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  1. I Wanna Invite Her To Islam

    Assalamu alaikum, You are male right, I can't see it in your profile. You should be cautious when you do dawah with female, probably you should inform some brother in your Masjid , so that they can direct a female daiee to her..
  2. Portal Or Forums First?

    I think portal first is better
  3. Hadith?

    The answer given by brother and sister is very good and will suffice. More than directly learning hadith I would recommend you to start with books on Islam. That will be good Inshallaah.
  4. Question About Salah

    As per hanafi fiqh it is not to raise hands,and that is the majority in the world. Your salah will be valid anyway. I think you should try learning about various school of thoughts and take a view of a scholar in your area. :sl:
  5. :sl: I think these forum has gone on to become a "dawah for non-muslims" on the hand's of self proclaimed scholars. Yes quite harsh but lots of people here knows everything, when i joined in here, people were more like learners, students. I feel these forum needs to dawah more to muslims who are deviated. And these forum should make it apparent, of the "school of thought" it follows.
  6. I Need Advice On A Couple Things...

    :sl: You should start with wearing full length loose cloths, like full length lose pants and full sleeves loose top. You could also wear a jacket above it to cover yourself will be somewhat like hijab, and also you should put head scarves. I think these will be easy as you will be having most of the things in your wardrobe. And as you gather some money enough for buying a proper hijab then you should buy it. :sl:
  7. Dua For My Baby Cousin

  8. Dua Request Please

    :sl: Inshallaah everything will be alright.
  9. Islam In Switzerland

    :sl: Feels great to read this, and Inshallaah there will be more Muslims there now. Jazakallaaj :sl:
  10. Could Only Sisters Answer Please...

    :sl: At 23 am going through the same thing my family also thinks the same, but i pray my family understands and help me get married. I hope the same for you. :sl:
  11. Is This True About Islam In Regards To Women?

    Salaam Very well said. Totally agree. Salaam
  12. Covering Of Face And Hands

    Salaam , I think todays fuqaha has said that, its unlawful to reveal face and hands , and the original ruling allowed to keep hands and face uncovered. I think in todays age it is very essential to keep and maintain full niqab. Now if some hanafi women doesn't cover her face and hands, will it be sin on her to do so??? Jazakallaah for the answers. Salaam
  13. Covering Of Face And Hands

    Jazakallaah brother, But unfortunately i don't understand arabic.
  14. Assalamualaikum, Brothers and sisters, i was discussing this topic of hijab with a friend and he was of the opinion that covering of face and hands is mandatory on womens. And i was like according to Hanafi madhab it is not mandatory and if observed, it is source of great virtue. Now to back my words i have no reference, and i couldn't find one, so please if you know of any references please let me know. Salaam