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  1. Time For Marriage

    Time for Marrage? Salam Alaykoum, I dont view myself as a great writer. And honestly dont post or chat much. So I suppose i will start by briefly introducing myself. I am ****, a 30 year old single male (emphesis on single). I am a computer technician for a Cyber Cafe in **** Morocco, we have 10 computers and are in process of expanding to 16. I repair, maintain and format computers for a vast quantity of people. I would say I format about 10 to 15 computers a month and repair an equal amount. Do network installations and house calls for computer service and ADSL modem installations. And I provide other services... Is a good job and I am happy to be business partners with the people that I am with. I speak, read and Write english. I read French well. I speak simple arabic, still learning. But on the other side of this coin. I am 30 years old. And single. All my brothers and sisters have married and have there families and children. For me being single has become a problem. I will do my best to say it in a mannor readable to all audiances (male and female) and if at all possible add some humor. I am lonely. My heart yerns for a companion. For a wife to hold, to love and have close to me. To be intimate.... (Pause and Fastforward, skipping the sceenes that are for the husband and wife) ;-) These feelings become overwhelming. It is not just in my head. It is my whole body, Mind, Heart, Soul. It is all of me. Not just parts of me! (wink, wink) So why am I writing this. Simple answer. Hoping and praying and asking Allah for... Well. A Wife. Not someone elses wife. But my very own wife. A wife that is a good muslim. With a good heart and is loving and honest and caring and sometimes a little noty, well maby a little more than sometimes. A wife who loves me for who I am and loves me simply and honestly. In good times and bad. And it is Ramadan. I pray the early morning and night Taraweeh prayers. I pray and ask Allah to help with all things. To bless my parents with good place in Jennah. Allah knows how much I love them and miss them. To forgive me and help me and save me. To bless Mohammed (PBUH) and all the messengers. To help all of us Muslims and save us. And for Allah to bless me with a good wife and children. And much more...
  2. Bienvenue

    Salam Alikoum, I am a computer technician. 30 years old. single. and. and. and... Salama.