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Princess Mujahada

1st Islamic Quiz

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1st Islamic Quiz[using large font size is not allowed]


List of those participating Insha'Allah:

(A star * will be put by those who have sent in their answers.)

Mu'minah بـنــت مـؤمــن *



Deadline:[using large font size is not allowed] September 23rd



*PM me your answers.

*No searching before or while taking the quiz. Please attempt to answer these questions on what you can know or think (go ahead and GUESS!). Many of them come from ahadith and the Quran.


Insha'Allah when its over I will post all the answers and we all will have learned something new!! :inlove:


1. When referring to nationalism, the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said:


A. “Teach it and follow it.”

B. "Leave it, it is rotten."

C. “There is nothing to say about it.”


2. In Islam it is okay to swear by:


A. Allah

B. The Prophets

C. Both of the above


3. When one sins they should:


A. Get it off their chest and tell everyone they know (and ask for forgiveness).

B. Go to an Imam and tell him (and ask for forgiveness).

C. Not tell anyone (and ask for forgiveness).


4. In one hadith, the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him says: “If Allah’s servants knew what the holy month really was:


A. “they would fast everyday of the year.”

B. “they would wish that the entire year was Ramadan.”

C. “they would have eaten less.”

5. The word "prophet," in Arabic, is....


A. Nabi

B. Rasul

C. Wahi

6. Joking in Islam is:


A. Halal always because you are just joking.

B. Halal as long as it is truthful and doesn’t involve lying.

C. Haram always.

7. Whose Islam is best?

A. “One who fights jihad.”

B. "One who makes hajj over 5 times.”

C. "One who avoids harming the Muslims with his tongue and hands."


8. Intoxicants are:


A. Okay in very small amounts.

B. Completely haram.

C. It depends

9. One hadith goes, "If Allah wants to do good to somebody…..

A. He afflicts him with trials."

B. He gives him good health and wealth.”

C. He protects them from hardships.”


10.Which is the first and the most ancient Masjid according to the Qur'an?

A. Al- Aqsa

B. Masjid Al-Nabawy

C. Kaabah

D. There is no Masjid mentioned in the Qur'an.


11. Who is the relative of the Prophet Muahmmed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) whose name is mentioned in the Qur'an?


A. Abu Lahab

B. Abd-Allah

C. Abd'al Muttalib

D. Abu-Talib

12. Who was the Prophet mentioned in the Qur'an whose three generations were prophets?


A. Noah (Alayhi al salam)

B. Mohammed (Alayhi al salatu wasalam)

C. Ibraheem (Alayhi al salam)

D. None of the Above


13. Where is the longest verse in the Qur'an located?


A. Surat Al Kahf

B. Surat An-Naml

C. Surat Al-Baqarah

D. Surat Abasa


14. Which Islamic month comes after Rajab?


A. Ramadan

B. Muharram

C. Sha'ban

D. Thul Hijah


15. This prophet, who was also a king, had the power to talk to the animals and Jinns.


A. Yahya

B. Dawud

C. Sulaiman

D. Zakariyyah


Special Random Question: Muscat is the capital of which country:


A. Russia

B. Oman

C. Niger

D. Iceland

E. Italy

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Masha'Allah, great idea : D.


Just submitted my answers. And after I did, I checked one answer I was unsure of and found out I'd answered it wrong :sl: ah well, great quiz though masha'Allah!

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i submitted my answers too. I got a headache, so i may be wrong at some of them but still i havemt copied anything from google, thats fine then :sl:

Mashallah, very good questions, basics of Islam we can say. :sl:

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