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  1. Do You Like Your Job ?

    I'm going to comment only on the last one, you are not a hero if you do your job flawlessly whether you like it or not - it's your duty and it's what you are getting paid for. Hence, that would make you no hero.
  2. Eating Question

    You should change the first group because I prefer neither, I prefer a mixture of both so I will neither fill my stomach not get fat.
  3. Intellectual Terrorism

    where's the article?
  4. Fard And Sunnah

    Shez, your points 1 and 2 are also what I know. But not 3. Do you have any hadith or scholar ruling for it?
  5. While I generally advise girls to take their parent's advice in issues like this (I'm a girl by the way); the reason they have for refusing is not really valid. I like the post above, it's a good idea.
  6. Are You Gooder At Grammar?

    Either it was very easy, or we are really smart. I got 100 too.
  7. Your Views On The Nature Of God

    I agree with the last two, if you are asking a muslim then a muslim should definitly believe that Allah transcends time and space. It is revelation. He clearly revealed to us that he created everyhting. Time and space are two things of this everything. Hence, he created them. Hence, he transcends them. I don't see how we can even discuss this.
  8. Intimidated By A Successful Woman?

    Independent as in "she does not need anyone" regardless whether she wanted to do something or not. Independent means that if her husband passed away leaving nothing she can still live a good life without accepting charity. It means that if her husband was really bad, she doesn't have to stick around for the mere reason that she can't leave. Independent literally means "Not Dependant". Check the dictionary for further details. Why do you (as a man) want to be independent? It’s basically the same reason. By the way, your question shows that there is a little bit of intimidation: you worry that if she was independent, she might do things you don’t want her to do and you can not do anything about it! pps: Although a great deal of independence is gained financially, however, indpendence is also a state of mind.
  9. I think it depends. There can be a lot of things that are commonly referred to as a "slip of the tongue": a. You were trying to say something but you said another because you were talking too fast or your thoughts run faster than your tongue: You are trying to say: la hawla wa la quwata illa billah. But you say: la hawla wala quwata billah. This is very wrong but you missed the illa unintentionally. b. You said something wrong because you don't know the proper pronunciation: instead of wala adhaleed you say wala athaleen. c. Common mispronunciation: Astakhfiru Allah instead of Astaghfiru Allah. There are probably more. I think it all depends on what is in your heart and what your intent was. Allahu A'lam.
  10. How Do You Deal With Interest?

    So, use Islamic financing (for a house)! Use an Islamic bank. Pay cash for things you can afford, if you can't afford it you don't need it. Worst case senario, move to another place where you can. I don't see why you can't afford it. p.s., what's wrong with living with your parents?
  11. What Would You Like To Do Before You Die?

    There are a lot of things I'd like to do, but what I really WANT to do and think it is the most important, is to make sure of the following: 1. I repented from EVERYTHING bad I have ever done. 2. I return EVERYTHING I owe to people back to them. 3. I ask for forgivenss from EVERYONE I have ever wronged. 4. In order to do the above, I have to REMEMBER everything bad I did! 5. Say shahada before I die. Pray for me that I achieve it.
  12. Apparently, just like most other western articles, they simply neglect the fact that what caused the terrorist attacks and hence initiated the invasion in the first place, was their interference with other people's business (i.e., their life and welfare). Or, is he trying to say (no matter how ridicules it is) that Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Vietnam, ... practically everyone else since WWII; wanted to invade and actually had the capability to do so! As usual, it doesn’t matter how unethical the goals are, the important thing is to make it happen. It doesn’t seem to cross their mind that if those so called insurgents didn’t have an overwhelming support from their own people, they would only be small gangs and would not be able to really harm the invading armies.
  13. Does Anyone Know What The Name "bendar" Means?

    Lisan al Arab, probably the most comprehensive Arabic dictionary, clearly states that it is a Persian loanword meaning port or a city by the sea. It also states that a bandaar is a wealthy man, also persian loanword. Maybe using it for a town in Egypt came from this. ÇáÈóäúÃóÑ ÇáãÑÓì æÇáãíäÇÃõ æÇáãõßøóáøõà æÇáãÃä ÇáÈÃÑíøóÉ æãÞÑøõ ÇáÊøóÌÇÑ ãä ÇáãÃä ÃÇÑÓíøñ ãÚÑøóÈ ÃŒ ÈóäóÇÃÑ. æÇáÔÇåó ÈóäúÃóÑõ ÑÆíÓ ÇáÊøóÌÇÑ ãÑßøóÈ ßÑÇãó åÑãÒ ÇáÈõäúÃÇÑ ÇáÊÇÌÑ ÇáÃí íáÒã ÇáãÚÇÃä Ãæ ÇáÃí íÎÒä ÇáÈÖÇÆöÚ ááÛáÇÃö ãÚÑøóÈ Èõäú ÃÇÑ ÈÇáÃÇÑÓíøóÉ æãÚäÇåõ ÕÇÃÈ ËÑæÉ ÃŒ ÈóäÇÃöÑóÉ It may have other meanings in other languages but not in Arabic. Badir (that is the way it's pronnounced with a very very short and the i as in "hippo") indeed means full moon, it has nothing to do with bandar.
  14. Did You Learn Anything From Gawaher ?

    not really; except for a few trivial things.
  15. Does Anyone Know What The Name "bendar" Means?

    It's a Persian loanword, not Arabic. It is used locally in Egypt only (up to my knowledge).