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  1. Loh e Qurani Benefits

    Loh e Qurani is a powerful and revered object in Islamic tradition, believed to offer protection, prosperity, and peace to the wearer. By wearing the tablet close to your body, keeping it clean, reciting the Quranic verses inscribed on it, and trusting in its power, you can experience the many benefits it has to offer. Loh e Qurani Benefits
  2. Quran: Must-Read Passages, For Everyone

    Discover the importance of Surah Maryam in Ramadan, with its powerful message of faith, patience, and prayer. This surah emphasizes the miraculous nature of Allah's creations and the importance of submitting to His will. By understanding its significance and exploring its verses, we can deepen our connection with Allah and strengthen our faith during the holy month of Ramadan. https://meriweb.net/quran/surah-maryam/
  3. Rulings On Fasting

    Fasting the month of Ramadan is one of the main pillars of Islam.
  4. Quranic Verses On Kiswa

    Top beautiful Quran quotes with images. Download meaningful and beautiful Muslim inspirational quotes about love, life, character, Allah love, mercy, etc
  5. Surah Yaseen is reflected in the heart of Quran Kareem. Every surah of the Holy has the sign fence of all over the Muslims who recite it to get the best direction in their life
  6. Islamic Organization

    This is the most accurate information about Islam. Islamic app
  7. Importance Of Sehri And Benefits Of Sehri

    Iftar time is a blessed time when Allah عزوجل listens to our prayers. people ask for their prayers from Allah عزوجل at iftar time
  8. Prayer Times NYC

    Muslim prayer time NYC is the time when Muslims pray Allahعزوجل for their forgiveness. The forgiveness of our sins which we do in our daily life. Prayers are a best way to ask for forgiveness five times a day. May Allah عزوجل forgive our sins with his blessings.
  9. The intention before performing Salah

    The place of the intention is the heart. When a person makes niyyah with his heart, it is good to make niyyah verbally also. If it is not uttered by the tongue, there is nothing wrong with it. http://prayertimes.dawateislami.net
  10. Muslim Prayer Times NYC

    When Muslims go for prayers at Muslim prayer times nyc regularly then it brings a change in the personality of Muslims. Their personalities become more attractive day by day due to increase in their faith and hope in Allah عزوجل. Their faces shine with the light of faith in Allah عزوجل.
  11. 5 pilares del Islam

    Prayer is the fundamental pillar and the significant form of Islamic worship. It is the humility in front of God. Prayer is the practical indication of evidence to the direction of Allah.
  12. Salaah

    Salaah is an act of worship mentioned in the last holy book of Allah the glorious Quran and Allah has commanded to perform it five times a day.
  13. Salat Times NYC

    prayer keeps us away from vulgarity and badness this is the most incomparable supreme act of worship which has been referenced more than once in the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) likewise emphasis on prayer in his statement so we ought to perform Salah normally and know the everyday Salah timings by use the service of prayer times.
  14. Prayer Timetable

    If you are about to go on a journey and worried about the timings of prayer so you can download the prayer times app and attain the Islamic prayer timetable for the whole month so that you are aware of the timing of each prayer and with this app you will be notified with the starting and ending time of each prayer.