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My name is Marium. Though I am a born muslim, it has been about 10 years that I have started to truly seek for Truth. Al Hamdu lil Allah, so much.

I cannot tell enough How much I ought to be grateful to God for having guided me with the best of Guidance that one would ever dream of. And how much I am sad for having failed Him.

He said in Holy Quran , what do I have to do with punishing you if you believe and are grateful to Me. He is so Kind and knowing of our inner self, that if I am still alive it is only because He will guide me more by His Grace, otherwise there is no reason for me to be still alive , as I do not aim at living for myself.


Al Hamdu lil Allah, I wish that one day ALL people may see the world with One Pure Mind, Heart and Soul and see the reality of La ilaha illa Allah muhammad Rassoul Allah.


My heart is so happy and yet so much in need of peace. My aim in life is to seek God, find Him and go back to Him.ameen.


Also, I cannot enough thank Him, I know He is The Seer, Ar Raqib, The Keen Observer and I pray that one day I become a better muslima, as the prophet muhammad (saw) would have wished a muslima to be.


I would like to use this introduction to say that I am seeking for a revert brother (uk) for marriage purposes.


May God bless you all, ameen.

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