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  1. Prophets

  2. Hello Everybody

    Im from Tunisia Sis livin n workin in Qatar, what abt u sis?
  3. Hello Everybody

    Thank you for your reply Saracen21stC [at] happy itotally agree with you about lookin for a soulmate on internet, i'll take your advice sis and hang here,may Allah bless me with my own destiney. Indeed im muslim and I have a muslim family n my wish is to marry a muslim girl following the prophet Mohammed Sala alho 3alihi wsalm advice.
  4. Hello Everybody

    hi everyone Im Muslim, iwant to marry following our religion norms.Can any one advise me hw can i find a good Muslim,christian, or new converted girl. Any place to go or anywebsite.
  5. Strong And Real Advice

    hi everyone. As far as iknow there is no restriction for a muslim to marry a christian girl, So i Think this is not a religous matter; However,Cultural Differences are always a problem. Firstly/ You Cannot 'Make' her parents like you or agree to your marriage. I know you don't want to hear that, Try to explain to his parents that whatever differences you & they may have,it means Nothing compared to the Love you have for their son. NEVER Disrespect them! But DO Stand up for yourself. If you really love him try to win his parents Try to convince them that whatever happens,you WILL Care for him & that married to you,he will never know hunger,fear,sadness! Parents are parents no matter what,they wish always to see their son happy in his life. Are YOU Prepared to change Your beliefs to win him If they ask? Is what you Are more Important to you than Your Love for him? Play up to the parents,Especially to the Father if he is the Head of their household. Be contrary,be Argumentative with them,Just Keep Trying!!