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  1. Help Me Understand Her Crazy Mind

    welcome to the forum, don't judge Islam by the actions of muslims. Surely you know christians who do not behave according to the bible or jews who do not behave according to the Torah. Use this forum to learn about Islam.
  2. Celebrating World Hijab Day

    wa alaykum as salaam I wouldn't say I am extremely against it but I am against it in the sense that it confines the education of hijab to one day in a year. This is really a western type of thing. You know mothers day they choose one day, fathers day another, expressing love (valentines) on another, womens day on another. When really from an Islamic point of view we should celebrate our mothers and fathers every day. We should express love everyday, and respect women everyday. So as regards to the education of hijab, I believe the concept is a good one but the way it is implemented should be changed. There should be a daily approach not an annual one.
  3. The Islamic State

    Well what is sharia law is a very broad topic Gnosis. It would be difficult to discuss it in one reply. As you can imagine there are many books on sharia law and like other laws there are sections such as family law, the economy etc. Dress code is just a small section. Plus I cannot say I am an expert in sharia law, I just do my best to educate myself by learning more. But there are people who study this as a subject for many many years. There are schools of thought within Islamic thought which take the culture into account when discussing the implementation of the law. If you look across the Muslim world you will find in some countries most women only cover their hair while in other countries most cover their faces. So sometimes you do have to take culture into account. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also took this into account. For example some things he changed slowly over years because he knew that the people were not ready to change so suddenly and that if this change were implemented completely in full maybe people would become more stubborn about changing. Most scholars in Islamic thought agree that hijab includes covering the hair. Some argue that it includes the face and hands. So yes there are different opinions surely. But in general the majority agree on the hair. But of course hijab is not just about a hair or face covering. It is also a concept of modesty. Like some women cover their hair but maybe they wear really tight and revealing clothes so it defeats the purpose. It is also about the way one talks and one walks. Men also are subject to rulings on how they dress, walk and talk too. That may seem quite controlling from an outside perspective. It annoys people that a law could advise people how to talk but really it is about bringing harmony to society. I am sure there are times you can think of when that one loud person on the bus or in a cafe just annoyed you. I don't understand your question about how it fits with secular law? The point of implementing Islamic law is to get rid of the secular law. Perhaps if you want to discuss hijab, niqab or modesty in Islam more you can start a new thread or I am sure there are older ones if you use the search function.
  4. Prayers Please

    How is your son now?
  5. Hi Russell, Riba is like interest but that doesn't describe it very well because it includes more than that. It is about an unjust economic system. There is a lot of info online about it if you are interested in reading about it. The problem with western intervention is that some western organisations fund certain groups allowing them to become more powerful in society - so really we cannot talk about democracy in its true sense when this happens. Because democracy should include a level playing ground yet when they choose groups which only identify with generally a neoliberal form of western thought then that is a problem. Socialist groups are not considered as important to fund for example. The gentle approach is not about watching people die but it is about focusing on the basic needs. it is a very active approach but it tries to bring about a change from the bottom up. A lot of western intervention tries to make changes from the top down which can be very damaging. And this can lead to extremist ideologies flourishing as certain groups feel alienated from society. What is your opinion on the suspected British citizen who is apparently now a member of an extremist group in Syria? What do you think about the connection between harsh interrogation methods and the rise of extremist ideology? Does it not concern you that there may be a direct link between the both? Some of the most well known terrorists in the world went through brutal interrogation methods which they claim affected them even more in how they thought about their ideology ( and this includes individuals from many organisations that wouldn't be classed as ''islamist''). (This thread which I began was supposed to be about Islamophobia and religious extremism and the relationship between them. I want to discuss your comments but homosexuality and women's rights do not belong in this thread as it would inevitably go off topic. And I am very willing to hold these discussions with you in another thread as I said but I won't discuss them on this thread).
  6. Hi russell, Yes I am open to arguments that suggest our moral code is wrong - like I said this thread isn't the place though. But I am yet to come across convincing arguments that suggest that we should have riba (interest) or we should allow homosexuality etc. I actually think it would be an interesting debate - the optimal for society/individual one. Well that is the million dollar question - why does God want us here if he knows what happens? Sure lots of people have asked the question, do you think Muslims have also not pondered upon this question? But because of my belief in the nature of God this does not prevent me from believing in God. I think the concept of God in Islam is the most whole one but we must also balance this knowledge with the fact that we are the creation, not the decision makers. There are different ways of looking at it. You hold the negative view since you think of all the tragedies while I hold the positive view. I have this view because despite our stubbornness and ignorance as humans, God continues to sustain us. For me that is truly love. And I suppose for those who do not understand the power of God it really stems from arrogance - because most humans do not want to believe there is something greater than them that they have no power over. See Islam brings the balance of different concepts of God into one which is what makes it so amazing. I am not going into womens rights on this thread because its off topic but I think you have a very black and white view of women in Islam. And you clearly don't know that some Muslim women work too and earn a lot of money! I just find it funny the obsession some non Muslims have with the status of women in Islam. I really wonder how many Muslim women they have met. Even if apes are 99% similar to us - that wouldn't make me believe we are the same. I don't know where you are going with this. I believe the mind of the human is very different especially when it comes to language. You can give me more info about our similarities and I have read it all but I am focusing on the differences. I wouldn't agree with that at all! Just because a woman covers her face doesn't make her a true Muslim. It doesn't mean she prays 5 times a day. The burqa doesn't define your level of faith. Unless you are getting the concept of hijab mixed up with burqa then I understand what you are trying to say. Because yes there is some form of hijab which Muslims can agree on (even if they do not adopt it). Like it is clear that we should cover out bodies although the head part is debated amongst different Muslims. And as for arranged marriages - its a very cultural issue in some Muslim countries. It has benefits but if two people want to get married they have a right and their parents should not interfere unless for a very good reason. There is nothing in Islam which says you must have an arranged marriage. Again I think you have a very black and white view of Islam. No I don't think my child would turn gay ha..although I am sure some people hold this thought. My point is more about the acceptance of it. If we allow such thing we allow it to become normalised in society. I do not accept it as normal and I will never accept it as normal. If tolerance means accepting such things as normal then I am not tolerant. There are alternatives to western intervention. There is a lot of assumptions made on behalf of western intervention about how the people feel but I don't believe they really ask the people how they feel. I am not specifically against it just for Muslim countries because I also see it in other conflicts such as the one in Ukraine right now. I agree with humanitarian intervention but there are very different interpretations of this concept and I believe the one that most western countries adopt is a very wide one. It is a very dominating concept hid behind the banner of human rights. Anyway I think you have good topics for debate but I can't discuss them here because then we would go off topic. Feel free to start them elsewhere on the forum.
  7. Prayers Please

    May God bless him and keep him strong.
  8. Salam =)

    wa alaykum as salaam welcome to the forum, inshaAllah you will gain some knowledge while you are here
  9. The Islamic State

    I am not ignorant enough to come around to your way of thinking Aligarr. You demand us to be honest about what is going on yet you cannot be honest about US involvement and how this led to the emergence of such groups. I am not an apologetic for this group because I definitely do not agree with some of their ideology. Just because I agree with some parts does not make me their supporter because clearly some of their ideology stems from pure Islam. So how could I possibly deny this part? I do deny the part which transgresses the limits of Islam and I know many Muslims who agree with me. This does not make me an apologetic - what have I to apologise for? Oh lets talk about news yeah. This is news worthy but what about the terrorist actions of the US which I mentioned in a different thread directed at you? Why is this not news worthy? Do you actually think there are no political motives behind news stories? Seriously Aligarr you are making yourself look worse the more you comment. The US is very much behind an agenda to silence news such as wikileaks because it reveals the truth about the US involvement in Iraq. Of course western media are not the only media outlets reporting, everyone knows that. Yet the way in which it is framed by western media is different. Only smaller alternative news agencies will use the term 'self acclaimed Islamic state' or 'self styled'. So when news agencies leave out the self acclaimed part they legitimise this group by calling them Islamic state. The consequences this has on Muslims within the West are clearly damaging. From what I see the west complains on and on about this group yet they are doing everything this group wants them to do - giving them all the news time in the world. I agree that sharia law is not supported by all Muslims because unfortunately some Muslims have been influenced by ignorance. Yet where do you get your information about a small minority only want it. This is not true at all. You don't understand sharia law yourself as you see it through a narrow understanding, so you do not know what you are talking about. Most Muslims do want some form of sharia law, although there is disagreement in how to implement it. Yet people like you try to use this example of why sharia law should not be implemented. You use these examples to influence Muslims and take them away from Islam. There is an agenda to completely take Islam out of public life and keep it only at home. This is why Islam must be brought back into the education system in Muslim countries and taught extensively so that Muslims understand that sharia law can be implemented properly and successfully. Only then can Muslims have the ability to stand up to those within the Muslim world and outside the Muslim world who tarnish the truth of Islam. We do not need to take advise from non Muslims on how to implement Islam because we know only quite well that they desire for us not to implement it at all.
  10. The Terrorism Game

    Aligarr continues to deny the terrorist activities of the US yet continues to be a hypocrite by criticising those who committed similar acts. He actually believes that the US did not intentionally kill innocent civilians. Just because the US did not have a written policy of 'kill the civilians'. He actually thinks that just because it was not a written policy or strategy that it was not supported and that it did not happen. Thanks to wikileaks (which the US government is trying to silence) we have visual evidence of US soldiers murdering civilians from a helicopter in broad daylight and then a child. I am not going to post the video here because of its nature but for those who want to see it, it is widely available online. It is a disgusting act of terrorsts who behave like they are in a video game and make jokes about what they did. Aligarr is clearly a sympathiser of terrorists and makes excuses for their actions.
  11. The Islamic State

    Aligarr you want us to come around to your way of thinking which is very biased and one sided. You cannot see beyond your own borders. I honestly don't care if you call me a lost soul it is not going to change my opinion. Do I think it is a good thing if alcohol is banned? Yes. Do I think it is a good thing that innocent civilians are caught up in this? No. You want us to brand everything with one word to conform to your black and white world but it is not like this. And when I said that the media is giving attention that was just my point. Who said anything about bakeries! My point was that the west complains about terrorists, yet if they really cared they would ban all news attention to this group whom they deem terrorists. Any sane person knows that news attention benefits such groups even if the news is negative. Why does the west promote their speeches which they deem hate speech if they really care about people falling victim to their ideology.
  12. The Islamic State

    I agree. Yet I fear more that some Muslims ignore this because some of the stuff they do is actually good. Yes let us discuss this openly. The western media do not discuss it openly. They for obvious reasons do not want to focus on the good aspects because they are opposed to certain actions. Yet we become like the western media which we oppose when we ignore the bad because we agree with the good. The law of Islam is a balanced just system when implemented correctly and therefore we should encourage for it to be implemented properly. We shouldn't listen to what the West want us to do. We should take our own initiative. We shouldn't expect things to eventually go well just because the some parts of the system are good. That is a ridiculous logic to go by. Just because some people implement some good laws does not make them unquestionable and above the law. And unfortunately right now, the media gives more attention to the dead hostages so of course a dead hostage becomes more valuable to those in power.That is the sad reality of it all.
  13. Hello Russell, I get your point about halal food but it is something to do with your government as they enact the law and these regulations fall under their authority. The lack of regulations surrounding the authority of manufacturers is also under the government’s watch. This issue doesn't exist in my country because we have different laws. From my point of view, yes an atheist is irrational. But I know that I am just as much irrational for them. A lot of Muslims would also consider themselves humanists as they believe the moral codes set out by Islam is for the benefit of society. It just happens to be that peoples definitions of happiness changes. And it also happens to be that some people just want happiness in this life and not happiness in another life because they don’t believe there is anything beyond this life. I don’t think that such divisions between humans will change. That is why I believe it is best to work on what we agree. I suppose it is always going to be a case that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. I might not agree with the actions of some people while others will. I might agree with the actions of some people while others won’t. And you fail to see that it is the failure of humans to implement justice not God. Of course God is all knowing but that does not mean He must intervene every time we do something wrong in this world. The purpose of this world is a test and He will intervene in time when our judgement is upon us. For if he were to intervene all the time then what sort of test would it be? Of course there are alternatives to ignorant and malicious, for God is the Most Merciful and All Powerful. I don’t expect you to understand that. Repressed life of a Muslim woman, ha that is funny. I couldn't feel more liberated as a Muslim! And yes this is what makes me happy. I don’t know why you keep going on about halal food, like it is clearly an issue for you but in my country Muslims do not trick people into buying halal. Surely apes have many similar traits with us. Yet they also have very different traits. Humans are very complex beings and we are certainly different in relation to other creation. I don’t know if God talked to apes, I also don’t think it is an issue worth much thinking about. It is not going to change my life significantly if He did or didn’t. I do believe all creation are aware of God, but whether he sent ape messengers or fish messengers is not something I think about. It is enough for me to know that they are also a creation of God and like all creation they learnt how to live from God. I don’t believe anything on this earth from bacteria to humans just learnt how to behave naturally. Maybe our learning through messengers is different though. But again I don’t think it will change my life by knowing if apes got ape messengers or if God just said ‘Be’ and it was. But we can’t just all make up whatever lifestyle suits us. You know quite well it wouldn't work. Because someone’s lifestyle will affect us somehow down the line. I don’t know why you bring up the burqa or arranged marriage as if just because I am a Muslim female that I subscribe to these! Your theory sounds great in a world of live and let live. But humans are not functioned like this. I don’t want my child to go to school where the teacher is a man who dresses up as a woman. So what is humanism going to say – they don’t force you to live like them? Yet their presence in the classroom makes children think that it is right/acceptable to live like this. It is just one example that people would argue about. I don’t really care if I am told that I am impinging on them because I don’t believe their lifestyle is suitable in an educational setting. I don’t think Muslims are touchy. I think Muslims actually care about their religion. We are the only group that is standing up to the imposed liberal western system. We are the only group that have a system of law that can actually compete with the dominant western culture. If doing this means we are easily offended then I will be called offended to stand for what I believe in. Muslims are not willing to allow their religion to be subordinated to a level which will make it irrelevant in society. We are not the only people who are against the dominant system but we are the only ones right now in time that appear to be challenging it the most. Well I do have reasons which I believe are rational for believing in God. I don’t subscribe to reasons such as it is the way it is or it is faith. I chose Islam based on what I think it is right by researching it. If you want to find these ideas you can. I don’t agree with imposing a system from somewhere foreign with no understanding of society. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe societies ideas shouldn’t be questioned over time. Development itself is a contested concept. Some organisations would say subscribe to a very basic concept while others have a more complex political one.
  14. The Terrorism Game

    I didn't say that all Muslims are not innocent. I am not claiming that American people are all bad and that Muslim people are all good. I have already said that I think Muslims themselves have created problems without US involvement. However, I am not going to sit back and willingly believe everything the American government tells me. I actually have a brain which I prefer to use. There are different sides to each story and not all of them are right. Look how much America tried to cover up wikileaks, because in it were so many unheard truths, so many things that were at one point denied suddenly became evidently true. There were also people in those societies who called out for America not to get involved yet their voices aren't important. Personally, I am not against humanitarian intervention. I don't believe we should live in a world where we sit back while other innocent people in the world are being massacred. I do have a problem with humanitarian intervention being exploited though. There is a problem when the 'policeman' and 'democratic model' of the world is the largest exporter of military arms in the world. The fact remains that the military industrial complex exists because of wars. Do you honestly believe that some of the groups which are branded terrorists now did not get weapons from America at some point? Ala'adin's point about political parties being branded terrorists when they discuss sharia law is very true. However, even when political parties discuss how they would like to give more rights to religious people or even if they discuss Islam, they are branded extreme, conservative. For countries/political parties which do not support America's role of being ruler of the world well then you are framed as against human rights and basic rationality.
  15. Yes and unfortunately it is the shouters that are heard the most. There are many towns or communities around the world where Christians, Jews and Muslims live side by side. There are different beliefs yet people generally get along. Unfortunately, such examples are rarely known because the shouters get more attention and therefore we can think of many examples where such groups don't live side by side peacefully.