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  1. Sikh's And Hindu's

    This is terrible!! Those Hindus should be ashamed of themselves!!
  2. Help needed regarding am I Muslim please

    Sister: technically speaking: we're all born Muslims!! But with regards to your question: would it be possible to go to a nearby Masjid, to see if they can give you a certificate saying that you have said THE SHAHADAH? OR: maybe there's an Islamic online service that can send you a certificate? I really don't know: these are just a couple of ideas. Also, can I say that I'm so sorry about the way your parents have treated you!! And sorry that this is such a late reply: how are things going now, with your future husband: I hope everything is starting to work out well for you. Please take good care.
  3. can a man advise a woman?

    Brother: I think that you were absolutely correct in trying to advise this sister to not wear tight clothing.
  4. Can any Muslims solve this problem?

    If it was in English; then maybe?!!
  5. Miracles of Quran

  6. The Issue of Music in Islam

    Most scholars will tell you that music is Haram!
  7. Music is Haram!

    You do realise, of course, that most Scholars in Islam state that music is Haram!
  8. Dear Sister, I'm so sorry about this; this is appalling! I hope you're treated in a better way on this Forum!
  9. Muslim-Christian Debate, Here

    Jesus is NOT God: he was just a good Prophet and Messenger.

    And now could you please ignore my Post of March 21.
  11. Could you please Delete my Account or Ban me. Thank You. dieamuslim
  12. I'm hoping that once Non-Muslims read, and reflect on the meanings of, our HOLY QURAN, they will realise that THE HOLY QURAN is the FINAL WORD OF Allah (SWT) (GOD), and also the ONLY TRUE WORD OF Allah (SWT) (GOD)!
  13. A Friendly Forum

    Jazaka Allah khair, dear brother; Thank you for your kind words of welcome!
  14. A Friendly Forum

    Assalamu Alaikum, This looks like a good and friendly Forum; I converted/reverted to Islam in July, 2014, from Christianity. It's good to be here.