

    Assalamu alaykum I suggest you do more research whether hijab is an obligation or not Sister Dabenzine. I know for sure as a man that non-hijabed women do have a negative effect on men. Anyway as this is not the topic of discussion i leave it here. I ask sisters this question, Imagine if you meet a man, who is wearing short knickers half way down his thighs and a sleeveless vest, or he walks around everywhere with only a towel and nothing more, and your parents urge you to marry him because he is pious, what would you do? Awrah is awrah. Just like a man walking in half knickers down the streets is thought to be some what 'semi naked and detestable', alhamdulillah that's how brothers also see exposure of the awrah of a woman as being 'semi naked and detestable' wa salam
  9. Rejecting A Muslimah?!

    Assalamu Alaykum A very similar thing happened to me. People say hijab or the beard is not what its all about.My question is, when should we draw the line? If someone is a fornicator or an alcoholic, are we still going to be saying, they might change, they believe in their hearts...and give them the benefit of a doubt. At the moment, what i would do is, if the sister is not wearing the hijab because she didn't know, but then as soon as she knew the obligation she submitted to it, then i might give it a second thought. Especially as hijab by consensus of majority of scholars is an obligation, and the prophet (S) said the ummah will never be wrong if they come to a consensus on an issue. But if she is not wearing it for reasons like, after post 9/11 bla bla bla..., its too hot, its not beautiful.....then i will rather pick someone else. The only time i think its worth to give benefit of a doubt is if the issue is not decisively agreed in consensus by scholars, i.e.obligatory of niqaab. wasalam
  10. Why Eating Haraam Food Is A Sin

    Assalamu Alaykum There is no contradiction in the 2 ayats i think. One says we should not eat meat if Allah's name is not mentioned, and then the other which says the meat of the people of the book is lawful means it is an exception! The jews and Christians in the time of the prophet (S) obviously do not mentions Allah's name when slaughtering, nevertheless it was made an exception as halal meat. My question is, one could argue that most of the companies supplying meat are christian. So does that make their meet halal? May Allah forgive for what i say that is wrong wa salam
  11. Halal Meat

    Assalamu Alaykum, I am a foreign student in london and my parents are visiting at the moment and i am staying with them. I am of the view meat not slaughtered by muslims or people of the book is haram for consumption unless necessary. My parents are of the view as foreigners, we are allowed to say bismillah and eat any meat. It occured to me i should not be eating with my parents as they use meat i consider haram. But i fear this might cause division and other complicated family problems. I am allowed to eat the meat i consider haram with them, respecting their point of view and not causing any family division other the issue? Please respond as quickly as possible as my tactic has been to eat outside and not at home till i get an answer. jazakallah bikahayr wa salam
  12. Qawali's? (islamic Songs In Urdu With Instruments)

    Assalamu alaykum Allah knows best. I think some instruments( i dont know which specific ones) are allowed to be used during festive occasions for women only. There is ahadith where the prophet (S) mentioned among the portents of the hour, muslims will call certain things that are haram with different names and will say it is hala. The among the things mentioned is wine and musical instruments. We all know wine is haram, so if musical instrments is also on the list, then it seems to be haram too. i fear we are at this time now as muslims are calling it names like Art, interlude, background sound...and we have people saying it is permisable. Let's leave the issue to the scholars because they are better interpreters of hadith and might know about exceptions to the rulings we don't ma'assalam
  13. The Muslim Type Of Sport

    Playing This has the benefit that one physically excercises the body. but at what cost? Fighting, aggresion, rivalry, creating emnity...and the list goes on. More importantly, i asked myself this question. If the prophet (S) was present when football is present, would he watch it, play it, encourage it or what? I honestly don't think the prophet (S) would sit back relax and enjoyy himself watching Beckam kick the ball around, but i don't know about him playing it or allowing others to play it. And if you look to the inheritors of the prophet (S), the Scholars, do any big scholar of great reputation play or spectate football? I dont know of any. To finish off, i'm in no position to say spectating and playing football is haram, but i think if we want to reach a high level of Piety, it is best to stay away from it. The prophet (S) said What is haram and what is haram is clear. but between the 2 are doubtful matters that most of the people don't know about. Whoever stays away from it saves his honour and his religion. Every king has a Hima (land) and the shepherd whose sheep graze near the hima of the king are likely to graze from the Hima of the King. Beware the Hima of Allah are his unlawful deeds (haram) [i paraphrased the hadith to some extent as i haven't memorised it word for word]. I think football is a doubtful matter and a good analysis of it under the hadith mentioned makes me come to the conclusion, Let's save our honour and religion and try and stay away from footbal and do sporting activities that are more Islamically beneficial just like inheritors of the prophets, the scholars. Let's do activities like jogging, running,paintball, archery (or anyother sport of the like that teaches target and aim), swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, martail arts, some form of fitness training like aerobics and so on. These are more beneficial for a muslim and some of them have been recommended or are similar to the type of sport recommended by Muhammad (S) the best of mankind (who knows better than any other man, as he is guided by Allah the All-knowing) May Allah forgive me for the mistake and errors i wrote. plaease have your say. jazakallah bikhair wa ma'assalam
  14. The Muslim Type Of Sport

    Assalamu Alaykum As most of us know, we should engage ourselves in some kind of sporting activity to stay healthy and fit, not only for the worldly benefits of being fit and healthy, but also because it is our Islamic duty to do so. So most of us play football, cricket and so on. There are so many debates always going on whether these sports are permissable in Islam. Only Allah knows best. Whatever the case, i will mention my point of view and you could share yours if you wish. (i am more familiar with football than any other sporting activity, so i will use it in my discussion. ) I have hardly ever heard a scholar of great knowledge and reputation comment directly on the issue of football. There are 2 parts of this issue. Spectating the game or playing it; Spectating I do not know of any Islamic benefit to watching football. The reasons why it is best not to spectate the game are many such as Waste of time watching and talking about the game, Exposure of Awrah of the players and so many more.
  15. For The Brothers

    Assalamu alaykum This is the pattern for me. Keep on wearing the hat when i have short hair, but because i love me Afro, when it grows i neatly comb it and wear the hat sometimes, especially when i'm in a hurry and i don't want to comb my hear ad the prophet (s) those not like unkempt hair. Anyway is it sunnah? some people say no even thawbs are just arabic clothing, and wearing your own local cultural clothing is sunnah. i dont know what is is though. ma'assalam