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  1. Welcome! Come And Join My Halal Nasheed Party!

    Wasalams, Yep brothers can come too, but theres a separate party room downstairs. And sure u can dance, just not to the nasheeds u have to do a wittle happy dance before they start playing, and u can come no matter where u are, it's a cyber nasheed party, unless lols u could actually make it to the real nasheed party I actually had last night hahehehehe...I'm sleepy from it.
  2. Salams and duas to the ummah! Everything seems to be falling into place today so why not! I'm feelin good, cant sleep for a while yet even though I'm gonna pay tomorrow I gotta get up early! What the heck! Let's have a nasheed party and everyone can come in. Only 1 condition. Bring ur own refreshments to add to the food table! I brought some, keep them coming so we can fill up the whole spaces with yummy things! Next we'll stop and get some halal refreshing drinks. Frozen ones too. Then I'll put on some nasheeds. Anyone wanna listen to anything in particular? Lets all just have a nice little halal nasheed party and keep the peace in here, ok? Bring your friends! Bring your friends' friends. Bring everyone! Yay! Dances around... Salams! See u there! U can also bring your own nasheeds! Put in your requests and I'll play it!
  3. Redoing My Shahada?

    I'm a sister...
  4. Redoing My Shahada?

    Salams, I can help u take the shahada again if u want me to?
  5. Songs Are Haram?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha thanks brother I needed that. may Allah reward u, it worked. I'm not mad. I'll start the thread just for fun lols and make it a little light lols hahahahehehe.
  6. Songs Are Haram?

    yeah well now I have to find a way to pray asr and not be mad. praying while mad. should I start 1 on that?
  7. Songs Are Haram?

    if u werepaying attention to me at all u woul have known I was more interested in truths than opinions.
  8. Songs Are Haram?

    if u werepaying attention to me at all u woul have known I was more interested in truths than opinions.
  9. Songs Are Haram?

    I never said I wouldn't forgive, I simply said Allah will forgive a lot sooner than I inshallah a lot sooner. I don't do well when I'm hurt.
  10. Songs Are Haram?

    Does it matter where I find the truth as long as I find it? poor statement of yours. By the way Allah will forgive u for your hurtful remark there a lot sooner than I will!
  11. Songs Are Haram?

    Brother it isn't u who angered me, no need to ask forgiveness, u didn't hurt me, u weren't the one who said don't bother posting Arabia. May Allah guide us all... I won't be back here, I will leave u with salams and duas.
  12. Songs Are Haram?

    How dare u attack me! I simply posted this to get the truths besides all that I've been told. I am not coming on this forum anymore because of ppl like u who say, o, Arabia, u should have never posted this. I'm sorry, but if I have a question about Islam, or if I feel I've been misguided I'm gonna darn well post it! I'm not coming back! I'm not! I'm not! I'm hurt and mad and I'm not coming back here!
  13. Songs Are Haram?

    U brothers can stop fighting on my post now...ur making me regret I ever posted this...I come here looking for answers and truths, and all I see is ppl attacking each other rather than debating...I'm sickened...
  14. Songs Are Haram?

    Thanks sis just collecting opinions here lols.
  15. Songs Are Haram?

    just to get opinions...