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  1. A Prayer For Fasting

    I wanted to offer a prayer for all those who will be fasting during the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan. [content removed by admin] (Baha'u'llah, Prayers and Meditations by Baha'u'llah, p. 79)
  2. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    Yes I would given the right values
  3. Us Elections 2012

    I would love to meet you and have tea or coffee. :) Name the place.. I am free to travel anywhere in the US on the 28th. :) I feel a pleasant conversation is in order between you, most noble Aligarr, and myself, the self-seeking parasite (sycophant).
  4. Us Elections 2012

    I am glad I don't know you personally. You took one simple sentence about Romney and Obama and just... went off. Really, if you have nothing constructive and sensible to post without attacking others, just don't write. Just because you are online does not mean you can automatically grow a "pair." There is no way you could do this in person with anyone and garner any respect or anyone who would care to listen.
  5. Us Elections 2012

    Yeah.. all the rules Congress created to ensure a dominance of only two parties should be considered unconstitutional.
  6. Us Elections 2012

    Hey.. how about that whole Romney versus Obama election. :)
  7. So.. let's stir the pot a little further. Why isn't the Baha'i Faith from God? I know this religion is not allowed to be discussed, but if the topic is "Why Islam is the only from God" then this means a comparison is being made with all the other religions.
  8. Here are the forum rules for Gawaher which applies to the discussion of other religions or possibly the search for truth 4. Posting anti-Islamic link or offensive content > 1 point 8. Disrespecting a forum official > 1 point 11. Making a sect related post > 1 point 16. Starting a topic to preach another faith > 1 point 18. Posting what wrongfully gives Islam a bad name > 1 point 20. Showing no interest in learning about Islam, or consistently attacking Muslims/Islam > 1 point The key to rule #4 is that depending on the IF moderator, offensive can be a broad scope. In my year plus on the forum, I have seen this interpreted strictly and sometimes less strict. Different people are offended by different things. Rule #8 I only included because forum officials seem to have the unrestricted ability to disrespect forum users. I have seen much name calling and personal attacks, often from IF Guardians or other specially classified groups within here. When this behavior occurs during the discussion of religion recognized by the administrators, it does now allow effective discussion of views which go against the forum consensus. It creates anger, hostility, and no truth ends up being discussed in a responsible way. Rule #11 also has a broad scope. Once I related some history which touched upon both Sunni and Shi'a history and was given advisement by an administrator that I am on the verge of violating this rule. Discussing the totality of Islamic history and theology is thus impossible as many sources are not allowed. Rule #16 would not allow a Catholic or member of any other religion to come here to preach their religion. The purpose of the forum, stated quite clearly, is for people to learn about Islam, well Islam as per the consensus of the forum administrators. Rule #18 has a very broad scope. The use wrongfully goes hand in hand with the limitation of posting things which could give Islam a bad name, even if it is justified by the concerns of a true seeker. Topics get closed and people are warned if the discussion cannot be turned around. Take for example a topic I started about “Salafism” which is not banned on this forum. Yet, the topic was closed within 2 days. Honest discussions which could shed a negative light on modern day Sunni Islam are difficult to have, if at all. Rule #20 I have been accused of repeatedly on here for teaching what I believe the Qur'an says, due to my interpretation and independent reasoning going against the consensus. All this without attacking any person and praising God, the Qur'an, and His Messengers. The key is I was not very open to Sunni Islam. All of this has resulted in me working within the forum to teach what I believe without expressing fully what I believe. If I had continued, I would also have been banned, as I had been warned before. Any person who enjoys this forum, is a Muslim, and expects a different treatment on other religious forums should not be surprised to be banned. As I have noticed on this forum, there are many people, Muslims and non-Muslims, who are quite belligerent and insulting.
  9. The Return Of Jesus

    Not to be fickle, but the Masjid referred to in Damascus, the great Masjid, was built during the Umayyad Caliphate, well after the Seal of the Prophet ascended to heaven. Abu Huraira became a governor during this time. I have a hard time believing this narration and in my opinion, was wrongly attributed to the Prophet. Also, Damascus and this Masjid were never mentioned or referred to in the Qur'an. I cannot find which verses this clarifies.
  10. Us Elections 2012

    Socialism is built into the government as the Constitution states the role of government is to protect the welfare of the people. It allows taxation to help it seek the welfare within its open framework. However, as you know, socialism has many varying steps and degrees. We are not as socialistic as Scandinavia but we definitely do not have a perfect capitalism, either. Wage regulations, utility regulations, progressive taxation, social agenda taxation, and subsidies ensure the market is far from free. However imperfect Socialism is, it is really the only true combination of government and politics which has ensured a highly developed economy for the long term. The more free the market, the less confidence people have to spend. Perhaps the measure of economic success should change. Otherwise, socialism is the only solution for current economic success.
  11. I am sure this advice is not really useful for a woman who clearly loves her husband.
  12. Either way, the Word is so closely associated with God and His creative Spirit that they can easily be considered inseparable. The Word has always existed as long as God has existed and all creation exists solely through God and His Word. So I still agree with the opening of the Gospel of John which says in the beginning was the Word. Whether or not the close of the sentence should be read as "God" or "divine" does not change the essence of the subject. The Word was God or the Word was Divine does not change Christianity.
  13. Islamic Billiboards Around Karachi

    The question then, is if the marketing program is successful and increases sales, what does that say about the general population of Karachi? Marketers cannot be blamed for appealing to the choices a people desire to make. For those who don't like it, they have the option of not buying the products advertised as a stance on their values.
  14. Did The Disciples Die For A Lie?

    Perhaps. I agree there has been some tampering of the Biblical texts. However, I also believe in this principle. If God's message was altered so much that the people who believe could not have the proper guidance, then this would also make God's favor to mankind imperfect. We see repeatedly in the Qur'an that God's favor was made perfect through Moses, Joseph, Abraham, etc. Yes people mess things up, which continues today, but what is needed is still with the people. About contradictory concepts within the Bible, start a new thread for one of the biggest ones you have and I bet I can come up with an explanation that has not yet been presented in this forum. You may not believe or accept my explanation but my purpose is to show there are multiple ways to seek the meaning of one word, phrase, or concept. The depths of knowledge and wisdom are infinite.
  15. Did The Disciples Die For A Lie?

    Doesn't the Qur'an say only those with knowledge will understand? And those who refuse, God has placed a seal upon their hearts? Perhaps the confusion is not the fault of God but within you? I am not saying this is the case but granted, as being human, we cannot understand everything unless you feel you perfectly reflect all of God's attributes.