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  1. Mogadishu: The Imminent Fall

    Actually, regarding the Al-Quds bombing, it was first the anti-Shia Lashkar-e-Jhangvi that claimed responsibility. But there was also a claim from the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, according to sources in the tribal areas. However, the distinction is of little importance in this case, as both the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the TTP collaborate and cooperate on many tactical and operational levels. The two groups also claimed joint responsibility for an attack on a Shia procession in the city of Lahore. For all real purposes, they are allies and both groups are murderers. Of course, I usually find that those who have made up their minds to always give the benefit of the doubt to terrorists are rarely convinced by any form of evidence. I doubt even Hakimullah Mehsud telling you in person would convince them
  2. Some Questions About The Pakistan Taliban

    The article is a little outdated. The new leader of the TTP is Hakimullah Mehsud, who took over after Baitullah was killed in a drone strike. Hakimullah was also reported killed, but later emerged in a video along with the JUordanian who suicide bombed the CIA listening station in Khost (Afghanistan). The relations between all these groups is very complex, but if you are really interested I can PM you sometime later with more details. It would help if you give me specific questions and I'll reply to them.
  3. Some Questions About The Pakistan Taliban

    This article is a little old, but may be useful: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetacus(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/new_atlanticist/taliban-whats-name"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetacus(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/new_atlanticist/taliban-whats-name[/url]
  4. Appeal For Pakistan Flood Victims

    Thank you both for your replies, and thank you saracensoldier for posting a helpful link.
  5. Dear all, Assalam-o-Alaikum, The political forum may not be the best or most appropriate place to post this, but I am going to do it anyway. Pakistan has been hit by the worst floods in its history, a disaster that the UN secretary general himself says he has seen NO PARALELL to. I write this post in the hope that all of you will come forth to support your brothers and sisters in their time of need. Give all that you can to whomever that you can > I know of several charities, Islamic and non-islamic alike that are collecting funds for flood victims. Over six million children have been affected, 3.5 million are at SEVERE risk of disease. Pause for a moment and consider the numbers. These are children, many of whom are now orphans...many of whom are starving and scores die every single day, they die even as I write this and you read it. Posts regarding israel and the US get hundreds of replies on this forum and others like them, but how many of you will actually step forth to help your brothers and sisters with more than words? Ramadan is here and at the very least you can send your zakat to the suffering people in Pakistan. By all means research the charities for yourself. I know Islamic Relief has launched an appeal in the UK, I think ICNA has done the same in North America. There is OXFAM, save the children and many many others. In Pakistan itself, the Edhi foundation is very active. All of these are worthy places for your donations to go. I hope this appeal will not fall on deaf ears.
  6. Our Muslim Credibility Problem: It's A Conspiracy

    Ummm....not to get caught up in this whole satanism business...I don't really know where that came from anyway...I'd just like to say that I agree with the original poster. We should stop obsessing about conspiracies and start getting our act together. The only problem is that sipping coffee and talking in ushed tones is a lot easier than actually getting off your butt and doing something.
  7. Lal Masjid: 335 Religious Students Killed In Overnight Opera

    Once you've calmed down, please remember that some of the best schools in Pakistan were/are christian convent type schools. And you know nothing....NOTHING about who maulana Ghazi was and what was happening in the Lal Masjid. But then reading your posts in general gives me the understanding that you generally believe that whoever shouts the loudest is the most convincing. You are doing no one any favours with this rabid attitude. Not Islam, not Muslims and certainly not yourself.
  8. Deadly Attack On Pakistani Troops

    Ameen. And Ifti...have you considered that perhaps you too are locked into a limited circle of thought. There are NO good guys here. The Lal Masjid brigade are terrorists who openly advocated suicide bombings. They were armed with the latest weapons and gas masks. You saw the same footage I did. And yes....Ghazi was very convincing but so was Hitler, so was Stalin, so was Abu Sufyan and so was Zia-ul-haq. You may hate the army...fine. But do not let that hate make you sympathise with the Lal Masjid. They got what they wanted.
  9. Ifti, saying more will die inshallah is advocating violence and death and btw is a banning offence here on gawaher. You think that people who rejected a verdict from the Imam-e-Ka'aba (one they themselves asked for) are worth looking up to? You think that people like Maulana Ghazi who threatened the Pakistani people with suicide bombing is a hero? What about his brother who encouraged young impressionable students to martyr themselves and then tried to escape in a woman's burqa? Is he a hero too? All this article tells me is how well these girls were brainwashed by the Lal masjid terrorist mullahs. Suicide bombing is haraam and the split second of pain these people will feel is nothing compared to the eternity they will spend in hell. You can hate Pakistan, the army and Musharraf all you want but do not let that hate blind you to the fact that the people you are appreciating are evil to the core. If (Allah forbid) someone I love perishes in one of these misguided attacks I will know who to blame and whom to destroy. Not Musharraf, but the ideological brethren of the Lal masjid and those who sympathise with them.
  10. Boys and girls...please do not feed the trolls. That's all I have to say on this topic.
  11. The Red Mosque And Confused Nation

    Factually incorrect.
  12. The First Racist Was...

    :j: whoah...Iblis was a fire supremacist!
  13. What Hapenin In Pakistan

    Will check it out and get bacvk to you.
  14. What Hapenin In Pakistan

    :sl: Don't be fooled please, The Lal Masjid is now and has always been a creation of the inteligence agencies. It was allowed to create a stir in order to distract from the growing opposition movement against Musharraf. It is not a coi9ncidence that this issue flares up every time the CJ case goes against the govt. The issue could have been resolved months ago...but allowing it to carry on lets Musharraf show the world that he is all that stands betyween Pakistan and some mythical Taliban takeover...ridiculous. But you have ALL fallen for it. How stupid is that? People who will believe any wild conspiracy theory will not see this issue for what it is simply because, on the face of it, it fits their little worldview. No wonder the muslims are in such bad shape. Try a little logic, a little critical thought instead of wasting your prayers on these cultish criminals. And please do NOT ascribe any kind of moral superiority to the LM. They are criminals. They have built a Masjid on illegally occupied land. They have kidnapped people and occupied a children's library. Most importantly, if they are such good muslims, as some of you seem to think then consider this: They asked for a ruling from the Imam-e-Kaaba himself. When he ruled against them...on ALL counts, they ignored the ruling. How does this fit with your worldview? Lately, the militants have been firing on parents who ere trying to get their children out of the Masjid. Is this Islamic? They have preached armed insurrection against the state. Is this Islamic? Please do not let your dislike for Musharraf colour your views. If you are drowning and a cannibal throws you a lifeline...this does not mean he wants to save your life. And yes, the rule of law is not established in Pakistan, but to use that to excuse the LM actions is a weak argument. It's like saying...hey...if criminals break the law, why can't clerics?If the Quraish carried out massacres, should the muslims of medina have done the same? This is the logical conclusion of that line of argument. This is a DRAMA. Get over yourselves amd think for a change. :sl:
  15. British Queen Made A Mockery Of Herself

    The reason the Brits like this guy...and others like him...is because he says what they want to say but can't because they'd be labelled racist Islamophobes. It's just part of the European backlash against what they percieve as atacks on their way of life. But it was a foolish thing to do...unless your goal is to keep the fire burning. In which case it's mission: accomplished.