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  1. When Prophet Isa (Jesus) returns

    Does this verse prove that Jesus was not dead? no. of course the Jews did not kill Jesus but he died and will not return physically. The verb used to say that Isa(as) died is 'tawaffa' which means to take the soul to refer to death (39:43 for example). [3:56] When Allaah said: “Oh Isa! I will make you die a natural death (mutawaffika) and I will exalt you even to Myself, freeing you from the accusations of the disbelievers, and I will place those who follow you above the disbelievers, until the Day of Resurrection; then you will return to Me and I will judge you regarding your differences. [5: 118] "I have only told them what You ordered me to do:" worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. " And I was a witness before them while I remained among them, but since You made me die (tawaffaitani), You have been their Watcher; and You are a Witness before all things; Ibn-e-Abbas (ra) said: mutawaffika means "I will make you die." Does Tawaffa mean "to elevate" or "to take completely"? The word tawaffa in the previous two verses in reference to Isa (as) is sometimes translated as "fully taken" or "elevated." These translations are theologically inspired and based to explain a mistaken belief that Isa (as) is not dead. They are not faithful to the Arabic language in general, and even more so completely against the language of the Qur'an. [12: 102] “Oh my Lord, you have blessed me with a part of sovereignty and you have taught me the interpretation of things. Oh, Creator of the heavens and the earth, You are my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Make death surprise me (tawaffani) in a state of submission to Your will and unite me with the just ”. [32:12] Tell them: “The angel of death in charge of you will make you die (yatawaffaakum); later you will be returned to your Lord ”. and more 10:47, 13:41, 10:78, 47:28 ... Some contemporary scholars repeatedly insist that the Messiah son of Mary has not died, but was taken to heaven alive, and is present in heaven with his physical body and worldly life. And with great boldness and insolence they affirm that the word tawaffi that has come in reference to the messiah does not mean death, but rather means "to take completely." In other words, the body was carried along with the soul. But translating it this way is a neat fabrication. The Quran in its language has used this word everywhere to mean the taking of the soul and death. This same meaning is found in all the ahadith and sayings of the Holy Prophet (sa). All the Prophets died “Muhammad is but an apostle; and indeed, (all) the apostles have died before him: If he dies or is assassinated, will you then return on your heels? And he who turns back will not do the least harm to Allah and Allah will reward those who are grateful. " (3,144) The raise of Isa(sa) There are two verses in which Allah states that He made the rafa ' of Isa (as), which is sometimes wrongly translated as "physically elevated." In one place there is a promise from Allah that he will do the rafa 'of Isa (as), and in the other place the promise fulfilled is mentioned: [58:12] O ye believers! When you are told: "Make room!" in your meetings, make room; Allah will make you a wide place. And when it is said: "Get up and go!", Then get up; Allah will elevate (yarfai) the believers among you and to whom knowledge is given, to degrees of dignity. Well, Allah knows very well what you do. The term rafa 'is generally translated as "taken", "elevated" or "exalted", but it is wrong to believe that it refers to your physical body. It actually refers only to his soul, in which case the translation of (4: 159) is "Allah exalted / lifted his soul to Himself." [3:56] When Allaah said: “Oh Jesus! I will make you die a natural death and I will exalt you (raafiuka) even to Myself, ridding you of the accusations of the disbelievers, and I will place those who follow you above the disbelievers, until the Day of Resurrection; then you will return to Me and I will judge you regarding your differences. The verb raf’a in the language of the Holy Qur'an when Allah is the subject and man is the object always refers to spiritual exaltation. It never means physically lifting someone.
  2. When Prophet Isa (Jesus) returns

    Jesus died and he will not return
  3. Darwinism Refuted

    Of course I have evidence and it's in the numbers
  4. 1. Who is Allah? Do Christians-Jews worship Allah? Islam is the monotheistic religion of all the Prophets of Allah that, among them, encompasses the monotheistic faith of the Prophet Abraham. His revealed message confirms the truth of the Torah and the Gospels. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are a religion created by Allah. But ... What does Allah mean? Allah means God in Arabic language. The word god in Arabic is <ilah> but said in this way can be any god or even gods. This problem is solved by defining the noun through an article, in this case <Al-> to say The God. al-ilah --> alilaah --> Allaah Allah and Jesus The Jews descend from Isaac while the Arabs descend from Ishmael; both sons of the Prophet Abraham (Peace be upon him). Therefore, Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic descend from the same root. In Aramaic God is –ilah. When Jesus preached the gospel he called his Creator by the name of Allah. Christians and Jews, they have worshiped and worship Allah. For an Arabic Jew or Christian Allah is God. Genesis page 1 (in Arabic) "In the beginning of everything God created the heavens and the earth" Verse 1, Chapter 6 The Jews tell Him Eloh-im. But do you know why they do it and what does this word mean? Is Eloah god and Elohim god-s? But IN NO WAY. It is a mistake or this mean that many gods they worship. In English it is called PLURAL OF HONOR. The suffix –IM of the word eloh-IM is a plural of respect in Hebrew. In Hebrew and Arabic there are two types of plurals. The first is a plural numeral or quantity and the other is a plural of honor, as in real proclamations. As the plural of honor is not common in the language of Europeans, these plurals have been confused to connote a plurality when it comes to “divinity,” hence their justification for their doctrine of the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Commentary on the Bible (1) Commentary on the Bible (2) Commentary on the Bible (3) Hebrew dictionary (4) The name of Allah in the name of humans: GABRIEL →Hebrew (Gavri’el, “man of God”) DANIEL →Hebrew dani-yél, “God is my judge” MIKHAIL →Hebrew“Who is like God?” israel →Hebrew Yisra'el "God prevails" ELIJAH →Hebrew Eliya, Eliyahu "God is Yahweh" ELISHAH →Hebrew Elish'a "God is salvation" ISHMAIL → Hebrew Yisma’el ("God hears") ELIZABETH →Hebrew Eli-sheva, (“my God is an oath”) RAPHAEL →Hebrew Rifa’el "God heals" EZEKIEL →Hebrew (Yḥezq’el) "God strengthens" SAMUEL →Hebrew (Shmu’el, “Name of God”) BABEL → Hebrew (“door of God”)
  5. Darwinism Refuted

    Allah guided the Sons of israel for centuries. The DNA is the signature of the Creator or Yahve that means "alive" in Hebrew or Yahia in Arabic. The Sons of israel developed over time their alphabet in which God left His proof and a trace of His existence. Yahve is Allah.
  6. Darwinism Refuted

    There are no observed facts in evolution. Allah is the Truth.
  7. When Prophet Isa (Jesus) returns

    I was wrong, Jesus will not descend at the end of time because he died and that is why he will not return at the end of time. There is no clear evidence that Jesus will return to the end of time. We certainly live in the end times.
  8. Darwinism Refuted

    The Theory of Evolution is not compatible with Islam
  9. When Prophet Isa (Jesus) returns

    I think that te Son of Man is Mahdi, who will restore the last Caliphate at the end of times and fight the dajjal with Jesus
  10. What's your name?

    The saddest thing is that the 11S Attack of 2001 was perpetrated by the same government of US, hatred was created towards muslims for no reason. The attack served as an excuse for the Iraq war
  11. Salam everyone! My name is Muhammad, from Spain with Moroccan origin. I would like to share and talk about Islam and knowledge related to religion and God here.
  12. Hello Brothers and Sisters! I have created this post to talk and share knowledge about the topic of Jinns and their influence on humans. For those who do not understand this subject or are interested in it, they can learn more about Jinns here, that population hidden from the eyes of man