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  1. Why a creator such as Allah must keep remind his createe to be fearful of him at all times. What is the purpose of creating a human?..To be fearfull of Allah at al times? I am sure the Almighty God is not that cruel. Any comment?
  2. Another niracle in Quran is the issue of inheritance. When you add the number one comes up with 1.125 . This number is greater than 1. No scholar in my Islamic community has been able to explain this in a logical way to me. Please, someone explain it here..why is it? that the division of inheritance amoung family members exceed by 1/8 and in a differnet verse by 1/4 greater than number 1.
  3. What is so scientific about this verse? Even 4000 years ago a 6 year old knew that water comes from the clouds. It was an expeince which were observed by any ordinary human being. To attribute that to a miracle or a sign of sceintific glory to Quran is just childish and beyond inteligent. Question. Moslem claim there are lots of scientific fact in Quran and all the today's technology are in Quran. Then, Why all 57 moslem countries one after another are backwards and why you can not find a moslem who invented a device for the betterment of humanity.?
  4. There Are No Logic In Islam

    Please be advise I am not insulting anybody I am just asking a question. I am also very familiar with the fanatic moslem mind. You can not change his mind if you bring him a million reasons. If he believes what Hazarat Mohamad said is true then nothing matter. You can easily understand this in the Al-baghareh soureh Ayeh 2. Which says " Belivers are those Who believe in the unseen" I am a moslem who tries to find the Allah with my own brain. Not just believe blindly to unseen. May be you do not consider me a moslem and I myself don't consider myself one until I find Allah through my brain not heart. As I see my parants everyday pray to Allah and say that they witness that Mohamad is the profit of God everytime during prayer I think to myself they are not being truthfull to the God. How can someone testify to somebody who they never met?.. As I said I don't belive someone tell me it is what it is and you have to belive it. An inteligent person shall find his almighty through his own brain and reasoning. And for you to say that profit Mohamed did not have any child from his other 12 wives was because God did not wanted him is another falt reasoning. I have come to belive that he never had any child.
  5. There Are No Logic In Islam

    REDEEM, Why do you censor my post one after another?.. What is wrong with you?.. Why dont you answer the question instead of censoring people. Remember in the age of internet, people are wising up and little by little internet will cause moslems to open up their eyes and brains and see the light. People like you in the past 1400 years kept people away from reality and feed them false teaching. Now even moslems starting to use their brain instead of reling on some sheikh,mofty or molla. they read the quran and will find out about it themslves. keep censoring pal. lol
  6. There Are No Logic In Islam

    Mr. Redeem, you must be the one who deleted my earlier post about the profit's wives and children. Why do you do that?. In my earlier post I mentioned profit Mohamad had more than 30 wives and kaniz. You only count the wives. And you can not bring any document to support why he did not have any children from them. In your own belief he had 12 wives. If he could have a child with much older woman hazrat Khadijeh. Then why did not he have any child from all those wives and kaniz?. All I want you to do answer that instead of deleting and sensoring people's rightfull questions. This is why people say Islam is the religon of 1400 years ago. People like you want to keep them back. If they know the fact then your real face will be expose.
  7. There Are No Logic In Islam

    I started a new tiltle and asked a simple question from moslems. They withdrew my topic from the view of people because they did not have any logical answer to my question. This the customary practice of so called moslems who think they know everything. My question was very simple. Why Mohamad had child with a woman who was in late 40's which is physically extreamly dangerous to the health of the woman and did not have any child with his other wives who some of them were at early 20's of age. Pacifically ayesh who was under 20 years of age. But like other Islamic shekh and mofty and molla when they are faced with these type of questions they either call the questioner kafar who tries to tarnish the religon. In fact these kind of question only tarnishes the positions of thos shekhs, mollas and moties who see their real face being exposed.
  8. The Children Of Hazrat Mohamad

    I am very confused to the fact that Hazrat Mohamad had child with Hazrat Khadijeh who was in her late 40's. But we dont find any children with other Hazrat's wives who were much younger than Khadijeh. In some books are estimated that Hazrat Mohamad had over 30 wives and Kaniz. Is not that little bit odd? Even with todays technology and aliment nutrition we find is very difficult for a woman above age of 40 to have child. But, we told that Hazrat Mohamad had child with Khadijeh and not even one with his other wives. Could someone answer me that please? Have we been misled?..Many thaks