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  1. Rule 26 Question

    hahaha, I hope that was supposed to be funny b/c I laughed.
  2. Grad Schools In The Us

    So I graduate this year (woot, 09 baby! haha) and I'm looking into grad schools and it's just driving me insane. Like the whole choosing process and stuff... any tips?
  3. Is My Career Path Haram?

    you make me so sad.
  4. Official Nba Thread

    Lol! I don't hate on Kobe, I don't like the lakers period. I just don't, call it a personal vendetta or whatever you want to call it. I loved Reggie Miller from the Pacers but he retired (tears); he was/still is my most favorite player.
  5. Do You Know Ayatul Kursi?

    me too, and before I sleep and when I'm really scared. :sl:
  6. What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

    You don't know that. Not saying that it's an illness but you don't know that it's not.
  7. Official Nba Thread

    Lol, fair enoug!
  8. there are muslim females in law enforcement, not many, but there are some. No hijabies though, I don't think.
  9. Official Nba Thread

    I know it was amazing!!!!
  10. Ivf- Halaal?

    score i was right!
  11. Ivf- Halaal?

    Wait I don't really know but i think i'm right but i can't exactly delete my post ... so umm ya I don't knw.
  12. Ivf- Halaal?

    I think it depends on who the sperm is from.
  13. Official Nba Thread

    I haven't kept up with the NBA in a couple years now... just way too busy :sl:
  14. Atheists are difficult because their whole belief is based on lack of belief nothing more, nothing less... science doesn't have an answer for questions like the start of the world and stuff... I mean they have theories but do they have facts and laws no.. yet people tend to take these theories as facts which is so confusing.
  15. Look At Me

    Look at me Not at the scarf on my head Look at me Not at the body you can't see Look at me Not at the images on TV Look at me Not at the oppression you think you see Look at me Not at the domination you say you see Look at me, at the face that stands before you, at the girl that stands in front of you.. Look at me and listen.. I’m sick of the stares, sick of the glares.. The misconceptions, the thoughts, the ideas Thoughts and ideas that I can see in your eyes The way your eyes don’t meet mine The way you turn and change your mind Like I’m something undefined, an out of this world find Thoughts and ideas that I can almost hear “What century did she come from?†“Let’s get out of here; we don’t know what’s under that†“Look at how she’s dressed, she’s must be so oppressed†You don’t know me, you don’t understand me.. So stop with the judging and hear me The clothing that I wear, the covering of my hair.. I do it for my Lord, the one Creator.. Not because of man, no human dictator One goal in this life, and that’s pleasing the Maintainer So I try to turn the other cheek, to let it go… But at times… it’s just too much.. too much handle, too much to bear I often wake up hoping it’s all a dream… Wishing that things were different Praying that I wouldn’t have to answer the same questions, Over and over…do you have hair? Do you have ears? If it’s education they’re seeking, I would not care …sigh… But those times are few.. my faith, it leads me through.. So today I wake up with my head held high Grab my backpack, and head out the door.. As I cross the street, I wave to my neighbor After a right at the corner I hear a honk and turn around.. “Go back home†the driver yells… I sigh and continue walking …. But this is home …