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  1. As I'm not Muslim, I can't give you an official answer - only my opinion. If I understand right, Allah is the same god as the God I worship... and I am taught that he is a kind and loving Father. He probably understands you didn't know exactly what was happening, and will forgive you. Especially now that you are more sincere about the vows you did make, rather than just "oh I didn't know" and continue sinning with that excuse. This is partly the reason Mormons won't let you get married in the Temple until you have been taught all the basic lessons about the religion AND lived the life for no less than one year before the Temple ceremony. This ensures that you don't have guilt (unless of course you lie - as I know some people who have - just to be permitted to do the ceremony) about the ignorance later. We also have an option that people who were married in a more civil/"worldly" manner, that you can do the same thing... be taught all the lessons, live in the lifestyle for one year, then you can be "sealed" to your partner. Kind of like a re-marriage, so that you can do it in the Temple rather than only having the previous way done (courthouse, other church, drive through marriage chapel in Las Vegas! LOL). I hope you get an official answer and it can bring you peace :)
  2. Naming Kittens!

    I guess I don't have to find a name for him after all. He's walking perfectly normal now, his legs are much stronger and better aligned. So he'll go up for adoption with the rest of his siblings as usual. In some ways I'm a little disappointed, but glad he ended up being healthy and normal after all :)
  3. Quran Questions (Part 1!)

    There is no direct quote from the Bible about being clean, but there's several different verses that teach being clean is a good thing. The "Cleanliness is next to godliness" is just a shortened version of the belief in general and turned into a proverb known by just about everybody now - even non-Christians will say it, but they're mostly using it in a casual way. (short post - I just woke up, and have to leave for work in an hour)
  4. How To Handle Prejudiced Comments?

    Younes - Just because it discusses anti-Muslim stuff, I thought maybe I'd get in trouble :glare: And it's not so much I want them to change their opinion, rather than get their facts straight. Not ALL Muslims are evil. If they want to say something like "I don't like Muslims because SOME are crazies", that would be more realistic. Anyhoo... it just makes me upset when people do stuff like that. Such as saying ALL people on food stamps or disability checks are lazy and free-loaders. I would work if I could, and have actually tried in the past...but my poor health just doesn't make it possible. It's actually annoying that I can't support myself, and be limited to what the government THINKS I can survive on. Individuals being judged because of the bad actions of a few other "similar" is just not a good way to treat people. I'm too fair and just, I guess! :rolleyes:
  5. I may get a warning point for this, since it might break a rule... but oh well, I want to know what to do about this! On another forum (not a religious one, but about preparing for emergencies & natural disasters), we were discussing what religion we all are. Somebody randomly brought up Islam, and of course was spouting all that nonsense about "All they ever want to do is kill us, even if they seem good and friendly on the outside - never trust anybody who is Muslim, cuz they're secretly plotting against you". I am not usually offended by people's individual opinions, but this one just had me seething. I then ranted to him about that he should not judge a whole group by the actions of a few extremists. That's like saying all Mormons are like Jeff Warrens and force-marry & rape young girls and practically use the women as slaves. AURGH!! So.... what should I do in the future? Should I mind my own business, or continue defending Muslims (and possibly be accused of being "allied"). I don't even care if I get banned from there, I thought that was extremely rude and ignorant. I know the media emphasizes the bad ones, but that doesn't mean a person needs to only take one side of the story and continue feeding the "wrong impression" of it! Sigh. :cry:
  6. How Do You Call People That Leave Islam?

    So now I have a question. Since you consider people who "join" Islam as reverts.... does that mean anybody who has not "joined"/reverted to Islam are all apostates? And since text has no tone inflected, no I am not being snarky. I'm sincerely curious :yes:
  7. Cats :)

    I don't have a horse, though :no: And speaking of Um Huraira, I gotta go get another donation of food for the stray cats today. Fed the last can last night!
  8. I'm New Here

    I've only been here a week, but so far everybody has been relatively nice to me. There are a couple people who seem to be kind of trouble makers and like to antagonize, but I just ignore those sorts! In the non-Muslim Q&A section, I have a nice discussion going about the differences between Islam and Mormon customs and beliefs. So nice to have a civil discussion, rather than a bashing or attempted conversion! LOL
  9. Cats :)

    Here's the trio of orphans I'm taking care of - all girls. They're about 6 weeks old. They had just woken up from a nap, so still groggy LOL
  10. I'm New Here

    Howdy! When I first joined I could only post 3 times each day, and only in certain sections. Once it's obvious you're not a spammer/phisher, you'll be allowed to post more times/places. Welcome! :)
  11. Quran Questions (Part 1!)

    Oh my gosh, I love this! I love being able to discuss religion and learn about each other's beliefs, without somebody getting all hissy-fitty (or preachy) about it. Thank you so much! Before work, I was learning about the Dua stuff. Very interesting :) Anyhoo... About mingling with opposite genders: We don't allow teens to date until 16, and even then we encourage group dating until at least 18. Until you are engaged to be married, you are free (and encouraged) to date several people. Once engaged then you are supposed to be faithful, just as with marriage. Having sex outside of marriage is forbidden. Also, living with a partner before marriage is also prohibited... however, I sort of wish I could have done it anyway. When I got married, I realized my husband was VERY different in private life than in "just going out together" and that's why we divorced - he wasn't responsible in supporting me and kept acting like he was a bachelor and I basically had to take care of the household and myself all by myself. He's great as just being a friend, and we're still friends...but being married together just didn't work. I'm not sure about the details of why polygamy was banned, and if it will ever be re-established. Personally, I wouldn't mind having other Sisters to help me with the housework or grocery shopping ;) We're supposed to keep clean in general. Like if you get done playing sports and are sweaty, or working out in the garden, come in and shower as soon as possible. "Cleanliness is next to godliness" after all ;) We also have activities together. The first Tuesday of the month all the women in my church have a lesson, dinner and maybe some craft activity. The young people ages 13-18 get together once a week to do a service project, or have a creative lesson that gets them more involved in learning than just being sermoned to like in church. We have prayer often, but not at set times and we don't have to do certain ceremonies. Prayer is not generally memorized - but temple ceremony prayers, blessing the Sacrament (bread and water given on Sunday), healing blessings by Priesthood men and a few other types DO have certain rituals and memorized phrases though. Prayers are sacred, and should be reverent. We speak quietly, bow our heads (if you're physically able to) and generally fold our arms or clasp our hands together. As for what to say, it has to come from the heart, and you say what you feel at the moment, so they are different just about every time. I usually start with thanking God for my blessings, then asking for any if I need them. Prayer always start with "Our Father in Heaven" (or variants.. some people get very elaborate and will say "Our Dear Father in Heaven" or "Our Gracious Father who art in Heaven", etc.), and always end with "I/We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen" (since Jesus is believed to be the Son of God). While we live on Earth, the whole point of gaining Celestial Glory is to be a good person - therefore, of course you'll benefit other people ;) I'm not totally sure how you mean that, though. The only person that I've met that I am pretty sure (though of course I'm not certain, since probably only God knows these things), is the last Prophet's wife. And I didn't really meet her more than just saying hello to her while walking down the hallway of the apartment building she lived in LOL does that count? :huh: Wow, I'm starting to think I don't know enough of my own religion! Oiy, I should go to church more! And I hope all that makes sense...
  12. Cats :)

    I feel sorry for the strays. This is Zinara, who was born out in the firewood pile in my back yard. She was VERY sick and almost died. While nursing her back to health, I got attached and ended up keeping her (much to my dad's displeasure! LOL)
  13. Cats :)

    I have my new kitten's picture in Personal Announcements, as I'm still trying to find a good name for him. And I got plenty of pics on FaceBook, but I'm not sure if we're allowed to post our facebook page on here? I didn't want to be a vet, because I don't really like dogs too much. Besides, I'm very bad at math anyway, and would never pass the test! ;) I do enough vet-like stuff at the shelter. Mr. Maynard has bad sinuses (he survived distemper as a kitten!) and we have to wipe his nose every few hours or he gets clogged up and can't breathe. Several cats need eye ointment every day, and other various meds to be given to others. And of course there's the 25 litter boxes I scoop for everybody! ;) The shelter with 60 cats is actually my boss' house... 3 levels and 5 bedrooms and 2 living rooms. It's a big house! I go there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The smaller shelter I go Thursdays and Saturdays to clean. Nooo, I do not love cats. Not at all! :rolleyes:
  14. Cats :)

    Oh gosh, if I'm allowed to post kitty pics, you guys are in such big trouble! LOL I have 4 cats of my own at home. Taking care of 3 kitten orphans right now (until they get bigger and get their shots and get fixed and ready to be adopted). I also work at 2 no-kill/no-cage shelters. One shelter has 20 cats that are available for adoption, and the other shelter has 60 cats which are not for adoption because they are all "special needs" either having health problems or behavior problems which most normal people won't want to deal with so it's nearly impossible to adopt those out.
  15. Quran Questions (Part 1!)

    Modest clothing - Yes, ALL members (men and women) are supposed to dress modestly. Our shoulders are to be covered (no sleeveless dresses or "tank top" shirts), and if you put your hand to your sides all skirts/shorts are supposed to end BELOW your finger tips. Our underclothing (temple garments) are to be worn at all times (except bathing and swimming of course) and NOT altered so that our outter clothing can be shorter than it's supposed to be without showing the sacred underclothing. I don't have a problem with this, as I have a scrawny body and I don't even OWN any shorts to show off my toothpick legs! LOL Polygamy - It was officially prohibited about 100 years ago. There are other sects that have branched off the real Mormon church and do it. But REAL Mormons have only one partner at a time (widows/widowers can remarry, and while we discourage divorce for frivolous reasons, it does happen and you can then remarry if you want). The reason it used to be done is that men would die in accidents or extreme weather, and there were many women left without a caretaker… but now in modern times, men live longer and also women have more opportunity to get jobs and take care of themselves and not NEED to rely on men. Plus, it's illegal most places now anyway. Obligatory prayers - Our usual prayers are morning prayers (no set time, just whenever you wake up in the morning), before eating to bless/thank the food, and bedtime prayers (again, no set time... I sleep for 9 hours a night, so I would miss 2 or 3 of the Islam prayer times!). We also pray to start church meetings, and any random time we either need to ask God for guidance, protection or just thank him for blessings. And of course we have our temples, where there are ceremonies performed. As they are very sacred, I am not allowed to talk about them in detail. We have marriages there too (I got married in the temple that my grandparents got married). I have been bad and not been to the temple in several years...in fact, my "permit" expired last summer, and I really should get back to being worthy to have it again. Yes, Jesus is a god. Adam is, because he helped create Earth. Maybe all the prophets, but I'm not sure (I really should pay more attention in Sunday school! LOL). To become a god/goddess, you have to live righteously and obey all the commandments - the old ones and new ones we are given by the current prophet of the church. You have to be married in the temple and stay temple-worthy in your life. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure of all the criteria... I'll have to go look it up tonight after work! But I'm not getting to that level, my faith just isn't strong enough and I don't live as righteously as I should :( Not that I don't want to, but temptations are just so hard to resist sometimes! For now, here's a link briefly explaining how to get Celestial Exaltation and what the privileges of it are: http://www.lds.org/manual/gospel-principles/chapter-47-exaltation?lang=eng