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  1. Hijaabi In The Rain

    Jazakallahu khairun. I've been writing poetry for a while so i thought i ight as well share my work and start a blog
  2. Hijaabi In The Rain

    Assalamu alaikum I've started a blog http://hijaabiintherain.blogspot.co.uk/ I've just recently got up and running so please have a look and tell me any suggestions you have for improvements . Hope you enjoy my writing Fiamanillah
  3. Boy Girl Relation

    Until you marry you're technically starngers to each other , remember in Islam your either single or married there is no other status . Also remember that when a a man and a women are alone the third is shaytaan . From what i've read it seems the scholars agree that online conversations/phone calls are a form of seclusion ( Allah knows best). Follow the advice of the poster above. I'd advise getting married sooner . You don't want to fall deeply in love with him only to have things not work out in two years time for one reason or another . If i may i would suggest watching Abu niamatullah a boy a girl a love story he might be able to answer some of your questions you can find it on youtube
  4. Jazakallah khairun may Allah reward you so much for this post
  5. Walaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Very helpful Jzakallah
  6. I think all my brothers and sisters who have posted should watch 'facebook can make you face hell' where Brother Abu mussab wajdi akkari explains the ruling on picture making. It is very good and refers directly to quran ,hadith and fatwas . You can watch it on youtube i think it will answer a lot of the questions here. Although the talk is about how to use facebook appropriately as Muslims the main part of the talk is about picture making and photography . also the borther only uses authentic hadith with a strong chain of narration Walaikumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
  7. Brother what does the last line mean who can see us from places where we can't see them?
  8. Studying...where Do I Start?

    Are you doing gcses ? I'd suggest to get hold of specification for each topic from the specific exam board.
  9. Awesome, Thought I'd Share It With All Of You :)

    Walaikumussalam Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Jazakallah for the clear up., I understand and actually agree with your point of view on the matter. Seeing as we have evidence from the Quran suggesting talking jokingly about religion is disliked I am obliged to agree with you.
  10. Awesome, Thought I'd Share It With All Of You :)

    Redeem - I think you make a very good point. Isn't it okay seeing as we all know that its just a fictional poem . I can understand what you're saying but doesn't it only really apply if the poem caused some misconception about lailatul Qadr. We all know that lailatul qadr isn't about ramadan ali ( well at least i hope so) and thats part of the reason its so amusing . I'm just trying to get a better understanding are poems such as these not allowed in Islam?
  11. Benefits Of Keeping Good Company.

    I just wanted to add seeing this thread is about friends. I would recommend watching The Seller of Musk by Brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari on youtube channel onewaytoparadise He talks about the importance, especially for youth, to have good companions. Just in case anybody is wondering all the hadith he uses in any of his lectures are from a strong chain of narration unless he specifically states otherwise.
  12. New Member

    I hope you find what you're looking for as well. Feel free to ask any questions i hope you will find the right answers . Insha Allah
  13. Masjid Al Aqsa

    Really nice pictures. I hope to pray there some day insha-Allah
  14. Who Are Your Gods Beside Allah, The Exalted?

    AL-hamdullilah His recitation is wonderful and the surah is so powerful Jazakullah for sharing