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  1. How Is Everybody?

    My wife and I are separated, and my family got me to move into a Senior living Community. I am not very hapy, and am not on-line yet. The food here is bland and overcooked, many of the other residents are much more infirm than I am, and I feel like I'm just a burden to my local family. To get a lively discussion started, I'll pose a question and the following comment: The news from the mid-east is awful, and what is happening in Egypt proves that an Islamic government is not the great idea many of you think it is. If the Brotherhood was really smart, they would allow secular leaders to have the first chance to solve the many problems in the country, and, if they cannot, THEN become the savior of the people. Instead Morsey and friends and rushing in to impose an Islamic based solution on a society that is neither used to it or ready for it. Thay are clearly ignoring the resultant mess. What do all my friends here think?
  2. How Is Everybody?

    IhaveemovedtoPullman,Washington. Ihavermissedmyfriendshere! Howiseverybody? Please excuse the derth of spaces!
  3. The 3 Word Story

    of very short
  4. WELCOME! I'm just the old atheist wine guy, but I like new members and will drink a toast to you! Lots of good folks here, and meaty discussions. Are you a real doctor? Of what? I have a Juris Doctor degree, and a doctor daughter.
  5. New

    WELCOME! Read, Post, learn and ENJOY!
  6. Newbie

    WELCOME, from the old atheist. Tell us more about yourself!
  7. I A New

    WELCOME! I'm the grumpy old atheist member, but assure yhou that everbody here is willing to help with whatever it is you need! The guys here are nice, the girls are cute, and the fruit juice is fresh and cold!
  8. Imuslim5 Has Entered The Building...

    Somebody, a human being, made that bottle. As I have made clear several times before, science explains creation far better than any holy text. But, even assuming there is some magical "creator," there is no convincing evidence that he or she or it has done anything since said creation!
  9. She was here for a week, posted some Jewish gibberish, and left. She was a "hit and run" poster! I think they are among the worst kind.... afraid to defend themselves or their ideas. The historical roots of Judaism in the Middle East are a good and valid topic of discussion, as is the history of the so-called "tribe of israel." Where did they come from and where have they been through history? Why are they different from any other Middle Eastern Semites, and why the heck should the United States make the preservation of the modern "homeland (israel) a priority, when its very existence threatens the whole region and the world? Four question marks may not be enough! [????]
  10. Maybe she just hit and ran!
  11. Imuslim5 Has Entered The Building...

    That is a very odd question. Since I don't believe in any god, I never wonder about what the non-existent deity thinks! And I'm neither proud nor ashamed that I'm an atheist; I just no longer believe in god (or Santa Claus, or fairies or the monster under the bed.)
  12. Imuslim5 Has Entered The Building...

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Maybe we are related... I'm a 5, too! But I'm an old, atheist American I love Australian wine, however!
  13. Salam

    WELCOME TO A FINE FORUM! The good members here will help you. Ignore me, I'm just an old atheist!
  14. A Troubling Verse

    Verses and ideas like this are at the root of my belief that there is no God. I have tried to lead a good and moral life, and if I am wrong about a deity and an afterlife, I'll just have to accept my fate. Fear is not going to become my major reason to have faith!
  15. Salam

    WELCOME TO YOU BOTH, from the old atheist member.