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  1. All About Dajjal

    I may not be a learned person but i understand that the Quran was the word of God right? the Hadith were not, they were a collection of quotes or sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) narrated by his companions and sometimes passed through generations and quoted by someone who wasnt even around at the time of the Prophet. The hadith was not inspired by Allah (SWT) as the Quran was thats all im saying. If you read what i said, i said im not anti hadith, they have their place....what more important to me is the question that im asking. We are told to ask arent we? thats how we learn, thats how we get others thinking a little and get them off their backsides and looking into books, researching knowlegdge, scholars, to think, hang on...i do believe this, but why do i believe this, whats my basis, whats my argument, we were taught to do that as muslim, research! research! research!...im not attacking anyones beliefs or ideals, im simply asking a question so i can learn from it also. Sometimes sis, we will just have to agree to disagree, cos thats how Allah has made us, different and unique and as long as each on of us can stand before HIm and explain our actions that is all im concerned with.
  2. Why dont you agree with the cause if you dont mind me asking?
  3. Proper Way Of Wearing A Kufi

    Salaams bro, some peeps may find it a little weird that im replying to this, but i did have a husband once lol so im qualified partly. All I wanted to say, and it may not be answering your question entirely but I needed to say this to all the brothers really, the kufi is not just an extension of who you are, it represents Islam, its says that you are on the path to spiritual enlightenment, that Allah is your goal, please do not ever forget that you are representing all of us when you put on that hijab or that kufi. My ex used to wear his kufi all the time, taking it off only at bed time and when he was washing, but i found myself telling him once to take it off and not wear it no more. He was shocked, as im sure you will be at this but my reasoning was to protect Islam, many times i found him cursing the customers that came into the shop he worked at (just cos he was tired, or just didnt like the way they were looking at him). I would tell him it was not appropriate to behave in this manner to people, muslim or not, that shouldnt even come into it, than one day whilst i was on the phone to him whilst he was at work, he had an altercation with one of the customers who wanted something from the back of the shop, my ex decided he was too tired to walk to the back and said, 'nah man, cant be doing that today, i aint f$%$£!&g going to and fro for you m"£$%^ f$%^&£s tonite'. Needless to say the customer cursed back and left. I was still on the phone, I told my ex how ashamed i was hearing him treat another human being like that, not just because it was such inappropriate shocking behaviour but he cursed this guy out for just asking for some pop whilst wearing his kufi! Thats what was worse for me, knowing that he thought nothing of his behaviour whilst representing the ummah, and believe me, the customer who entered that store that day, noticed his kufi, he knew exactly what community this man belonged too. So i told him if he wasnt going to respect the kufi i would rather he removed it completely until he learned the values that go along with it. So please guys, please lets not just wear Islam lets really, truly start to live it and represent it.
  4. All About Dajjal

    But Im asking about why Allah did not mention dajjal in the Holy Book? The Hadith are not from Allah, Im no Anti-Hadithiest, I feel they have their place as books of reference but they are quoted and written by man, not Allah (SWT). I do believe there is a huge fitnah upon us and yet to come under the guise of 'dajjal' but what exactly is this dajjal, is it a man or a collective of people/beings/society. Some scholars have suggested that the reference to the 'one-eyed' dajjal isnt literal, that it refers to the one eyed society we are living in, i.e surrounded by the surveillance cameras, satelites, the 'big brothers' constantly watching you kinda thing, and dont forget the illuminati have adopted the one eyed symbol. And before anyone says it, it dont make me an unbeliever if I choose to search the origin of this story, since THERE IS NO MENTION OF IT BY GOD. Did He think we couldnt handle it? Did He think it would confuse us further? What was the reason for our Lord to not tell His creation and warn His creation in His last Book about Dajjal??
  5. All About Dajjal

    I grew up with stories about the coming of the Anti-Christ (Dajjal) from my mum as she had from her mother. My mum used to cuddle up in bed with me with my older sisters sitting around the bed and she would tell us the signs of his coming and even though looking back on it now i think wow, those were maybe not the best bedtime stories to tell a child of 5 lol but we were so intrigued by it all. Having said that, recently i was talking to my older sis who noted, 'do you know there is nothing in the Quran at all about Dajjal?!..'...I must confess she is right. Why would God mention Gog Magog (ya -yooj ma jooj) and fail to warn us about the greatest threat to mankind?...
  6. Hate My Culture

    Culture is only as important as the one that professes that culture. What i mean by that is that if you, who are living that culture hate it and see no value in it, and you feel it brings no good values to your life then ofcourse you can turn your back on it, that has nothing to do with being God-fearing or religious. My culture dictates that women are lesser beings, their opinions dont count, that a woman is nothing without a man, so i have simply ignored what i do not like and kept what i do, i.e, looking after guests and being a good host and the importance of looking after the elderly. I suppose i have kinda created my own culture that I am happy living within and pass on to my children, and theres nothing wrong with that. I believe, that as long as you are god-fearing and god-conscious, culture is just life experiences wrapped up in bow and passed through generations. Take the best from it and discard the rest.
  7. Gosh i Wish! I cant afford too, its a long way from UK, but what i can afford to do is offer my time, and spread the word, you in Chicago?
  8. Whatever your view on soldiers, especially trigger happy American soldiers, we cant deny that a time of 'awakening' has finally errupted, we are all striving for the same things..to make a better world for us and our children..please support the cause! On May 20 2012 IVAW Chicago wants you to join us as Afghanistan and Iraq veterans from around the country converge in Chicago to march to the NATO summit and ceremoniously return our medals to NATO generals. We were awarded these medals for serving in the Global War on Terror, a war based on lies and failed polices. This endless war has killed hundreds of thousands, stripped the humanity of all involved, and drained our communities of trillions of dollars, diverting funds from schools, clinics, libraries, and other public services. We are happy to announce that our permit to rally and march has been approved by the City of Chicago. So IVAW calls on all service members, veterans, Chicagoans, and everyone who believes in justice, dignity, and respect for all peoples to join us in the streets for a nonviolent demonstration and march. When: Sunday May 20, 9AM Rally and March Where: Rally at Grant Park South of the Lincoln Monument (E. Balbo Ave. and S. Columbus Dr.) Read the full call to action at ivaw.org In solidarity, Aaron Hughes - Organizing Team Leader